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  • 1. MLA Boot Camp© St. Edward’s University OWL, 2012
  • 2. MLA Citation• One of many citation formats available (APA, Chicago, etc.)• Used in the humanities• Emphasizes the author, title of work, and page number
  • 3. Direct Quotations• Are phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs of text taken word-for-word from print sources• Are set off by quotation marks• Are cited by parenthetical citation• Are generally introduced by signal phrases• If more than four lines, are set off as block quotes
  • 4. Examples of Direct Quotation
  • 5. Paraphrases• Are ideas from phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs of text stated in your own words• Do not require quotation marks• Are cited by parenthetical citation
  • 6. Example of Paraphrase
  • 7. Works Cited Page• Comes at the end of the paper and contains a list of sources cited in your paper• All entries are listed in alphabetical order• All entries use a hanging indent• Sources in the paper should match the works cited list• This page does not count as part of the length of the paper, but it is required
  • 8. Works Cited –Book with One Author
  • 9. Works Cited –Book with Multiple Authors
  • 10. Works Cited –Work in Anthology or Collection
  • 11. Works Cited –Scholarly Article in Library Database
  • 12. Works Cited –Article in Online Magazine or Newspaper
  • 13. MLA Resources• St. Edward’s OWL• St. Edward’s Writing Center• Purdue OWL• Bedford/St. Martin’s Research and Documentation