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Website Redux: June Update for Library Staff
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Website Redux: June Update for Library Staff


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Presentation for library staff on June 4th, 2014, sharing updates on the project.

Presentation for library staff on June 4th, 2014, sharing updates on the project.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Rebecca
  • Transcript

    • 1. RE DUX Brown Bag Update | June 4th, 2014
    • 2. Survey for Website Visitors (#4869)
    • 3. Under- grads use the website for…
    • 4. Grads use the website for…
    • 5. Faculty use the website for…
    • 6. Staff & public use the website for…
    • 7. Resources users look for:
    • 8. When conducting research:
    • 9. Information Architecture Some refinements and next steps
    • 10. open card sort
    • 11. competitive analysis
    • 12. closed card sort
    • 13. updated information architecture
    • 14. tree tasks
    • 15. Tree coverage graph
    • 16. The content audit: Documenting & evaluating our current web pages.
    • 17. We have a lot of content… 666pages and counting…
    • 18. We have a lot of content… 44pages to delete now
    • 19. We have a lot of content… 30%pages relate to primary or secondary tasks
    • 20. We have a lot of content… 20%pages rated poorly for usability
    • 21. Next Steps 25%pages rated poorly for relevance
    • 22. Analytic Data 16%pages 1000+ unique views 20%pages < 100 unique views
    • 23. Next Steps Filling in content managers/providers Reviewing audit with content managers Identifying content that can be deleted Prioritizing content revisions
    • 24. Learn about content strategy Lessons learned at Confab 2014 Friday, June 6, 1-2 pm. Room A314.
    • 25. Staff Directory Now including real people!
    • 26. “Databases” Sprint Replacing the database of databases
    • 27. • Emily wants to find databases related to environmental science (#5698)
    • 28. • Brandon wants to find GIS data sets (#5756) • Brandon wants to find maps (#5965) • Brandon wants to find ebooks (#5515) • Brandon wants to find a dissertation (#5966) • Renee wants to browse streaming films (#5711) • Renee wants to find music to use in her class (#5967) • Chey wants to find a newspaper article (#5714) • Elle wants to help a student find a play for a theater class (#5715) • Emily wants to search for images of hawks (#5964)
    • 29. • Brandon wants to find GeoBase (#5697)
    • 30. • Renee wants to evaluate a trial database (#5979) • Renee wants to see new databases in Dance (#6104
    • 31. New Homepage Search
    • 32. Usability Testing Results
    • 33. Task 1: Find a Book Scenario: You want to find a book to read over the summer. Where would you start & what would you do? 100% successful on first attempt 4 out of 4 searched Summon or Catalog
    • 34. Task 2: Find a specific database Scenario: Your professor told you to use JStor to find articles for your research paper. How could you go about doing that? 75-100% successful 3 out of 4 went to the databases tab 1 searched the website 2 wanted to go to Search & Find first (had used the website before)
    • 35. Task 3: Find a Specific Journal-NY Times Scenario: You want to find out if the library has the New York Times. How would you do that? 75% successful 2 went to the Journal tab and typed New York Times, 1 went to Summon/Catalog 1 went to Databases tab and clicked, “N”
    • 36. Task 4: Search the website Scenario: You want to find out what software is installed on library computers and didn’t have any luck looking around on the website. How would you search to find this information? 100% successful Everyone went to “Our Website.” 3 of 4 did this on first attempt, one said he would call on the phone first
    • 37. Task 5: Find databases by subject Scenario: Your professor told you the library has subject-specific search tools for finding articles in particular disciplines. You want to see all of the search engines the library has related to Marketing. How would you do this? 75% successful 2 went to the Databases tab and used the “Browse by Subject” option, 1 typed “Marketing” in the search box 1 went to “Our Website”
    • 38. What did you think of the searching options? Do you think you would be able to do research easily from this website? Appreciate that searching options are located in a central location on the homepage. It is easier to switch between searching for different kinds of items. Searching options are simple. Tabs make research easier. Seems straightforward. Similar to old website. Easy to conduct research. “
    • 39. “Spikes”
    • 40. “Bug collection” spike
    • 41. Upcoming spikes • DX (Developer Experience) • CMX (Content Manager Experience) • Research for next sprint
    • 42. Upcoming Sprints
    • 43. Equipment lending
    • 44. Hours
    • 45. Tutorials
    • 46. Events
    • 47. Research by Subject (Subject Guides)
    • 48. Research by Course (Course Guides)
    • 49. Search
    • 50. Remember to check out our blog
    • 51. Next Brown Bag: Wednesday, July 2nd. 12-1pm. Room A314.
    • 52. Questions Main Website Redux