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  • Self-Portrait (earlier known as Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight Years Old Wearing a Coat with Fur Collar [1] or Self-Portrait in a Wig [2] ) is a painting on wood panel by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Der . Painted early in 1500, just before his 29th birthday, it is the last of his three painted self-portraits. It is considered the most personal, iconic and complex of his self-portraits, and the one that has become fixed in the popular imagination. [3] The self-portrait is most remarkable because of its resemblance to many earlier representations of Christ. Art historians note the similarities with the conventions of religious painting, including its symmetry, dark tones and the manner in which the artist directly confronts the viewer and raises his hands to the middle of his chest as if in the act of blessing. It is likely that Der portrayed himself in this way through a combination of arrogance and a desire by a young and ambitious artist to acknowledge his talent as God given.
  • 'Self-portrait with cut ear' by Vincent Van Gogh. 1889
  • The image of red and white silkscreen ink on canvas shows the artist with his hand to his mouth. It was executed in 1967, at the height of his career as the most important figure in American Pop Art.
  • last name exaggerated fourteen times vertically, 1967", by Bruce Nauman ,
  • Hannah Wilke: S.O.S.(Curlers),1975 Whitney Museum
  • Hannah Wilke.  Intra Venus #4 .  1988 - 1993.
  • Image: Do - Ho Suh , Who am we ? (detail), 2000, four-color offset print on
  • Perfect Lovers), 1991. These two identical, adjacent, battery-operated clocks were initially set to the same time, but, with time, they will inevitably fall out of sync. By Felix Gonzalez-Torres .
  • Robert Gober, 填 ntitled � (1992-6)
  • The photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto is adept at making images that freeze time, and has in the past made portrait studies in wax museums. By freezing the motion of figures that never move, the large monochromes make them seem more animate, more potentially motile. A series of these is currently on show at Sudely Castle: Henry Viii and his six wives, in period setting. Details of the exhibition
  • Portraits

    1. 1. Self-Portrait (earlier known as Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight Years OldWearing a Coat with Fur Collar orSelf-Portrait in a Wig) is a paintingon wood panel by the German artistAlbrecht Durer. Painted early in 1500,just before his 29th birthday, it is thelast of his three painted self-portraits.It is considered the most personal,iconic and complex of his self-portraits, and the one that hasbecome fixed in the popularimagination.The self-portrait is most remarkablebecause of its resemblance to manyearlier representations of Christ. Arthistorians note the similarities withthe conventions of religious painting,including its symmetry, dark tonesand the manner in which the artistdirectly confronts the viewer andraises his hands to the middle of hischest as if in the act of blessing. It islikely that Durer portrayed himself inthis way through a combination ofarrogance and a desire by a youngand ambitious artist to acknowledgehis talent as God given.
    2. 2. Self-portrait withcut ear by VincentVan Gogh. 1889
    3. 3. “Last name exaggeratedfourteen times vertically”, 1967,by Bruce Nauman,
    4. 4. Hannah Wilke:S.O.S.(Curlers),1975WhitneyMuseum
    5. 5. Hannah Wilke. Intra Venus#4. 1988 - 1993.
    6. 6. Image: Do-Ho Suh, Who am we?(detail), 2000, four-color offset print
    7. 7. Perfect Lovers, 1991, Felix Gonzalez-Torres
    8. 8. Robert GoberUntitled1992-1996
    9. 9. Tony Oursler
    10. 10. Matthew Barney
    11. 11. Charles Ray
    12. 12. Hiroshi Sugimoto
    13. 13. Hiroshi Sugimoto
    14. 14. Kiki Smith
    15. 15. Tim Hawkinson
    16. 16. Tom Friedman
    17. 17. Sophie Calle
    18. 18. Marc Quinn
    19. 19. Marc Quinn
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