St Barnabas Moving Foward in Accessibility, Worship & Welcome


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St Barnabas Moving Foward in Accessibility, Worship & Welcome

  1. 1. This August at St Barnabas we're In accessibility, worship &welcome The Accessibility Plus project gets under way this month. The first phase will be the construction of a ramp linking the Upper Hall vyith the nave and the remodeling of the existing washroom level with the Upper Hall The second phase involves the creation of a new accessible washroom level with the nave and a remodeled Sacristy. Construction should be complete by September lih. A reminder that washrooms will not be available in the construction area until later in the month. Please ask the sidespeople or Wardens for assistance accessing alternative locations.
  2. 2. Moving Forward for Worship Starting Sunday, August 3rd, we w ill be coming together in a new way to celebrate the Lord's Day. Construction of the new ramp and washrooms will have already begun, requiring us to give the work site lots of leeway. To prevent dust and debris entering the newly cleaned organ, it will be sealed up and remain silent during August. The piano, which will be pressed into regular service, also needs to be protected away from the work area . And the same goes for members of the "Summer Choir" who have been gathering in the Chancel! All these necessities have served as the mother of invention. The solution - arrived at after consultation - is to regroup and move forward - joining in a single Eucharist celebrated in the Chapel with additional seating in the adjacent pews in the Nave as required . A SINGLE SERVICE ON SUNDAYS AT 1 0:30 AM GATHERING ON THE CHAPEL SIDE OF THE CHURCH At Communion time, those kneeling to receive can use the communion rail; those who may wish to receive standing can do so at a designated station nearby. Sidespeople will be there to assist. Of course this relocation will require adjustment and patience from everyone. At the same time, it provides the opportunity for us all to be together in a new way. Thanking you for your understanding and cooperation, The Leadership Team
  3. 3. LITURGICAL SCHEDULE Please note all Sunday celebrations will take place in the Chapel area until the completion of the Accessibility project. Thursday August ih Noon Eucharist - Celebrating the Transfiguration Fr David Hoopes, Preacher and Presider Sunday August 10th- Pentecost 9 10:30am Sung Eucharist in the Chapel area Thursday August 14th Noon Eucharist Fr David Hoopes, Preacher and Presider Sunday August 1ih- Pentecost 10 10:30am Sung Eucharist (p. 230) and Anointing for Healing The Rev. Lee McNaughton, Visiting Preacher and Presider Thursday August 21st Noon Eucharist Fr David Hoopes, Preacher and Presider Sunday August 24th- Pentecost 11 10:30a m Morning Prayer The Rev Grace Caldwell, Preacher and Officiant Thursday August 28th Noon Eucharist Fr David Hoopes, Preacher and Presider Sunday August 31st- Pentecost 12 10:30am Sung Eucharist (p. 185) The Rev. Lee McNaughton, Visiting Preacher and Presider Fr David Hoopes will be on call in cases of Pastoral Emergency and may be contacted care of the Church office and the Wardens. We we lcome the Rev lee M cNaughton to St Barnabas and thank Peter Dunphy, who will be providing piano accompaniment through the month of August. A specia l word of appreciation to Deacon Grace for officiating at Morning Prayer in addition to her ongoing ministry in the parish . Fr Jonathan
  4. 4. Moving forward in Welcome In preparation for this year's Taste of the Danforth, the main entrance to the church has been redecorated and a new historical display will be installed. Pictures, portraits, photographs and rolls of honour will provide guests and visitors a panoramic view of our parish's life and witness here on the Danforth. We look forward to welcoming hundreds of visitors to St Barnabas during this month, and are grateful for those volunteering as greeters. Main Entrance Foyer ~· - 1 roor ~Jt<n~ ST€: o LOCf.rr't O'u f'o{)__ 'f'ctu.R..t ')~ tl t='- 'Tit'L t-1tt;.,~if r t w illJO