SMP for Data Access Governance


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A brief presentation on the StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Exchange, a comprehensive auditing, reporting, analysis, and issue resolution framework. This presentation gives a brief overview of SMP as a whole, then dives into the core competencies of the SMP for Exchange solution set.

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  • SMP for Data Access Governance

    1. 1. STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. Data Access Governance Solutions
    2. 2. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data.  Who is STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc.?  What does STEALTHbits do?  Why do customers rely on our Data Access Governance solutions? Agenda
    3. 3. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Why Go With STEALTHbits? For over a decade, STEALTHbits has been a trusted partner to the world’s largest organizations, and some of the smallest too. STEALTHbits is a “roll up our sleeves” organization that gets the job done – an important trait in difficult times when the stakes have never been higher. 300+ clients across 5 continents 5 out of the top 6 Global Financials OEM’ed by Gartner’s Leading IAM platforms Integrated w/ biggest names in technology 96% Customer Retention Rate 65% Techs Self-funded since day 1
    4. 4. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Business Challenges What do you know?  You have unstructured data explosion o 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured o Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization, Mobility & Social o Gartner predicts 650% increase in next 5 years  You have access sprawl o Pace of joiner/mover/leaver activity o Access granted but never thoroughly reviewed/adjusted o Distributed entitlement stores o Privileged Access What don’t you know?  Where is my risk?  Who has access to what data?  How are they getting access?  What are they doing with that access?  Where is the sensitive data that can get me and my firm in real trouble?  Where is there data that is open for everyone in my company?
    5. 5. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. STEALTHbits Data Access Governance Suite STEALTHbits Data Access Governance Suite Who has access to what? What information is exposed and what are people doing with it? How can you fix the access control mess you have? Once you’ve fixed it, how can you keep it fixed? TRANSFORM Fix the security model, assign the business data ownership. PRIORITIZE Scan for sensitive data, open shares, & track user activity. DISCOVER Find where people have effective access to your data. PROTECT Roll out entitlement & group reviews and access requests.
    6. 6. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. DAG Logical Architecture Thick Client & Thin Client Entitlement Reviews Change Modeling Report Authoring Clean-up Workflows Toxic Conditions Policy Enforcement Script-like Flexibility Certification for all Data Meaningful Events IAG, IAM, SIEM, DLP, more… Interact Investigate Integrate Fast, Agent-less Scanning Full, In-depth Inventory Differential Updates & Tracking Multi-Forest Visibility Trillions of Permissions Effective Access & Activity Probable Ownership Agent-based OR Agent-less Fast, Agent-less Scanning Software Inventory Local Administrators Active Directory Unstructured Data Systems Governance Governance Reporting Alerting Automation Data Analysis Objects Trustees Permissions Activity STEALTHbits database
    7. 7. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Best Practices for Governing Unstructured Data  Close down your most glaring holes first o i.e. Open Shares & Sensitive Data  Implement a single, simplified security model o i.e. Resource-based Groups  Monitor activity to reduce access where it is no longer needed o i.e. Establish Patterns & Detect Anomalies  Integrate Unstructured Data entitlements with IAM
    8. 8. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. Product Demonstration STEALTHbits Data Access Governance Suite
    9. 9. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data. The Problem  Unstructured Data is: o Growing at incredible rates o Exposing organizations to massive amounts of risk The Challenges  Finding the massive amounts of data and seeing who can access it  Knowing where to start once you’ve found all the data  The traditional access model for unstructured data is antiquated and broken  Keeping the ever growing mass of unstructured data locked down The Solution  StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Data Access Governance – so you can discover your data, prioritize your efforts, transform your security model, and protect Unstructured Data once and for all. Recap
    10. 10. STEALTHbits Technologies All About Data.  Attend a Demo o Next Steps  Request a Trial o  Learn More o  Ask Us a Question o FREE Local Administrator Audit!