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EOC Exams in Texas

EOC Exams in Texas

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  • 1. Why EOC Exams?
  • 2. EOC Exams
    Are EOC exams going to improve the education in Texas schools or hinder students’ performance?
  • 3. Students in North Carolina get excited about being successful on their states EOC exams.
    EOC Exams
  • 4. EOC Exams
    The purpose of the research is to understand the cause and effect of EOC exams.
  • 5. Why care?
    Let someone else make the decisions.
    EOC Exams
  • 6. 1979 TABS
    1884 TEAMS
    1990 TAAS
    1999 TAKS
    The History of Testing In Texas
  • 7. Passing Rates
    Multiple Test
    Testing Multiple Grade Levels
    High School Drop out rate
    EOC Exams Concerns
  • 8. EOC Stats
  • 9. Individualized Exams
    Class Specific
    Creates more in-depth assessment
    15% of students final grade
    Why have EOC Exams
  • 10. EOC Field Testing
  • 11. Educate Students
    Educate Parents
    Educate Educators
    It’s not too late to give opinions
    Goals of the study of EOC Exams
  • 12. Do the benefits out way the concerns?
    What conclusions can you draw?
    Closure and Discussion Questions
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