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Tnm deck

  1. 1. TextNoMore, Saving & Changing LivesOne Text At A Time…
  2. 2. © 2013 TextNoMoreEach day, 15 people are killed and 1,200 injured indistracted driving related accidents. That’s approximately1 every 90 minutes.At any given moment 800,000 Americans are texting andmaking calls without a hands free device while drivingduring the daytime. With nearly 8,000 deaths and half amillion injuries in the U.S. caused by distracted drivers justlast year, we realized that the hands free laws that arebeing passed in many states were not enough to fightthis deadly growing epidemic. Currently, there are 39states with the anti-texting laws, and many more to come.Our solution is to come together as a community toreward individuals for making the choice to not allow theircell phone to distract them while driving. We created theText No More application, which allows communitypartners to offer rewards in the form of discountedmerchandise and services in exchange for the individual’scommitment to take a stand against distracted driving byenabling the application before they hit the road.TextNoMore / /
  3. 3. © 2013 TextNoMoreWhen tragedy hit TextNoMore’s hometown of Portland,Oregon with the disappearance of local children, we saw anopportunity to expand our mission. By partnering with theMissing and Exploited Children Organizations (AMECO), wehave enabled our application to also provide pictures andinformation on missing children each time the driver activatesit. With an astounding 2,300 Americans reported missingeveryday, the speed at which we can reach so many individualsis critical in bringing families back together.TextNoMore’s pledge is to help save as many lives and bring asmany children home as possible while unifying our communityand empowering small business. Every download meansanother person has undertaken the responsibility to be a safedriver in their community as well as a helping hand in theidentification and rescue of missing loved ones. TextNoMoremakes the big world a small and more manageable communityof advocates for safer roads and a safer society, while sendingthe message that we will not stop looking for the missing untilthey are safe and back home with their families.TextNoMore / /
  4. 4. © 2013 TextNoMoreTextNoMore / /
  5. 5. © 2013 TextNoMore IT’S FREE YOUR REWARDS ARE A TOUCH AWAY TextNoMore will never charge for our application. You can’t put a Price on a Your rewards are stored on your phone. life saved. No downloading, clipping or printing. 100% green all the time. Nothing to carry but your phone. “IDIOT” PROOF VIRAL BY NATURE Easy to use, simple design, loaded with When a text is received, the sender isstep-by-step instructions. This app is built given an auto response, reward, and is to set & forget. invited to download the app. This in-app interface provides a seamless loop for sender and user. DRIVE TIMER REINFORCE GOOD HABITS You choose how long TextNoMore is Reward Users by offering incentives to active. Can disable with one button if make positive decisions. Activate, get a you arrive early. Better for battery life. reward!TextNoMore / /
  6. 6. © 2013 TextNoMore HOME SCREEN CHOOSE DRIVE TIMESIMPLE CONCEPT• Choose how long you estimate you will be driving.• You can also set manual times if you like.ELEGANT EXECUTION• One touch activation.• Set it, and forget it.TextNoMore / /
  7. 7. © 2013 TextNoMore MISSING CHILD SCREEN REWARD SCREENUSING THE APP• Once the time interval is chosen, a picture of one of our missing children is shown for 5 – 7 seconds.• It works! Had one of our missing teenagers found last November.REWARD GIVEN• After the missing child is displayed, a reward is given to the user.• No waiting for points or minutes to earn. Instant gratification.• Users have the choice of “Liking” or “Disliking” any reward.TextNoMore / /
  8. 8. © 2013 TextNoMore AUTO RESPONSE MESSAGE AUTO RESPONSE LINKGOING VIRAL• Every incoming text while TextNoMore is active receives an auto-response and reward, even if they don’t have TextNoMore installed in their phone.• They also have the option to download the free application for themselves .BOUNCE BACK REWARD• The bounce back reward is for our national sponsors. This reward goes to everyone around the world.TextNoMore / /
  9. 9. © 2013 TextNoMoreREWARDS SCREEN• Rewards can’t be forwarded to other users, they can only be redeemed from users phone.• Only allows the user to delete the reward.MISSING KIDSEvery time you activate TextNoMoreyou have an opportunity to becomehope for thousands of parentseverywhere. Be the difference in theirlife and keep your eyes and hearts open.TextNoMore / /
  10. 10. TextNoMore / /
  11. 11. © 2013 TextNoMore JORDIN SPARKS Jordin Sparks captured America’s heart as winner of Season 6 of American Idol. A longstanding advocate for safety initiatives, Jordin and her charitable group, The M.A.D. Girls (Making A Difference) have supported A TextNoMore and its mission from the app’s inception. THE M.A.D. Girls (Making A Difference) The M.A.D. Girls recognized the importance of an app like TextNoMore and announced that they were an official charity for TNM. Their national membership has been a stalwart advocate for safer driving conditions through law enforcement and victim’s advocacy groups. MORE THAN ME Foundation More Than Me gets girls off the street and into school in one of the poorest slums in the world in Liberia, West Africa. With TextNoMore’s help, we hope to raise awareness and funds for years to come. Every business that supports TNM, is taking another little girl off the streets.TextNoMore / /
  12. 12. © 2013 TextNoMore Nia Moore Most recently, she was casted on the 28th season of MTV’s hit reality show, The Real World: Portland. It was during her stay in Portland, Oregon that she met and joined forces with Rodney Sterns, CEO and Founder of TextNoMore and SafeWayHOME. With a deeply rooted passion for inspiring youth and saving lives, Nia is adamant about using her platform as a television personality to bring awareness to TextNoMore and our sponsors. Nia will be blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting about TextNoMorethroughoutthe show. Available to do contestand awarenesscampaigns. Anastasia Claire Ana’s story is tragically the same as other’s who have lost friends and loved one’s to drunk driving. Also a star of season 28 of MTV’s hit reality show The Real World Portland, Anastasia lost a good friend 2 days before she started taping the reality series to drunk driving. He killed himself and his passenger. She is a strong advocate against drinking & driving, distracted driving, and wants to be involved on all levels. Ana will be blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting about TextNoMore throughout the show. Available to do contestand awareness campaigns. Marlon Williams Marlon Williams (a.k.a Jay Dillinger) a young man of many talents, started his life in Abilene, TX. Also a star on MTV’s Real World Portland, Marlon received a scholarship to Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. While there, he studied Industrial Engineering, recorded five mixed tapes, performed his music at local venues, while opening concerts for numerous well known acts such as Yung Money, Shwayze, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil Flip, Bone, Snoop Dog, Party Boys, and more. Marlon has pledged his support of TextNoMore and sponsors throughout the season and more.TextNoMore / /
  13. 13. © 2013 TextNoMoreWe see the headlines all over the news. Schoolsacross the country are suffering massive cuts totheir budgets. The ones suffering the most is thestudents. Not only are they losing programs, buthope. TextNoMore wants to give them a fightingchance. Right now the schools in this countryhave been knocked on their backs, but you canstill fight while laying on your back. You can fighton the way down, and on your way back up.TextNoMore has a plan to save lives, schools,students, businesses and hopefully bring somemissing children back home to their loved ones.TextNoMore / /
  14. 14. © 2013 TextNoMoreImagine if you could save lives and save schools.Imagine you could also change lives and changethe future’s for millions of students across thecountry. Those that thought they had no shot atgoing to college due to lack of savings, now findthemselves with a chance to not only go tocollege, but have the funds to ease their financialdependency on student loans and parents?Well Imagine No More!TextNoMore / /
  15. 15. © 2013 TextNoMoreRAISE THOUSANDS ANNUALLY STUDENTS ARE IN CONTROLThere is no limit to the amount of funds Students participate in a major way on a school can raise. The sky is truly the how the funds will be spent. They have limit. a say in making their school better for them now, and for future students. EVERYONE WINS EASES FINANCIAL BURDENS There are no losers here. Small Not every parent can afford to save businesses win, students win, teachers money for college in this economy, sowin and most of all lives are being saved. TextNoMore wants to help them plan a better future for their kids. LIVES ARE BEING CHANGED MAKING A LASTING IMPRESSION Being the first to go to college in your TextNoMore is helping to show kids thatfamily can be a huge legacy left for those a little work can go a long, long way. The coming after. This changes generations caring they do today, can help pave of a family. them a new & brighter future.TextNoMore / /
  16. 16. © 2013 TextNoMore• Students get local businesses to sponsor their school by placing a reward on the TextNoMore mobile platform. The cost of this sponsorship is just $99 a month.• $30 of the sponsorship dollars goes back to the school. $10 goes into an account set up through the bank in the students name.• $9 goes to the partner charity of the high school’s choosing. M.A.D. Girls, The More Than Me Foundation or Do Something.OrgTextNoMore / /
  17. 17. © 2013 TextNoMoreSchools earn $30 a month for every business thatsponsors them.Example:Central High 100 Sponsors x $30 = $3,000 a monthThe school will receive a check for every monththe business is a sponsor.There is no limit to the number of businesses anyschool can have. This a great chance to havestudents, parents and teachers working togetherto improve their community and educationsystem.TextNoMore / /
  18. 18. © 2013 TextNoMore Students, parents and teachers redeem the rewards at the participating businesses, helping to keep money in their communities.TextNoMore / /
  19. 19. © 2013 TextNoMoreIntroducing the 4UOK Plan. It is TextNoMore’s wayof making your future bright and full of possibilities.For every sponsorship a student signs up, we willplace $10 a month in a bank account for the durationof the contract.Example:Jane signs 10 sponsors / 10 x $10 = $100 a month• Jane could have $1,200 saved by the end of the year. If she starts her freshman, year by graduation she has $4,800 saved for college or trade school. If she decides not to go to college, it doesn’t matter, it’s her money. Only requirement is that the student graduates. If not, the money is donated to a college/student fund.TextNoMore / /
  20. 20. © 2013 TextNoMore DROP OUT RATES MONEY MATTERS Every year, over 1.2 million students National data show that students from low- drop out of high school in the United income families are 2.4 times more likely to States alone. That’s a student every 26 drop out of school than are children from seconds – or 7,000 a day. middle-income families, and 10.5 times more likely than students from high-income families.LARGE CITY, LARGE PROBLEMS A BRIGHTER FUTURE On average, only 58% of students in Young people’s perceptions of the economic Americas 50 largest cities make it to opportunities available to them also play a graduation. role in their decision to drop out or stay in school. Dropouts often have lower occupational aspirations than their peers. BREAKING THE CYCLE WHY WE CAREDropouts make up nearly half the heads Dropouts are more likely to be of households on welfare. unemployed, have poor health, live in poverty, be on public assistance, and be single parents.TextNoMore / /
  21. 21. © 2013 TextNoMoreGetting started is easy. Go on-line and signup. It’s that simple. Nothing to buy, or lose.We provide the materials for the studentsand businesses. Students never have tohandle money, so it is a safe process. Formsare online, and easy to read and understand.Nothing will ever be this easy or profitablefor schools and students. The ability to raiseunlimited funds and save lives in the process.TextNoMore / /
  22. 22. © 2013 TextNoMoreSaving lives and schools doesn’t have to becomplicated. It’s simply caring enough to do theright thing as a commitment, not an opportunity.TextNoMore wants to change the world because ofyou. You are TextNoMore, you are the future weare trying to save through change.TextNoMore / /