Scrum Day, Introducing Scrum at moreTV


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Slides from my talk at the scrum day 2010 Berin

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Scrum Day, Introducing Scrum at moreTV

  1. 1. Scenes from a ScrumimplementationStefan HaasScrum DayBerlin, 17 Nov 2010
  2. 2. Company Facts•moreTV Broadcasting GmbH wasfounded 2004•Hardware partners: •smart electronic GmbH •SM ELECTRONIC GmbH•Owned by Burda, Brockhaus PrivateEquity, KfW, Brandenburg Capital, SMElectronic etc.•35 employees in Potsdam and Brasov
  3. 3. 7hr travel fromBerlin to Brasov
  4. 4. Cultural distance matters„... if we go into anothercountry and makedecisions based on howwe operate in our own Sheena Iyengar onhome country - the the art of choosingchances are well makesome very baddecisions...“Prof. Geert Hofstede, MaastrichtUniversity
  5. 5. Quotes from the teams• „Romanian people have problems with Scrum since we don‘t know how to lead“• „People where used to go to work, stay there 8hr and go back home ...“• „If all people from all teams, would be like .., your democratic style would be ideal. Unfortunately you have only one ... in the teams and I think some kind of "dictatorship" (i dont find a better word) must be used in some situations“
  6. 6. we broadcast data over satellite ...
  7. 7. ... andbuild TVProducts forConsumers
  8. 8. Type Title of workSource:
  9. 9. Titlewe program in embedded C, C++, Java and PHP
  10. 10. Title Integrate API with embedded SDK Deploy Co-developover the air with or system assembly integrator Partner acceptance test
  11. 11. Title„We go into the bush, cut some trees and build a small village“ (Dorin, Senior Programmer)
  12. 12. CompanyGravity
  13. 13. Product &The Org Management Account ManagementChart Backend Operations Development Embedded Plugin Development Testing
  14. 14. The fish stinks from thehead What if the teams don‘t pull? DONE means Live!!! Go Faster, 2 Week Sprints!!!
  15. 15. Start small, top down, bottom up Hier steht die Fußzeile 15
  16. 16. Halfway Scrum Backend Development PO SM & Operations Management Team Team Embedded Plugin Testing Development
  17. 17. Scaling TeamC: Service Development TeamA: TeamB: Application PlatformDevelopment Integration
  18. 18. Scrum of Scrums
  19. 19. Lookahead planning, joined sprintretrospective, review and planning
  20. 20. Rocks to remove ... Hier steht die Fußzeile 20
  21. 21. Inspect your container
  22. 22. Product Owner Organization Investors Marketing User Panel Product Owner STB Assistant Product Product Partners Owner Web Accounting Owner STB Editorial Support Staff
  23. 23. "What is this talk ofrelease? We do notmake software releases.Our softwareescapes, leaving abloody trail of designersand quality assurancepeople in its wake."
  24. 24. OrganizationImpediment: poor Astrasatellite signal in Brasov
  25. 25. Test Cube
  26. 26. Training, coaching, DIY ...
  27. 27. Themorework ispushed the less is pulled don‘t push!
  28. 28. Learning tofail better
  29. 29. Stableteams createtheir own style
  30. 30. Thank you!Contact: Questions?