Eleven Essentials for Communicators


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Eleven Essentials for Communicators is a presentation I gave at the Communivate PR Bootcamp for Startups (sponsored by Innovate Calgary and Startup Calgary). Too fun! So many smart people. But ... yes ... marketing and communication in the age of the internet IS like herding cats.

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Eleven Essentials for Communicators

  1. 1. ELEVEN ESSENTIALS FOR COMMUNICATORS Stephen King President, Stephdokin.com CEO, TCELab.com EIR, AcceleratorYYC @stephdokin www.stephdokin.com © 2014 Stephdokin Inc. All rights reserved. Duplication or distribution is encouraged, with proper attribution. #communivate @innovatecalgary
  2. 2. I am not THAT Stephen King I’m this one
  3. 3. 30 years of “Shipping Bits”
  4. 4. Stephen-On-A-Page I’ve driven over $500M in revenue and participated in over 50 product and program launches / lifecycles; a combination of executive branding/marketing + technical know-how + roll-up-yer-sleeves. 1988-2007: Since 2008: Co-Founder Education: BCS Bachelor of Computer Science CFP Certified Financial Planner Customer-Centric Digital Brand Excellence Founder
  5. 5. 1 Essential • It’s very noisy out there; people are quick to dismiss your message / brand • Once you understand it’s hard, it becomes easier • A lifelong journey of listening, learning, observing and participating in communication Communicators know it’s hard to communicate.
  6. 6. 2 Essential Communicator s know who they are talking to. • “Are you talking to me?” Understand your customer! • Define personas • 10 Persona Tips for Agile Product Managementhttp://www.romanpichle r.com/blog/10-persona-tips-agile-product- management/ • Hubspot Buyer Persona Template http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33 491/Everything-Marketers-Need-to-Research- Create-Detailed-Buyer-Personas- Template.aspx
  7. 7. 3 Essential Communicators know the difference between benefits and features. 1. Benefits talk about the customer. Features talk about you / your product / your service / your event. 2. Benefits include an ROI. Features do not. Vitamin or a Pain Pill? 3. Features are reasons to believe that the benefits promised are true. 4. Inspire, don’t tell. Benefits should create strong emotions: “Spinach is full of iron” is a feature. “Spinach lets you kick Bluto’s ass” is a benefit.
  8. 8. 4 Essential Communicators tell stories.
  9. 9. 5 Essential Communicators are concise. It’s harder to write less words. Be clever.
  10. 10. 6 Essential 1 Google Maps 2 Photos 3 Google Small Business Tools 4 AdWords 5 Google Places 6 Youtube 7 Organic (SEO) 8 Google+ Communicators live in Google’s world.
  11. 11. 6 Essential • Pagerank is complicated and the formula is kept secret by Google • Use Pagerank tools like Woorank, SEMRush, Google webmaster tools • Be a Google Analytics expert • NEVER stop learning or optimizing In Google We Trust
  12. 12. 7 Essential Communicators understand technology. #CMTO : Chief Marketing Technology Officer
  13. 13. Learn the Language of the Internet: HTML HTML = “Hypertext Markup Language” Try some coding yourself at http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp? filename=tryhtml_basic -- it’s not that hard. Just strange if you’ve never done it. 7 Essential
  14. 14. 8 Essential Communicators realize that a picture is worth 2,000 words. 3) Dec 31, 2013 2) 1 picture, Aug 31, 2013 1) Apr 24, 2013 no sign of Advanced Measurements in Google search or images for “Data Van”. In top 4 pictures (so it also appears on page 1 search results) Organic search listing on bottom of page 1 • The web is visual: pictures are for both people AND Google • Use <Alt txt=“”> tags and self- explanatory file names • Don’t know your PNGs from your PDFs? Learn! • Adobe Photoshop skills or similar essential
  15. 15. 9 Essential Communicators repeat themselves. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/double- your-social-media-traffic/ http://www.herwitzassociates.com/seve n-ways-to-repeat-your-message-and- get-noticed
  16. 16. 10 Essential Communicators know it’s not a sprint. Reach Quality Consistency Frequency
  17. 17. 11 Essential Create apps for Blackberry and Android using only XML … in about a week. See slides 21 & 22. AwarenessInterestTrafficEngage eCommerce Website Traffic Unique Visitors / Sessions Engage Visitors w 2+ pageviews Started Trial / Cart / Submitted Lead Engaged in Trial or w Sales Team Clients OldSchool Marketing DM, TV, Mags Partners & Channels Trade Shows, Seminars Outbound Marketing Press Releases Client & Prospect eNews PPC: AdWords, LinkedIn, Banners Inbound Marketing Editorial; blogs, FAQs, video, RT Search Engine Optimize SEO Social Media (Reach, Freq,Q,C) Trial / Prospect Rate % Close Rate % Website Conversion % Bounce Rate % Traffic Rate % Lead Rate % © 2009-2014 Stephdokin.com ARPU $% Churn ProspectLeadUser 1 Acquire New Clients 2 Retain Existing Clients 3 Increase $$$ per Client Communicators LOVE data. Channel Metrics
  18. 18. Stephen King stephen@stephdokin.com @stephdokin www.stephdokin.com Thoughts? Communicate or Die.