Stephdokin Client Portfolio Fall 2012


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A sampling of Stephdokin Clients and what our consulting engagement led to ... success! Kryos Velocity (mobile development platform), Trilogy Software (professional tax software), Kashoo (iPad and cloud accounting), Mob4Hire (global crowdsourcing for mobile testing and research), Curve Dental (dental management cloud software), (Environmental job certification and careers)

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Stephdokin Client Portfolio Fall 2012

  1. 1. 1 Client Success Stephen King, @stephdokinPortfolio Examples – How May We Help You? Winter, 2012/2013 Confidential © 2012 Stephdokin Inc. Private. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.
  2. 2. 2Some contextPast: Stephen King has 25 year career in software industry driving over $500M in revenue and participating in over 50 product and program launches / lifecycles. A combination of strategic leadership, branding/marketing, deep technical background, product and customerPresent: experience management (CEM). “Customer-centric, Data driven Leadership”
  3. 3. 3Curve Dental: Dental Practice Management Software Developed business plan and go-to-market sales forecast used to raise $2M Competitive research with 124 competitors; establishing product value proposition niche and pricing model Contacted, negotiated and signed contracts with two U.S. dental distributors giving reach to over 1,500 field agents nationwide; established agent community / sales portal Launched Orasphere CurveED dental education product Create apps for Blackberry and Android using only XML … in about a week. See slides 21 & 22.
  4. 4. 4Trilogy Software: Professional Tax Preparation Software Developed business plan, investor deck and pro forma forecasts used to raise $3.3M Worked with team to launch DoxCycle Tax Source Document Scanning and Management; press releases, eCommerce, web development, sales pipeline, CRM Competitive research SaaS Price modeling (tiers and price points) Established mailing lists, monthly newsletter and social media Developed Branding and Go-To- Market strategy Provide traditional ad agency services such as media purchasing, creative and print / trade show campaigns Launch TaxCycle, fall/winter 2012
  5. 5. 5Mob4Hire: Global Crowd Mobile App and SMS Testing Developed business plan, investor deck, pro forma’s and term sheets; raised $1M for company Created good global presence through blog, media, content marketing, social and SEO Developed branding and marketing execution, created website, established CRM, sales funnel, partner programs, product management, eCommerce, finance & price models, managed advisor and shareholder relationships Grew community to 59K global testers on 444 carriers in 156 countries Launching new Android SMS Testing App fall, 2012
  6. 6. 6Jazzit: Professional Accountant Working Paper Templates Website renovation; from circa 2001 website  2011 Branding redefinition; logo’s, product lineup + marketing statements TCELab CRDc Customer Survey + Marketing Benefit Quantification Established web and sales analytics for mgmt reporting Marketing kickstart: Established mailing lists, monthly client newsletter, sales campaigns / pipeline mgmt + sales collateral, established social media activities Recreated Trade Show booth experience Negotiated purchasing and transfer of and @jazzit Created business plan to grow revenues 100% in two years
  7. 7. 7Kryos Velocity: SaaS Enterprise Mobile Development Conducted competitive research (19 competitors) Established brand personality, value proposition niche and product messaging Pricing research and development of SaaS tiered pricing model Worked with web team for design, copy, social media, and content marketing excellence P.R. launch of new Velocity Platform Developed Go-To-Market Strategy and Pro Forma Forecasts
  8. 8. 8Kashoo: Cloud and iPad Accounting Completed web and business audit for recommendations to CEO + Board / Investors Built models to introduce SaaS tiering with Freemium “try before you buy”; analysed browser and iPad sales funnels Introduced data driven leadership and mentoring; technical guidance to setup web and pipeline analytics Developed Kashoo Accountant “Brand-on-a-Page” messaging Provided guidance and Go-To- Market plan for development and and launch of Kashoo MVP Accountant and Bookkeeper program With TCELab, ran and compiled CRDc Customer Relationship Survey for insights re: strategic customer planning
  9. 9. 9ECO Canada: Environmental Careers Online Community Developed ECO Canada product roadmap and forecasts to drive product revenue 400% in 3 years Helped drive shift from gov’t funding to product revenue Created digital / web strategy and work with executive team to drive execution
  10. 10. 10ReservEase Online Hotel Management Outside In Brand Audit (Competitive Review, SEO Keyword Analysis, Website review) New brand definition (logo, colours, focused value proposition and main messaging) New website theme and design Content Publishing and social media strategy
  11. 11. 11 TCELab Clients Customer Relationship Diagnostic (CRDc) Big Data Audit Linkage Analysis Customer and End-User Survey, analysis & reports Competitive Research Investor customer diligence For TCELab client case studies: Create apps for Blackberry and Android using only XML … in about a week. See slides 21 & 22.