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A brief presentation that goes into the reasons why so many organizations run into problems with their Public Folders, the challenges that come with cleaning them up, and the STEALTHbits solution for helping you get the job done.

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  • Simply set the stage for what will be covered on the demonstration:

    Who is STEALTHbits Technologies?
    This is optional, but please cover this slide if your audience has not had any exposure to us in the past

    Why is cleaning up Public Folders so difficult?
    This is more for us to prove to them that we understand the problem and the challenges they face.

    What does STEALTHbits provide to help me clean up my Public Folders for good?
    The answer is a workflow, but you’ll dive into that deeper through demonstration of the actual product
  • State the objective aloud.

    10+ Years of PF Usage
    There are a lot of folders….plain and simple.
    Lack of Maintenance
    No one ever tells you they don’t need their folders anymore. Most have chosen to just throw more storage at the problem because of the lack of insight needed to actually proactively maintain the environment.
    Data Governance & Compliance Regulations
    With Data Breach & Leakage events on the rise, Public Folders have come under greater scrutiny as a largely unstructured repository of data.
    Years of Mergers, Acquisitions, Migrations & Upgrades
    The metadata on the folders has gone bad due to these scenarios. Simply ingesting one Public Folder environment into another will modify critical pieces of info such as Last Modified Dates, Creation Dates, and Last Access Times (in addition to other organizational processes such as backups)
    Critical Business Processes
    The use of such components as organizational forms add another layer of complexity to the equation whereby disabling or deleting Public Folders blindly could cause productivity issues and other problems.
  • Engage with us
    Go to our website to learn more
    Request a Trial of what it is that we spoke about today
  • Public Folder Cleanup

    1. 1. STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. Public Folder Cleanup
    2. 2. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Agenda 1. The Public Folder Problem 2. Public Folder Clean-up Challenges 3. STEALTHbits’ Solution for Public Folder Clean-up
    3. 3. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Why Go With STEALTHbits? For over a decade, STEALTHbits has been a trusted partner to the world’s largest organizations, and some of the smallest too. STEALTHbits is a “roll up our sleeves” organization that gets the job done – an important trait in difficult times when the stakes have never been higher. 300+ clients across 5 continents 5 out of the top 6 Global Financials OEM’ed by Gartner’s Leading IAM platforms Integrated w/ biggest names in technology 96% Customer Retention Rate 65% Techs Self-funded since day 1
    4. 4. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data.  They’re Old o Most organizations have been using Public Folders for over a decade  They’re Antiquated o There are much better technologies available now for collaboration  They’re Unstructured o They present undue security risk The Problem with Public Folders
    5. 5. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data.  Lack of Maintenance o There are a lot of them  Years of Mergers, Acquisitions, Migrations & Upgrades o Metadata is inaccurate  Critical Business Processes o What if you delete a folder that is serving a critical business function?  Ownership is Unclear o Turnover and movement in the organization Why is cleaning up Public Folders so difficult?
    6. 6. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Logical Product Architecture Permissions Content Ownership Replicas PublicFolders SURVEY WORKFLOWS OPEN DATA VIEWSCUSTOM REPORT AUTHORING Active Directory - Effective Access - Probable Ownership - Content Aging - Public Folder Configurations AccessSources STEALTHbits database
    7. 7. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. How it Works Public Folders Exchange Server Public Folder Metadata Agentless StealthAUDIT® Management Platform StealthAUDIT Reporting Public Folder Metadata is collected and analyzed Attestation Workflows Probable Owners are surveyed for verification and decisions Reports are generated highlighting conditions and exceptions Unwanted Public Folders are Deleted or Modified Data Views are generated for migration feeds Data Views Remediation
    8. 8. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data.  Attend a Demo o Next Steps  Request a Trial o  Learn More o  Ask Us a Question o