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Digital learning and gamification


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Presentation we gave on the #DigiLearnConf in Mechelen about a business game we developed for one of our lovely customers.

Presentation we gave on the #DigiLearnConf in Mechelen about a business game we developed for one of our lovely customers.

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  • 1. Broker GoldieGamification & Digital Learning conference Thursday 8 may 2014 - Mechelen
  • 2. BazooBazookas BAZOOKAS Mobile interactive studio specialised in educational games and mobile applications. Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 3. GameWe use game technics For several purposes and different sectors: Entertainment, marketing, HR, education… BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 4. MultiscWe create multiscreen experiences, all the way. From computers & smartphones to SmartTVs. The right platform for the right project, client and user centric. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 5. GamifiWhat about gamification? BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning Yes it’s definition time… sorry for that ;)
  • 6. GamifiGamification is the use of game elements and game design techniques in a non-game contexts. A possible effective approach to convert passive users into active players via engagement and movitation. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 7. Eleme Game elements BAZOOKAS Progression Achievement & rewards Cascading information Countdowns Levels Quests Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning Social graphs Avatars Badges …
  • 8. DesignGame design techniques BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning is the process of creating the rules and content of a game, through the design and application of its game mechanics to create gameplay.
  • 9. Non gaNon-game contexts BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning School, business, social impact, personal improvement, specific targets… !
  • 10. DesignBefore designing your game BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning What is your main reason for gamifying your product/service? What are your goals? What are the main benefits you expect to achieve?
  • 11. GamifiGamification is hot 70% of the top 2000 public companies worldwide will have at least 1 gamified application in 2014. 
 Gartner BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 12. Real2 Real life examples BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 13. HR GaGamification for business Example: Employee Referall programm Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 14. Referall program Reward employees who apply new potential people for available outstanding company vacancies. BAZOOKASColruytGroup - Gamification & serious games
  • 15. HR GaGamification for trainingInternal communication Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 16. Internal communication Game techniques can be used when you need to communicate with colleagues internally. Communicate about new values, vision and mission or even about NWOW? Gamified learning can do the trick on a very efficient and fun way. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 17. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning This character embodies the ideal co-worker and acts as a cultural change agent for all employees. Goldie
  • 18. Case: Broker Goldie Goal: Communicate a new value to the employees via a custom made business game - it starts with you. ! Business: Real time sale figures for a number of products linked to the employees daily activity. 
 What: an online broker game in which employees must generate profit by betting on products, based on a initial budget of Goldies. Act like it’s your own business and win a team incentive. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 19. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 20. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 21. Some statistics✤ Game was 2,5 month available to play ✤ Every players receives a start budget of 500 Goldies ✤ The winners budget collected 116.579 Goldies (x233) ! ✤ 54% played the game at least once ✤ Over 35% where active players ✤ 26% of the players borrowed from the bank ✤ More then 37.000 transactions in the game for 1.1 million Goldies ✤ A group of people made more then 40 transactions ! ✤ People played together and the winners team even had meetings to discuss their tactics of buying and selling Goldies. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 22. But why a game BAZOOKAS Flow experience When challenges and skills are balanced, time flies… 8 reasons why games provide powerful learning experiences. Active exploration Motivation Immersive Understand Complex. Remember longer Social context Continuous feedback Active exploring instead of receive passively information. Learn by doing Intrinsic motivation is important. Get motivated to learn and solve problems, Feel like it’s real. Emotional involvement. Helps you to understand complex processes and systems from different angles. Tell me, i will forget. Show me, I will remember it. People like to interact with each other. Coorporate and compete. Experimenting without risks. You get constant feedback. Both about the game and your own progression. Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 23. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 24. BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 25. Last but not least Using games to recruit, evaluate or educate people even before they enter your company or class… BAZOOKASBazookas - Gamification & digital learning
  • 26. Questions or remarks? Your feedback is welcome! Feel free to tweet them to @stefancolins BAZOOKAS Stefan Colins / Founder / Producer @stefancolins & @bazookastudios Thank you. Bazookas - Gamification & digital learning