New Steelway Rail Brochure


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Steelway Rail brochure, brand new for 2011

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New Steelway Rail Brochure

  1. 1. STEELWAY Rail E X P E R T S I N S T E E Rail P R O D U C T M A N U A L
  2. 2. EXPERTS IN THE DESIGN ,FABRICATION AND INSTALL ATION OF HIGH QUALIT Y STEELWAY ENGINEERED METALWORK SOLUTIONS E X P E R T S I N S T E E L FOR YOUR INDUSTRY COMPANY Since 1928, Steelway Fensecure Ltd has continued to be a market leader in the field of fabrication excellence and expertise. We manufacture from our two state of the art production facilities, which are located in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich. Our continued commitment to industry standards, specifications and design procedures, gives our customers the total confidence to continue to request our help in providing standard and engineered fabrication solutions which meet their project requirements, timescales and budgets. To achieve our goals for expansion and growth, we are now split into 5 divisions, allowing a dedicated focus and expertise in each area. QUALITY ASSURANCE AND ACCREDITATION To meet and exceed the quality assurance expectations of our customers, our operations are certified under PAS99, an Integrated Management System. PAS99 encompasses BS EN ISO 9001 - for Quality Management, BS EN ISO 14001 – for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 – for Health & Safety Management. Due to the multitude of markets that we supply into, we are also committed to many industry accreditation schemes, product certification and approvals and we fully comply with health and safety legislation, both in-house and on site. Full certification and accreditation information is available on our web-site. CUSTOMER COMMITMENT AND SERVICE We continually aim to provide a high level of customer service and are continually monitoring and developing our systems to meet with the expectations of our customer base. The understanding of professional Key Account Management and commitment to KPI requirements are a daily occurrence for our teams. We strive on being able to build and nurture relationships in both the short and long term. SUSTAINABILITY Commitment to sustainable practises is paramount. Not only for the future of our own business, but to also support the goals and objectives of our customer base. From simple initiatives such as recycling and improvements in energy efficiency, sustainable solutions are also at the forefront of our minds during the early stages of any new product development. Reductions in material and scrap, optimum utilisation of laser cut components, improvements in production efficiency, packaging, transportation and overall improvisation of the products life expectancy are taken into consideration. DESIGN & EXPERTISE Our sales and design functions are equipped with the latest technology systems available. Utilising both 2D and 3D CAD software, combined with communication and IT systems, we are able to provide our customers with a rapid response to enquiries and orders. Designing with 3D systems also allows for easy design verification prior to fabrication. We continue to invest in our design and fabrication facilities with plant, equipment, high speed automatic laser cutting equipment and software. PROJECT SOLUTIONS & SUPPORT Utilising our experienced sales teams, installation engineers and project managers we have the experience to take your product and project requirements from initial concept right through to commission. We welcome the opportunity to provide a complete package approach. This can include, design consultation and specification, site survey, quotation, design verification, manufacture, delivery, installation (including civil’s) and final commissioning. STEELWAY STEELWAY STEELWAY STEELWAY STEELWAY EXPERTS IN STEEL Fensecure Brickhouse Rail Protect2
  3. 3. Steelway’s Rail Division exists to serve the wide andvaried specialised engineering requirements of the Rail STEELWAYIndustry. Our involvement in the Rail Industry datesback to the early 1930’s and consequently ourexperience gained over this time has provided us with Railan enviable reputation. E X P E R T S I N S T E E LOur commitment to industry standards, specificationsand design procedures assures our customers that our Rail Infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4products either standard or bespoke will meet theirproject requirements, timescales and budgets. Staircases/Fire Escapes & Ladders . .5With major renewals, reinstatements and restoration Handrails & Balustrades . . . . . . . . .6our expertise in this field has made us ideally placed totake advantage of the massive investment in the rail Platforms & Flooring . . . . . . . . . . . .7infrastructure. With this in mind we have invested inboth the best of modern technology, together with the Bespoke Fabrications . . . . . . . . . . .8most diverse of traditional trades to match our ability to Overhead Line Equipment . . . . . . .9provide the answer to your needs. We can offer valueadded engineering where required. Access Covers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-11 Security Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12Steelway have been and are currently involved withnumerous projects on the rail network throughout the Fencing & Station Furniture . . . . . . .13UK. Steelway design, supply and install a whole rangeof specialist fabricated products for both the modern Infrastructure Projects . . . . . . . . . . .14-15rail infrastructure and also the heritage rail sectorwhere we design, manufacture and install specialistreplication and restoration products such as turntables,canopies, station furniture and fencing. Heritage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16Steelway has Link-Up Approval with Proof, and we Fencing & Gates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17operate to BSEN ISO9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001standards. Steelway installations operatives are PTS Lamp Posts & Benches . . . . . . . . . . .18trained. Signage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Bespoke Heritage Structures . . . . . .20 Refurb & Replication . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Heritage Projects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22-23 STEELWAY RAIL Queensgate Works, Bilston Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 2NJ Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: 3
  4. 4. F A B R I C A T I O N S RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: S P E C I A L I S T & M E T A L W O R K A C C E S S Steelway offer invaluable engineering expertise and specialist fabrication experience providing an extensive range of access metalwork solutions for the rail industry. As well as a full portfolio of access metalwork we also design, manufacture and install many bespoke products from small ladders or covers to large structures such as walkways, gantries and bridges. Steelway are involved on numerous railway upgrades and rail installation projects on the rail network throughout the UK. We design, supply, and install rail access structures including staircases, ladders, walkways, steel platforms, handrail/guardrail systems and other station upgrades. We have invested considerably over the last several years in design and fabrication processes including up to date 3D inventor design software and new laser cutting technology. This coupled with our fabrication and operating systems put us at the leading edge of fabrication excellence. Steelway recommend involvement at the early stage of a project cycle by giving support for project costing, design input and project presentation graphics. Value added engineering can help to reduce the cost of a project considerably. Recent projects include platforms for mounting signalling equipment at track side on the Bletchley upgrade project, at Milton Keynes, and at Blackfriars station we supplied the platform canopy structures and also access metalwork. We have replaced a number of wooden staircases and platforms with GRP fabrications to give access to signal boxes. All our fabrications are compliant with railway regulations. All our products can be manufactured in GRP which being a non conductive material is particularly useful in areas around electrified lines and potentially hazardous or corrosive areas.4
  5. 5. L A D D E R SSTAIRCASES/FIRE ESCAPES& LADDERS & Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: S T A I R C A S E S Staircases & Steelway offer customers extensive knowledge and experience in the design Fire Escapes manufacture and installation of staircases, fire escapes, & mezzanine platforms for industrial and commercial environments. Where required, ourG Stairs completed with a range of engineers will visit the site of a proposed installation, then prepare schemes balustrades inc stainless steel for access, storage, or fire emergency use. These proposals are then submitted tensioned wires, perforated steel to the customer for approval. Upon receipt of an order, 3D Designs are infill panels or toughened glass produced to the most exacting requirements to ensure stability and durability.G Feature stairs comprising of powder coated stringers, pan type treads, and anti slip finishesG Various materials, balustrade and tread combinations available to meet different applicationsG Spiral staircases complying to BS.5395: part 2G Materials – mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRPG Manufactured to British Standards and loadingsG Finishes – mild steel galvanised or painted, stainless steel and aluminium in various finishes Steelway can manufacture a range a ladders that can be designed to fit Ladders most structures.G Vertical ladders complete with safety cages and safety gates as requiredG Various extended sides are availableG Most vertical ladders can be supplied with or without retractable tubular handholds.G Companion or ship type ladders; handrails are necessary on this type of ladder and should be provided on both sides without exception.G Supplied to the appropriate British StandardsG Materials – mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRPG Finishes – mild steel galvanised or painted, stainless steel and aluminium in various finishes 5
  6. 6. B A L U S T R A D E S HANDRAILS & BALUSTRADES Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Steelway handrails and guardrails are designed to provide safety and Handrails/Guardrails & give reassurance for the users of staircases, walkways and other similar structures. Double line tubular handrail systems designed to relevant H A N D R A I L S G One of the first commercially available guard rails to be British standards and loadings. They may be tubular or solid construction erected in the United Kingdom or a combination of both. We supply handrails not only to complement were supplied and installed by our staircases, platforms etc but also as completely independent items. Steelway G Steelway handrail designs follow the recommendation of BS 6399; part 1, BS 5395 and BS 6180 G Gates and safety chains G Materials - mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP G Finishes - Steel - Hot dip galvanised Primer painted Polyester powder coated Stainless steel - Mill finish Satin polished Mirror polished Aluminium - Self colour Anodised GRP - Self colour Steelway can design, manufacture and install balustrades to suit architectural Balustrades designs, individual needs or industrial requirements. Balustrades are functional but they can also be dramatic. We have produced complex and simple G From traditional vertical bar systems to meet architects requirements in a range of materials and finishes. type balustrades to more Handrails can also be supplied in a number of material options including contemporary bespoke laser timber and can be manufactured for both internal and external applications cut designs are available e.g. - fire escapes, feature staircases, stairwells, office stairs, balconies, in either mild or stainless steel. footbridges and walkways. G Infill panels can be supplied in plain or perforated plate, toughened glass, and stainless steel tensioned wire. G All finishes catered for, from primer coated to polyester powder coated or polished stainless steel. G With all our Balustrades safety and security are combined with good design to provide buildings with an enduring feature. G All designs meet the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations6
  7. 7. F L O O R I N G PLATFORMS & FLOORING Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: & Steelway can design manufacture and install all types of maintenance and P L A T F O R M S Platforms/Walkways access platforms including signalling platforms. We evaluate environmental and operator safety factors in all of our platform designs toG Bespoke platforms to suit ensure customer satisfaction. individual requirementsG Aesthetically pleasingG To comply with planning consent and building regulationsG To all relevant British standards & loadingsG Materials - mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRPGFinishes – mild steel galvanisedor painted, stainless steel andaluminium in various finishes Steelway have various open and solid types of flooring systems, and are Flooring designed to specific customer requirements. They provide safe and practical solution to plant and maintenance areas.G Open grating systems – rectangular, diamond and square patternedG Solid floor plate systems – durbar pattern or plain plate complete with appropriate anti slip finishesG Stair treads supplied to suit all above flooring systemsG Materials - mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRPG Finishes – mild steel galvanised or painted, stainless steel and aluminium in various finishes 7
  8. 8. F A B R I C A T I O N S BESPOKE FABRICATIONS Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Steelway are committed to providing bespoke fabricated solutions on any Bespoke Fabrications project requirement. We have two state of the art dedicated B E S P O K E manufacturing facilities which are both extremely flexible in their G Our up to date 3D design approach to manufacturing specialist designs. Combining this with over technology offers design 85 years of fabrication experience, we feel that we have the necessary verification prior to capability to fulfill most bespoke requirements. manufacture G Onsite support and technical assistance until final sign off G Link Up approval with proof G Up to date fabrication and laser cutting technology G Materials – mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP Steelway were called upon to design and manufacture a support bracket for Brackets the Piccadilly Line extension to Terminal 5 at Heathrow. The design brief was for a support bracket that could accommodate a 4km concrete escape G Bespoke products designed walkway taking into account deviations in the levels of the tunnel and facilitate and manufactured from brief the need for supporting services and utilities. Utilising the vast experience provided within the companies technical department, the bracket design encompassed a G 2 way adjustable arm allowing for tunnel variations to be accommodated and From one off’s to multi run maintain loading conformance. Extensive in house testing was carried out to fabrications ensure conformance whereby bespoke jigs were created to replicate site conditions and ensure that loading criteria could be met. Steelway are committed to providing bespoke fabricated solutions on any project requirement.8
  9. 9. E Q U I P M E N T OVERHEAD LINE EQUIPMENT Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: L I N ESteelway have supplied overheadmasts & booms for carrying O V E R H E A Delectrical cabling componentsincluding overhead swivel bracketsand refurbished pulley wheels aspart of line electrification. Mast & Booms G Overhead line gantries to comply with Network Rail designs G All fabrications by coded welders G Link-Up approval with proof G PTS trained installation operatives G To all relevant British Standards 9
  10. 10. C O V E R S ACCESS COVERS A C C E S S Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Biomass Fuel Storage Covers G Available in any size G Multiple gar ram and spring assisted single person operation G Galvanised to BSEN ISO1461 Valve & Screen Chamber Covers G Fabricated in a multitude of sizes to suit the chamber G Square, rectangular and circular layouts are available G All loadings are available from FACTA A to D G Individual peep in access points are available G Covers can be torsion spring assisted, lift off or a combination of both to suit the access requirements G Galvanised finish to BSEN ISO1461 Platform Watering Hose Covers G Designed and fabricated to suit the requirements of the watering system. G Turn-catch locked to prevent tampering G Self locating stay to prevent unauthorised closure G Galvanised finish to BSEN ISO1461 Internal Recessed Range Mild steel high quality access covers are available to suit a multitude of internal applications. These ranges are fabricated to the highest standards and are designed to be unobtrusive when combined with the chosen floor finish for a hidden appearance or a decorative edge feature. Broadstel – Recessed G Single, twin, triple and multiple cover sizes G Manufactured from 2mm material G Double sealed as standard G Frame depth of 69mm to sit in a 75mm deep rebate G Solid base plate for ease of infill G Available in FACTA loadings up to B G Locking is standard G Stainless steel or brass edge trims are available G Hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 G Units can be fabricated completely from stainless steel10
  11. 11. C O V E R S ACCESS COVERS A C C E S S Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Recessed Access CoversMild steel high quality access covers are available to suit a multitude of applications. These ranges arefabricated to the highest standards to ensure continued performance under operation and load. Bripave – Heavy gauge G Single, twin, triple and multiple cover sizes G Manufactured from 6mm material G Single seal or double seal channel framing available G Cover recess depths to suit blocks, bricks, slabs, concrete or tarmac infill G Solid base flange to ensure stability under load G Tapered cover sides for easy cover removal G Solid corner lifting bosses to ensure longevity. G Available in FACTA loadings A to D G Locking option available G Stainless steel or brass edge trims are available G Hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 Precinct – British Telecom access covers G Designed in accordance with BT spec LN593 G Kitemarked in accordance to BSEN124 class B125 G Manufactured from 6mm material G Plain seated G Depth to suit BT’s requirement for 65mm blocks G Solid base flange to ensure stability under load G Slide out design for easy removal G Hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 G Available in a range of sizes to suit BT chamber references 2,4,5,6,10,11 & JC1 Tree Irrigation Covers G These pit covers are designed specifically to suit the tree irrigation system and tree type G Galvanised finish to BSEN ISO1461 G A variety of internal cover recess depths are available to suit a paving slabs, blocks and finishes of all depths 11
  12. 12. P R O D U C T S SECURITY PRODUCTS Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: S E C U R I T Y At Steelway we have recognised the need for high security products that Security Products provide maximum protection from not only minor vandalism or opportunistic thieves, but also aggressive intrusion or terrorist attack. The range of security G A wide range of products products currently includes varying levels of specification, certification and accreditation. The flexibility of the Protect range is that it enables you to G We can supply and install choose the right product, with the right level of security, in a cost effective differing ranges of single and manner for the application area you are protecting. double skinned security doors, all of which are available in many styles, colours and security ratings. Certain ranges are certified to LPS1175 SR2, SR3 and SR4 security levels G Whether you are looking for a modern or heritage feel, we can supply and install a variety of application specific window and skylight protection products which are also available in a number of styles and colours. G When optimum security combined with easy and fast installation are required, we can supply and install a range of LPS1175 SR4 certified kiosks, cabinets and buildings which are suitable for a multitude of applications across all market sectors.12
  13. 13. F U R N I T U R E FENCING & STATION FURNITURE Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: S T A T I O N From demarcation to track protection we can supply the fencing system to Fencing suit your requirements. Fencing styles range from medium security chainlink to high security palisade for boundary protection againstG Security fencing heights from 1.8m to 3.6m vandalism and trespassing. For platform demarcation we provide a range of stylish railing systems to complement each station. &G Demarcation railings from 1.0m to 2.0m F E N C I N GG Matching single and double leaf gatesG Manufactured using mild steel materials, made from 100% locally sourced recyclable steelG Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461G Optional powder coating to BS EN 13438 using non-toxic powderG Security tamper resistant fittings as standard to minimize theftG Railings are fully welded for longevity External furniture plays an important part in the layout and practical use for Station Furniture every day visitors to the railway station. Our range of seating provides welcome relief for weary travellers whilst still ensuring longevity through carefulG Various standard styles design and finish. We provide a full range of litter bins and can alsoG Manufactured using mild manufacture any bespoke designs to suit the appearance of the railway station. steel materials, made from 100% recyclable steel and locally sourcedG Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461: 1999G Optional powder coating to BS EN 13438 using non-toxic powderG Security tamper resistant fittings as standard to minimize theftG Fully welded for longevity 13
  14. 14. 5 T E R M I N A L INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: H E A T H R O W - P R O J E C T S Heathrow - Terminal 5 Steelway were invited by the client at the early design stage of the terminal 5 project at Heathrow were we were able to offer value added design which resulted in Steelway securing a number of the metal work packages for the project. Works awarded included both internal and external access metalwork and secondary metalwork products. These included: - Runway approach lighting platforms - External and internal stair pods - Internal staircases - Handrails within the tunnels - Maintenance and escape stairs - Fire intervention staircases - Ventilation manifold access stairs - Tunnel brackets - Cable bridge to the Piccadilly extension junction - Stairs for the Piccadilly ext line and Heathrow ext line - Stainless steel access ladders, platforms, handrails and diffuser plates to the T5 energy centre14
  15. 15. S T A T I O N INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS A L T R I N C H A M Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: B L A C K F R I A R S / - P R O J E C T SBlackfriarsSteelway manufactured the canopy brackets and ladders atBlackfriars station platform. Within the redevelopment ofBlackfriars station Steelway have manufacturing and installinggeneral maintenance walkways, platforms and staircases.Altrincham StationSteelway manufactured and installed a passenger steel staircase forplatform access, with powder coated handrail with GRP anti slip treads.Signal BoxesSteelway have manufactured numerous GRP signal box accessstairs and platforms. 15
  16. 16. F A B R I C A T I O N S HERITAGE Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: S P E C I A L I S T & M E T A L W O R K A C C E S S With major renewals, reinstatements and restoration schemes at an unprecedented height, the Heritage Railway Industrys rejuvenation has created scope for Steelway to excel in being able to provide many of the solutions to a myriad of engineering problems. With this in mind we invested in both the best of modern technology, together with the most diverse of traditional trades to match our ability to provide the answer to your needs. Steelway have an unsurpassed understanding of the numerous listed and heritage structures located across the country, and have been involved in a wide variety of projects to either repair, extend or replicate as necessary. Our skills in casting and fabrication (which includes replica riveted products) has seen a number of national award winning projects carried out by us. Work on heritage canopies includes new structures to match those existing at the grade II* listed Moor Street Station Birmingham together with sensitive repairs and replication at Loughborough Central and total re-creation at Kidderminster for the Severn Valley Railway. In such cases a total package can be offered which takes on the design element, the necessary castings, glazing and timber elements together with full installation. The wide range of client needs has seen the recent reproduction of a cast iron station name in Somerset which is thought to be the first instance in 120 years where such a product has been produced. Whatever your heritage metalwork requirements are, Steelway has the experience to provide the solution.16
  17. 17. G A T E S FENCING & GATES & F E N C I N G Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Whilst it could be argued that a fence is just a fence, as with most things it is Fencing & Fence posts often more complex than it would first appear. At a huge number of locations the appropriate style of appearance is a prerequisite whilst also taking onG Full replication and board the issue of its maintenance. Steelway have produced a range of restoration service products which accurately reproduce the appearance of the original Victorian products but using modern construction techniques and with the benefit of theG Galvanized for optimum latest protective finishes. Our fabricated products are additionally protection supplemented with authentic cast iron posts. Throughout the whole of theG Powder coated in carefully former Great Western Railway territory the familiar spear top fencing was a matched colours to suit the common site. Now after a hundred or so years the original wrought ironwork location is often life expired. Steelway now offer a replacement which considers the original construction design and manufacturing limitations. Steelway have produced a range of products which accurately reproduce Gates & Gate posts the appearance of the original Victorian products but using modern construction techniques and with the benefit of modern protective finishes.G Full replication and Innovation is always a key part of our approach, we are often asked to restoration service supply and install replica large yard gates, and these traditionally comprise larger cast iron posts and substantial timber paled gates. As anG Sensitively reproduced using option we can provide these timber elements in steel which accurately modern techniques and replicates all of the authentic timber details. The benefit is one of materials maintenance with the products being galvanized before finishing inG Low maintenance authentic colours using the polyester powder paint process. 17
  18. 18. B E N C H E S LAMP POSTS & BENCHES & Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: P O S T S Whilst we have a number of patterns to provide copies of historic lamp Lamp Posts posts, our range is constantly growing as clients diverse needs evolve to fruition. Similarly our schemes often include the lighting itself and as such G Lanterns are available to be we have produced patterns and tooling in order to accurately replicate a L A M P powered by electric or oil variety of lanterns with authenticity being a key principal. G Produced using quality material and traditional techniques in order to accurately reproduce authentic solutions G Number of ornate lampposts available ranging from the highly ornate stubby lamppost which is made up of 17 individual castings to the 16’ yard type lamp post Currently we produce 2 types of GWR benches, Edwardian and Art Deco, Benches These are available in a variety of different lengths and in a variety of authentic colours. We have the capability of producing traditional railway G Quality timber used for benches of all constituent railway company origins. benches G Cast iron elements produced G These products are currently in use in a number of locations on the national railway network and form part of some national award winning schemes18
  19. 19. S I G N A G E SIGNAGE E X T E R N A L Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Steelway have the capability of accurately replicating traditional railway Signage signage, using the finest quality materials of their respective kinds, and using appropriate moldings and joinery techniques together withG Innovation reducing authentic fonts and colours. maintenance and increasing & longevity of product life. Applying innovative production techniques we are able to reproduce traditional products utilising modern materials with the benefits of long I N T E R N A LG Satisfying sensitive lasting modern finishes. requirements on listed structures or within a conservation area.G Enhancing the aesthetics of station buildings by encompassing period design 19
  20. 20. S T R U C T U R E S BESPOKE HERITAGE STRUCTURES Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: Steelways expertise includes bespoke metal structures and specialist H E R I T A G E Bespoke Structures fabrication with 3D design capabilities allowing for bespoke designs as required by the customer. The metal structures be it a canopy, turntable or G For any project that requires station concourse, can be utilised in many different ways and by using up an authentic scheme but with to date fabrication & jointing technology, we can replicate fabricated an awareness of the long metal structures of a riveted construction. The skills have been fully utilised term maintenance costs at Moor Street station, Birmingham. The station was fully restored to its Steelway have a portfolio of B E S P O K E products that can be original Edwardian, Great Western Railways design. manufactured in cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP G We have an enviable record of National Awards which include the grade II* listed Moor Street Station in Birmingham, the restoration of Minehead turntable and the National Railway Heritage award of the year G Our involvement in these projects has ranged from the production of replica riveted canopy structures, replica Victorian railings schemes and the reproduction of historic railway signage G We Link-Up approval with proof G Other speciality projects include work for Chiltern Railways, 1st Great Western Railways, Severn Valley Railway and West Somerset together with others20
  21. 21. R E P L I C A T I O N REFURB AND REPLICATION Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: At a location in Buckinghamshire a client owned a listed corrugated pagoda & Refurb & Replication which was not only sadly neglected but additionally seriously distorted R E F U R B through fire damage! All wasted steelwork was either restored or recreatedG Steelway rail involvement whilst the modern door was replaced completely with a faithful replica of dates back to the early the original long lost door leaf. The whole unit was authentically reclad with 1930’s 3" pitch iron suitably protected with a galvanized finish and finally polyester powder painted in authenticG Historical details thoroughly GWR colours. The contract researched and applied to included the provision of all aid authenticity. missing features including bargeG boards and cast iron gutters Replica ironmongery using traditional techniques and for the relocating on its original site - the project wasG Modern finishes providing short listed for a National product longevity Heritage award.G Replica riveted productsG Authentic coloursG Recreated cast iron productsG Innovative solutionsG National award winning projectsG At Birmingham’s listed Bordersly Viaduct the need arose to replace a life PTS trained installation operatives expired bridge span. Network Rails requirements were to do so using a concrete structure however this was not acceptable to the planningG We can offer a compete authorities. Steelway consequently created a steel facia beam package – design elements, incorporating all appropriate authentic replica riveted detail to accurately castings, glazing, timber mimic an original structure. The 27m x 5.4m assembly was delivered to elements and full installation site in a hot dipped galvanised form in preparation for a full specification painting process, in authentic colours and for installation by Steelway. 21
  22. 22. S T A T I O N HERITAGE PROJECTS S T R E E T Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: M O O R - B I R M I N G H A M Birmingham - Moor Street Station Steelway’s involvement in the 2002 restoration of the Grade II listed Moor Street Station in Birmingham was to be the beginning of the creating of new opportunities for both Steelway and for clients alike. With increasing demand for refurbishment and in particular replica and restoration work across the network we have the ability to replicate design concepts from drawings that often date back to the early Victorian age. Clearly a proven track record in engineering was part of the clients belief in Steelway and backed up with Link-Up approval with proof were all important parts of the equation. The client had great ambitions and wanted his derelict site to win national accolades for the transformation that was to come. There would be no instances where inappropriate off the shelf items would be acceptable and with the Steelway approach client’s satisfaction is paramount. Added to all of this we were aware of the real world where the need to work within budgets and also to a programme is essential. The result was a national award winning restored and enhanced station fit for the 21st century but with all the qualities of a bygone age. Our work commenced on site almost a decade ago and our involvement in the ongoing development there continues to this day. In the intervening years our reputation has grown and the scope of our own activities on other historic sites have continued to trail blaze, resulting in many more award winning projects throughout the country.22
  23. 23. T U R N TA B L E HERITAGE PROJECTS Tel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: R A I LWAY - M I N E H E A D / C A N O P Y - B AT HBath - CanopyAs part of a major retail scheme adjacent to Bath Spa’s historic railway station,Steelway were employed to recreate the long lost Porte Cochere which oncegraced the “down-side” station building. The challenge was to provide anauthentic solution as far as was possible. From a 1920’s photograph, togetherwith site evidence, and combined with our historic knowledge of designs of theperiod, we were able to determine the dimensions of its projection and recreatethe original appearance and details to a very exacting standard. The contractincluded the complete re-creation which took on board the replica rivetedstructure, patent glazing using glazing bars which emulated the 100 year olddesigns of Henry Hope & Sons together with all necessary timber and cast ironcomponents. The project received part grant funding from Railway Heritage Trust.Minehead - Railway turntableOriginally measuring 55’0’’ its home was Pwllheli in North Wales. With thedemise of steam in the 1960’s the turntable became redundant but was offered apossible new lease of life when rescued by the then infant West Somerset Railway.The turntable is the first GWR railway turntable to be extensively rebuilt andadditionally is the only one to have been extended since the 1930’s from itsoriginal 55’0’’ to 65’0’’ using genuine GWR modification drawings. The railwayturntable which weighed in excess of fifty tonnes was transported in one pieceand craned into position by Steelway’s installation teams. The railway turntablenow forms the nucleus of a major visitor’s attraction based around West SomersetRailway Station in Minehead. 23
  24. 24. Steelway is a leading engineering and fabrication company that specialises in the manufacture of steel, aluminium and GRP products. Our dedicated workforce prides itself on its professionalism, CERTIFICATE No. IMR516887 IMS PAS99 I/D No 18677 LPS1175 (LEVEL 4) I/D No 18677 CERTIFICATE No. OHS89170 OHSAS18001 quality finish of our products produced and service and support provided to all our customers. We are experts in CERTIFICATE No. FM10004 CERTIFICATE No. EMS67731 our field. BSENISO9001 BSENISO14001 STEELWAY Rail Queensgate Works, Bilston Road,Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 2NJTel: 01902 451733 Fax: 01902 452256 Email: E X P E R T S I N S T E E L