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  • 1.  
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Ways to Encorporate Facebook into Classrooms
    • Contact
    • Notes
    • Post Videos
    • Grades
    • Important Dates
    • Submit Assignments
  • 3. Introduction
    • Facebook is an interactive social website that is a lot like myspace. On facebook one can share pictures and videos, keep in contact with friends and family, and plan parties and events. Many are not aware that facebook could be encorporated into the classroom as well. To start a facebook account or to find out more information you can click here
  • 4. Ways to Encorporate Facebook into the Classroom
  • 5. Staying in Contact
    • Teachers and students can stay in contact by leaving messages on each others walls.
    • Students can leave messages regarding questions they might have on a teacher’s wall.
    • Teachers can notify students of class cancellations by leaving messages on his/her students wall’s.
  • 6. If a student misses class teachers can post their lectures in a form of a “Note” on his/her facebook wall.
  • 7. Uploading Videos
    • Teachers can also post videos on facebook of their lectures.
    • Students could videotape project presentations and upload them on facebook.
  • 8. Teachers can send students test scores and grades by a private message.
  • 9. Teachers can send out event notifications for project/homework due dates and test dates
  • 10. Students can type up assignments and submit them by the facebook wall or a through a private message.
  • 11. Facebook is a social tool, but as you can see it can really be beneficial in the classroom in many different ways. I hope you enjoyed this presentation, and I encourage all of the teachers out there to start using facebook! :)