Technology changing advertising

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  • 1. Technology changing advertising BY ST EL L A PET E
  • 2. Overview 1. General steps for an advertising campaign 2. The internet and its affects 3. Pros and Cons 4. Examples 5. Conclusion
  • 3. Advertising and the change Identify and analyse advertising target Evaluate advertising effectiveness Define advertising objective Execute campaign Create advertising platform Create advertising message Determine advertising budget Develop media plan (Kotler, 2006)
  • 4. Pros Cheaper than offline Faster (less time for implementation), technology allows for further innovations Communication between users, easy for customers to participate Real time reporting (Carmody, 2001, p49) Example Full page colour (19500€) for Irish Independent 34.2 CPT€ ( Leaderboard 728x90 on independ 15 CPM€ ( Using social media •Comments •Likes •Tweets •Reblogs •Etc.
  • 5. Cons Smaller than offline 76.8% of Irish population were internet users in 2012 (www.newmediatrendwatch. com) Applications stopping advertising (Adblocker and others, spam) Less reach Risk of technology failures (Carmody, 2001, p49)
  • 6. World of Potential Campaign • Hungarian campaign initiated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Inform • Tourism • Use of social media and internet (Facebook, official website and Youtube)
  • 7. 'Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it' Ferris Bueller
  • 8. References Bueller, F. cited by Toby Daniels (2012) Future of Now. [Accessed on 02nd November 2013) er?autoPlay=false&height=360&mute=false&width=640 Carmody, B. (2001) Online Promotions- Winnings Strategies and Tactics. Canada: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Emerald (2012) "New media needs new marketing: Social networking challenges traditional methods", Strategic Direction, Vol. 28 Issue: 6, pp.24 – 27 Online Advertisements rates (2013) [Accessed on 4th November 2013] Internet Users in Ireland (2012) [accessed on 4th November 2013] Irish Independent Rate Card (2013) [Accessed on 4th November 2013] Kotler cited by McIntyre, B. (2013) Introduction to Advertising. Dun Laoghaire, IADT. Wright, R. (2000) Advertising. Essex: Pearson Education Limited.