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7Solutions India is a leading India based experienced cad engineering company, offers a range of structural engineering services, architectural engineering services and MEP engineering services and sample of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, educational and non-building structures. at lowest price. If you have any query related to structural services, structural drafting and design services, structural steel detailing. Ask our CAD professional by submitting small quick contact form or to give us a call or email us. Our structural engineers will assist you within 1 business day.
Structural Drafting Services:

• Foundation Plan Drawing with footing and column schedules
• Shallow, deep and machine foundation drawings
• Sheet Pile foundation drawings
• Structural layouts with decking, joist for Reinforced Cement Concrete beam framing
• Roof Truss and Joist details
• Floor and Roof Framing Plan with detail sections
• Pre-stressed structure drawings
• Reinforced Cement Concrete Chimney with reinforcement details
• Tendon profile with co-ordinate for Post Tensioned slabs
• Reinforced Cement Concrete Joint And Slab Details
• Staircase detailing
• Special structures like Water Retaining tanks, Retaining wall, shell, decks, bulkheads, masts, funnels, bridges, transmission towers etc
• Curved and planar structures of side
• Bar Bending schedule of all Reinforced Cement Concrete structural elements as per relevant standards

Structural Steel Detailing Services at the most competitive prices:
• Steel Shop drawings
• Steel Bar Joist drawings
• Shallow, Raft and Pile Foundation drawings
• Anchor Setting Plan
• Column connection to the foundation with base plate details
• Erection Drawings
• Steel member Detail Drawings - for columns, beams and bracings with location of bolt holes and connecting members
• Chimney Foundations Drawings with Base Plate, Shoe Plate and Foundation Bolt details
• Piping and Plumbing Shop Drawings
• Longitudinal and Cross Sections of Beams/Columns
• Welded, Riveted or Bolted Steel connection details

Structural Designing Services at the most competitive prices:
• Validation of Structural Designs
• Storm Water Management Design
• Water Retaining Structures Design
• Water Drainage Design
• Retaining Structures Design
• Foundation Design
• Temporary Work Design
• Structural Engineering Design
• Method Statements Design

Familiar Codes (Standards):

• US Standards
• British Standards
• Australian Standards

Contact us or send us email at info@7solutionsindia.com to get immediate response for your structural steel detailing and design requirement.

7solutions India is a leading structural engineering firm specialized in structural steel detailing services, structural drafting services and structural steel design services for worldwide structural engineers, steel fabricators, steel detailers, architects, construction firms and steel erectors. Contact us for structural drafting services, structural steel detailing, structural steel design services and sample. Our structural engineers are ready to help you.

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7Solutions India

  1. 1. 7Solutions India We Design Dreams…
  2. 2. About us We are 7solutions India, Drafting & Designing Service contractor located in Ahmedabad, India. We deliver high quality, cost-effective and reliable CAD solutions to our clients worldwide. We provide Drafting & Designing services in the Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, d Petrochemical Pi i d i fields. O f M h i l and P h i l Piping design fi ld Our fast turnaround and competitive d d ii pricing make us an ideal partner for system designers, engineering firms, architects, home owners, oil and gas companies as well as high-tech and manufacturing companies. To insure the high quality of our product and reflecting our dedication to excellence, we have gathered a staff of professionals with diversified skills and knowledge of construction documents and computer assisted drafting and design. All work, either design or detailing, is shaped using the most up to date Autodesk design terminals, in combination with extremely skilled and trained hand. 7Solutions India is recognized for its thorough, enthusiastic, hard-working approach & conducting while responding to its Client's Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) Project uncertainty. Our root of the substance is to construct reciprocal faith, soothe & assurance that cover way to present preferred outcome with no trouble. With us, your CAD/CAM/CAE work is in good imaginative hand and is being conceded out from corner to corner the oceans with a Stamp of i i ti h d d i b i d d tf t th ith St f companionship! Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  3. 3. Our Services Our wide-ranging Architecture & Structural 2D CAD services facilitate us to offer custom-made solutions for individual necessities. Our far-reaching Architecture & Structural 2D CAD service potentiality makes certain that you have admittance to latest obtainable expertise, cost effectual methodologies and best release. The strength of our capability and the extent of our acquaintance are especially dominated to hub on your CAD service precedence. We offer following services: Structural Drafting & Designing Architecture Drafting & Designing g g g Mechanical Drafting & Designing 7Solutions I di h skilled d ft 7S l ti India has kill d draftsman who can adapt your method of d fti b adopting your h d t th d f drafting by d ti layering, standards, naming conventions and plot styles. We can combine together your data, concepts and sketches to give you accurate final drawings. Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  4. 4. Structural Services 1. Structural 2D Drafting Services 2. Foundation Plan with footing and column schedules 3. Shallow, Raft and Pile foundations drawings 4. Structural layouts with, decking, joist, trusses and Steel/R.C.C beam framing 5. Roof Truss and Joist details 6. Blown up connection details 7. Pre-stressed structure drawings 8. Drawings for special structures like Retaining walls, Water Retaining Structure 9. R.C.C /Steel Chimney with Necessary Reinforcement Detailing 10. Shop Drawing 11. Quantity estimation with measurement sheet 12. 12 Steel & Rebar Detailing Services Extensive experience in the l E i i i h latest software products R i Structure, Tekla, STADD, and several f d Revit S T kl STADD d l other Structural packages has enabled 7Solutions India to remain at the forefront of technology and provide continuous productivity gains to our clients. Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  5. 5. Architectural Services 1. Paper to CAD Drafting 2. 2D Drafting 3. Architecture Designing 4. 3D Modeing & Rendering - Interior 5. 3D Modeling & Rendering – Exterior 6. Walk Through 7. Fly Through 7 Fl Th u h Our consultants are familiar with AIA (American Institute of Architecture) RIBA (Royal Institute Architecture), of British Architects) which helps us in working on contraction documentation of any geographical region. Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  6. 6. Mechanical Services 1. Mechanical 2D Drafting 2. Conceptual Drawings 3. 3 Assembling of Drawings 4. Fabrication 5. Piping and instrument Diagram 6. SolidWorks & Inventor 3D Modeling 7. MEP Services 8. HVAC Services Our CAD operatives aren't just highly skilled in CAD, they also have an in-depth knowledge of j g y y g building services so they provide practical, workable solutions. Drawings are produced whether to our own exacting standards or to the standards you specify and are delivered within pre- agreed timescales to suit even the fastest of fast-track projects. Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  7. 7. 3D Modeling & Rendering We also provide specialized services in the areas Architecture 3D modeling rendering and modeling, walkthrouhg. Team is well versed with American and European work standards of construction technology. Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com
  8. 8. Thank You !!! info@7SolutionsIndia.com www.7SolutonsIndia.com www 7SolutonsIndia com For More Samples & Updates please visit our blog site http://cadsupportindia.blogspot.com/ Copyright 2008 7Solutoins India. www.7SolutionsIndia.com , info@7SolutionsIndia.com