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Action Plan

  1. 1. My Career Action Plan Year 13 Name: ___________Stefan Constantinou_________________ Date: _________01/04/14_______ School: _____________Acland Burghley School____________ A Career Action Plan helps you to focus on your goals and plans for the future. It helps you to work out how you are going to achieve what you want relating to school, work and life. A Career Action Plan lets you apply your skills and knowledge to successfully move into your preferred career. My Profile Personal characteristics – this will help you work out what your skills are My current skills and abilities (Things that I can do well, use your skills profile to help) I feel I‟m very skilled in taking charge and making positive choices for the future. I also use time very productively and stick to schedules ensuring all deadlines are stuck with. I‟m good at communicating with others, especially in a work environment, being a good listener also helps this. I find being an active listener is important, as being able to engage in a conversation well is something I‟m good at and is vital. I‟m a „people person‟ which people find very positive in a work environment, as well as being able to work co-operatively and be a „team player‟. Being good at editing and filming is very beneficial in the area I want to get in to. Typing at a fast pace and being computer literate is useful as being on a computer is something that I will hopefully be doing. It is vital to have telephone etiquette, as being professional is key in this business. My current experience I‟ve worked with ITV in 2013. I got a first hand look at the advertisement department and learnt how they‟re broadcasted and how money is spent. I had one on one talks with numerous people with experience in their department telling me what they do and how it affects the company. Experience I also gathered there was in the broadcasting room, I got to see all the technical equipment in the broadcasting room and watch the ITV News be rehearsed and go out live. I also got to visit the television studio for the ITV News which allowed me to see what is green screened and why, as well as being spoken too by the leading camera operator and being able to briefly use the professional camera used for real broadcasts. I have filmed performances at The Shaw Theatre in Kings Cross, this
  2. 2. was very fun and challenging as it involved being on my toes and filming something important and mistakes were not acceptable (working under pressure). I was apart of a project making an Autism Awareness video, which took a lot of effort and had to be dealt with professionally. My career interests – what kind of jobs/careers are you interested in and why? I am interested in a variety of different jobs as I‟m pretty skilled in a variety of area. Specifically, I would say I‟m interested in camera operating as I am experienced behind camera and have experience using different ones. Being an editor is also an ambition I have as I have edited many different projects, which turned out successful. Jobs identified – what jobs have you chosen to explore and why? Camera Operator – Beingresponsible for physically operating the camera and maintaining composition and camera angles throughout a given scene or shot is something I find I‟m able to do and can be enjoyable. Editing –Using footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture is something I‟m good at and I find artistic to do as it involves a lot of creativity. Websites used for job search Other websites that you found useful. Network/jobs/Cameraman-Video-Editor-99e0beafc47ef0ed
  3. 3. Date: ________________ My Future You will show clearly show how your personal skills can best be used in the film and TV industries. – YOU MUST DISCUSS AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT JOBS YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED. My career choice Job Choices - what jobs have you chosen to explore and why? Music Editor/TV Programmer – This seems like something I would be good at as I love all pretty much every genre so I won‟t dislike whatever work I am stuck with. The job insists/requires that the applicant has a solid understanding of new trends in music audio and/or video and how this ties in with multimedia and on-line activities. I feel I am very mainstream and up-to-date with recent music and news and often am the one showing people what‟s new. This job seems like something I would very much be interested in as it involves editing and being involved with keeping updated on new releases and actually being involved in them. programmer/?CMP=jan_1082&utm_source=jobfeed&utm_medium=feed& ssedTrackID=13452 Video Editor/Camera Operator –This seems like something I would be good at as I love being behind a camera and deciding which shots would be good and creating meaning behind each shot. I have experience behind a camera and have filmed a variety of projects. I also have experience editing a lot of projects, which is also what the job entails. The job requires that the applicant will be looking after our postproduction, but they‟re not just looking for an editor. They want someone who can contribute creatively to our projects; who can work closely with our clients; who can help out on shoots when the need arises; who can look after the updating of our website and social media. Producer – This seems like something I would be good at as the job involves producing filmed content and events, I would be good at this as my organisational skills are good and I would ensure all work is kept up to date and to schedule. I will also have to design and work from creative briefs through to the final project. I have experience in being a leader in a group and working collaboratively which this job involves a lot of. I‟ll have to work closely with the Digital Content Manager to film and edit content and events and the Content Team to ensure all assignments, events and projects are resourced and supported. This is something I would be fully contempt and comfortable doing. Qualities/Skills required Look at PERSON SPECFICATION for each job Music Editor/TV Programmer – Must be organized and able to maintain a system with hundreds of soundtracks per production. Both composers and music editors require a strong sense of hearing to detect tonal changes. Likewise, they each need effective communication skills to instruct musicians and discuss ideas with senior staff. Must have an expert knowledge of how music is constructed, recorded and performed. They must also have knowledge and understanding of how music can affect images and create drama, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of pop and classical music. A working knowledge of computer editing software is also required. Video Editor/Camera Operator – The job would require strong working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, which I think I have.
 Having camera/sound/lighting training or experience and incorporating a range of equipment, I feel my experience in these area will allow me to fit adequately in this job role. Good understanding of the corporate video market is essential. Producer – The requirements for a job like this is open to a lot of people/graduates, but to increase my chances to get the job I would have to have done a degree in communication and media studies, photography/film/television, ICT/multimedia or broadcasting. These are key to the media industry and will ensure the person has the correct specifications for the job. The experienced
  4. 4. gained during the degrees is apparently enough to make you a producer. Duties required = what do you need to do in each of the jobs LOOK AT THE JOB DESCRIPTION Music Editor/TV Programmer- Using a computer software program, Music Editors lay down all the music tracks, fitting them exactly to the picture, ready for the Final Mix or dub which they must also attend in order to find quick, creative solutions to any last-minute problems. To communicate all editing changes to the Composer in musical terms. For example, if a number of frames have been cut, the Composer must lose a bar or three beats of the score. Music Editors also design a “click track” for the film, which is used during the recording of the score to help the musicians achieve the correct tempo and perfect picture-to-music synchronization. • Video Editor/Camera Operator – Receiving a brief, and maybe an outline of footage and/or a shot list, script, or screenplay. Assembling all raw footage, with camera shots either recorded or transferred onto videotape in preparation for inputting into the computer. As a camera operator, they‟ll have to follow a camera script and floor plans which tells them the order of the shots, and then they would have to put them to practice and film the shots in correct order. This also involves working closely with the director during recording, as it‟s his or her creation coming to life; this physically involves you acting quickly and effectively. • • • Producer – Making sure that everyone is doing their jobs so the project is produced on time within budget, as well as the movie/programme being high quality and evidently to a high standard. In each section of the project (pre, production and post), there are different areas of work the producer has to look at. To start, you‟d have to ensure the script is good enough to attract a director, use careful planning to determine a location and budget and create a detailed plan of action for production. Then you‟d move on to handle issues with actors or creative staff, monitor production timetables and budgets and offer creative suggestions to the director. Lastly, postproduction involves discussing the order and selection of scenes with the director (editing), review the final cut of the film after it‟s edited and finally, works with the distribution for the film. • Potential employers – give details of the employers – who they are, their addresses, the nature of their business Potential employers are people who may hire me to work for them in a specific area as it will have an entitled job role. Jake Morrison – Polite, nice to talk to, positive vibe whenever you‟re in the room with him, straight to the point and doesn‟t joke around too much. It would be a pleasure to work with him in Music Editing as it‟s a key part to the TV/film industry and could be a fun and challenging experience. Amber Hilton – Polite, down to earth, very considerate, strict in terms of deadlines and due in work, interesting and intelligent. It would be interesting to work with her in Video Editing as I would enjoy doing what interests me and working under a schedule so that motivates me to do the work. Employer important dates – date for application/intervi ew etc. (e.g. pre-apprenticeship tests) 28/05/14 – Jake Morrision – Music Editing 09/06/14 – Amber Hilton – Video Editing Skills match – How does your skills match with each job? I have experience in each of the job choices I have selected and I have evidence and confidence that I would do great in either job I select or am fully applicable for. The skills I possess match the jobs to a high standard due to my experience and knowledge in the industry.
  5. 5. Skills Gaps Skills gaps - What skills do you need to develop? I feel I need to develop my confidence in meeting new people and holding conversations or this could lead to disinterest on your end. Possibly maintaining eye contact, as that‟s something I‟m not brilliant at dependent on the individual. A big one in my opinion is speaking in front of a big crowd as I‟m very nervous, I could overcome this by talking in small crowds and then progressively increasing the size of the crowd. However, if I am over confident in what I am talking about I would have much less of a problem. Experience needed What experiences/training do you need to enable you to do this job? More social chitchats and conventions so I have more experience talking to people. Speaking in front of bigger crowds would boost my confidence and linguistic skills too. Overall, just more social interaction with others would help; this can be done through getting outside a lot more and just making conversation with strangers as it gives more insight to how different people react and how to deal with those sorts of people. Education/trainin g/ experience required for each job (e.g. course name) Music Editor/TV Programmer – Not a lot of training is required for this. The only possibility is an introduction to the new program/software I‟ll be using to edit the music. More spare time used making personal music and combining music with visuals well is something I have experience in and will need to do a lot more of. Video Editor/Camera Operator – I have lots of experience in editing videos and operating a camera so experience isn‟t fully necessary. However, in the future I‟ll need to learn how to use the professional television cameras used to film shows on channels such as BBC and ITV. Producer – I would need more organisational skills for me to be successful at this and willing to meet with people to discuss subjects at all times. Providers offering courses - Where, when? There are many Music Editing apprenticeships that would give me a much better understanding and more experience of the job. It would involve working as a production runner, a production assistant, a digital assistant, camera crew assistant, editing assistant and/or production secretary. This would all be very interesting experiences that would all help boost the skills I need to be a Music Editor. This will be available in the upcoming summer. digital-media.aspx There is a Television Camera Operating Training course that seems very interesting and would give me a much better understanding of the technical side of camera operating. The BBC academy is offering numerous short courses as well. These will all be available in the upcoming summer. Possible work experience opportunities? Where, when? For what jobs would they help with? The ITV and BBC offer numerous short courses and apprenticeships (work experience). I myself have done work experience with ITV for a week in two different studios in August 2013, this was a great experience and I got to see all the technical equipment and how shows are aired etc. The experience helped with accountancy, camera operating, video editing, music editing and live broadcasting. These were very memorable experiences that will benefit me in the future. However, it was very interesting and I may want to do it again, I have the opportunity to do so, only the apprenticeship courses at ITV last 12 months and give recognised qualifications and great experience.
  6. 6. Date: ________________ My Plan  Goals are things that you want to achieve in the future. They are things that will help you to be prepared and ready for change at school or in your life. It is important that you think about goals early because then you can work out how to achieve them. Thinking about goals means that you will be prepared to study the subjects you like, do the types of occupations you prefer, and keep your future options open. If you meet a goal throughout the year, set another new one for yourself – maybe a more challenging one.  Think about goals that relate to education/training and employment. For example, an education/training goal might be to hand all school work in on time, and an employment goal might be to find a part-time job.  Think about why the goals you have made are important. For example, handing all school work in on time means you are developing time management skills, and working part-time helps you to develop a school-work-life balance.  Think about how long it will take you to achieve your goals. Some goals are short-term which means you can achieve them in a few weeks. Some goals are long-term which means it might take a year or more before you can achieve them. New Education and Training Goals What is my goal? How will I do it? Why is it important? When will I do it by? Hand in all school work on time Ensure I complete all the work set as soon as possible So I can focus on other work. Time management skills improved I will continue to do this throughout the next years necessary Do more out of school work and activities Out of school time studying and possibly making and editing short films outside school. This will help me get a wider knowledge of filming and learn new ways to do so. Studying is because it allows you to learn more than others. I will start as soon as possible as it can be fun as well as beneficial for me. New Employment Goals What is my goal? How will I do it? Why is it important? When will I do it by? Find a part time job Hand my CV into numerous places. I will then have a selection if the ones that reply say yes and I‟ll choose the one that pays most as well as me enjoying it Earn money. Companies hiring like to see you have experience working for a long time. I will try my hardest to get a part-time job by the end of June. Get as much work experience as possible with established companies Apply for work experience and talk to people I know who have connections into BBC and ITV. Having already worked in ITV, working in more businesses like that will improve my knowledge of the industry and make me more applicable for jobs, As soon as possible as contacting them now will allow them to talk to the companies now so it happens soon.
  7. 7. Resources I need to help me Sources of information There are many sources above in each category Areas I need to develop to achieve my career choice Achievement Date Attributes* (e.g. personal characteristics such as personal presentation and motivation) Being good at motivating people – I believe I am good at this as it is also something you have to do as a producer. Motivation increases workload, I‟m sure this is something I would be good at as I‟d talk to the person one-on-one and sort out what the problem was and give them confidence and make them comfortable so they can do it, even if it results in hindering myself to make them feel better and work. As soon as possible Be good at problem solving – Problem solving in this industry is key as you are definitely going to run into trouble. I feel I can get a company out of a troubled situation as I‟d think outside the box and contemplate all possible solutions and possibly discuss them with a co-worker. As soon as possible Skills* (e.g. academic skills and employability skills such as organising, learning and team work) Understanding the technical processes involved in television production, including camera, lighting, sound and editing – I have a lot of experience filming personal short films, filming with ITV and filming at a theatre in Kings Cross. Lighting and sound are pretty basic having the right equipment and has been proven very effective in productions I‟ve been apart of. Lastly, editing is possibly my strongest point as I have a wide variety of experience editing numerous projects. As soon as possible Have excellent organisational skills – I feel I‟m very organised and keep all my work organised to a professional standard. This is necessary in the industry as keeping things organised allows everything to run much smoother. As soon as possible Skills, attributes, training can be found on the following sites