Zinc millennium map


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Zinc millennium map

  1. 1. P R O D U C T STel: 01902 490919Fax: 01902 490929Email: sales@fensecure.co.ukwww.steelway.co.uk FINISHES A M E N I T YHOW TO USE THE ZINC MILLENNIUM MAPG Locate your project on the map Annual Average Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc, UK and Republic of Ireland, 1998-2000G Match the colour of the square to the keyG Read off the average background corrosion rate in lu m per annumG Identify the minimum average galvanized coating thickness for & steelwork in lu m S P O R T SG Divide the coating thickness (average 85 lum) by the corrosion rate to obtain the expected minimum life of the galvanized coating.This is an approximate guide and is F E N C I N G ,most relevant to static, exterior-exposed structures. Specifiers willneed to take account of any sitespecific factors which may affect thecorrosion rate.Detailed data for individual sites andadvice on its interpretation (e.g. thepossible effects of a local micro-climate on the corrosion rateactually experienced by thegalvanized structure) is availablefrom Galvanizers Association.ZINC CORROSION RATESZinc corrosion rates are represented by fivecategories indicated by the colour codesshown below. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Agricultural Development Advisory Service (ADAS Consulting) for project management. - Mr Tom Shaw for consultancy services throughout the project and for application of the ThiessenCorrosion Category 1 2 3 4 5 method to the project data. - Britannia Zinc Limited for provision of laboratory facilities.Average Corrosion 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 - Mr John Curtain (consultant) and Mr Michael Taylor (Britannia Zinc Limited) for valuable projectrate (lu m/year) assistance. - All those who provided sample sites for the project.Average life of 85 l m u 170 85 57 43 34 Cartographic reproduction by Lovell Johns Ltd, Copyright: Galvanizers Association 2001. Based upon the Ordnance Survey 1:1,500,000 map, with the permission of the controller of The Stationary Office.galvanized coating ADAS Consulting and GA are grateful to Orange Plc for provision of survey sites in the UK and the Irish Electricity Supply(years) Board for survey sites that allowed corrosion rates at key Irish locations to be included in the Zinc Millennium Map. Further studies are planned to extend survey coverage in the Republic of Ireland. For areas not yet covered, the rates indicated for comparable areas may be used as an indication of likely corrosion rates.