Eleven Essentials for Salespeople

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In my Value Selling Workshop, I kick things off with this 20,000 foot level presentation "Eleven Essentials For Salespeople." (The full 4 hour workshop is chock-full of goodness and value selling …

In my Value Selling Workshop, I kick things off with this 20,000 foot level presentation "Eleven Essentials For Salespeople." (The full 4 hour workshop is chock-full of goodness and value selling learning, including 5 individual and team exercises. Suitable for sales & marketing groups of 9 or more).

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  • Golden Apple … Snow White and Seven Dwarves


  • 1. ELEVEN ESSENTIALS FOR SALESPEOPLE Stephen King @stephdokin www.stephdokin.com President, Stephdokin.com CEO, TCELab.com © 2014 Stephdokin Inc. All rights reserved. Duplication or distribution is encouraged, with proper attribution.
  • 2. I am not THAT Stephen King I’m this one
  • 3. Stephen-On-A-Page I’ve driven over $500M in revenue and participated in over 50 product and program launches / lifecycles; a combination of executive branding/marketing + technical know-how + roll-up-yer-sleeves. 1988-2007: Since 2008: Co-Founder Education: BCS Bachelor of Computer Science CFP Certified Financial Planner Customer-Centric Digital Brand Excellence Founder
  • 4. 1 Essential • It’s very noisy out there; people are quick to dismiss your message / sales pitch • Prospects have changed: in control, do more with less, more frugal, more alternatives • Companies are more informed than ever before they talk to you; they already know what their problems are. And, from the web and your website, they already know your products. * Salespeople know it’s hard to sell. *57% of a typical decision is made before a customer talks to a supplier www.executiveboard.com/exbd-resources/content/digital-evolution/index.html?hs=mnc
  • 5. 2 Essential Warrior Scientist Friend CheerleaderHard worker Challenger Relationship builderLone wolf Problem Solver Salespeople know themselves. Interrogator Operator Order taker Focuser Focuser Analyzer How do you behave? How do you fill in the gaps? Who do you want to be?
  • 6. 3 Essential Salespeople know to whom they are talking. “Are you talking to me?” Understand your customer types, organizational roles and what drives their behaviour. 10 Persona Tips : http://www.romanpichler.com/blog/10-persona- tips-agile-product-management/ Hubspot Buyer Persona Template: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/334 91/Everything-Marketers-Need-to-Research- Create-Detailed-Buyer-Personas-Template.aspx
  • 7. 4 Essential Salespeople know their industry and their clients organizations. http://www.leoisaac.com/planning/strat016.htm
  • 8. 5 Essential Salespeople know the difference between Features, Benefits & Value. • Feature statement: “Spinach is full of iron.” • Benefit statement: “Spinach makes you stronger.” • Value statement: “Spinach lets you kick Bluto’s ass, makes you a hero and gets you the girl” Thanks to: http://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/conversion-rate-optimization/features-vs-benefits-a-cartoon-case-study/
  • 9. 6 Essential Salespeople are product experts. If you’re not a product expert, you’re an order taker.
  • 10. 7 Essential Salespeople tell stories. A 3-Act Play: 1. Situation: He is awesome 2. Complication: You are not 3. Resolution: Use Old Spice
  • 11. 8 Essential Salespeople know when to stop. You got the sale! Shhhhh ...
  • 12. 9 Essential Salespeople resist sales resistance. A slight variation of 8 Objections from www.justsell.com : 1. Lack of perceived value in the product or service. Price is not the issue. It’s the perceived value. 2. Lack of perceived urgency in purchasing the solution. There is no reason to ‘act now.’ 3. Perception of inferiority to a competitive offering. 4. Need to check with someone else. 5. Lack of funds to purchase the offering. 6. Personal issue with the decision maker(s). 7. 3rd party involved (existing vendor or in trial). 8. Safer to do nothing; no inertia. Common types of objections (BANTR): Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe, Relationship
  • 13. 10 Essential Salespeople follow up.* * Corollary: “Sales People ask for the close” Data from National Association of Sales Professionals www.nasp.com 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact.
  • 14. 11 Essential Salespeople say “We” • Say “looks like we’ve got a problem here” not “looks like you’ve got a problem here.” • You are part of the team • Challenge assumptions • Provide insight about markets, ecosystem, government, competitors, company and solutions
  • 15. Stephen King stephen@stephdokin.com @stephdokin www.stephdokin.com Thoughts? Sell or Sink