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20111125 sm beyond fb upload

20111125 sm beyond fb upload






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  • A word of caution to begin with: We are not advising brands to jump onto every single next best Social Media platform.The decision which Social Media channel to use is a strategic one and needs careful analysis of both the brand and the channel.Not every channel is suitable for every brand. Nor is this necessary. This presentation follows the goal to broaden everyone’s horizon to include more options in our daily decision making processes about campaigns and brands
  • A word of caution to begin with: We are not advising brands to jump onto every single next best Social Media platform.The decision which Social Media channel to use is a strategic one and needs careful analysis of both the brand and the channel.Not every channel is suitable for every brand. Nor is this necessary. This presentation follows the goal to broaden everyone’s horizon to include more options in our daily decision making processes about campaigns and brands
  • Emerging Social Media platforms- just as any other emerging technology or products - are frequented by innovators. These are the young, the hip, the savvy ones. This is important to know for brands since being present on these platforms give brands the chance to directly and closely interact with and engage these innovators. A brand can benefit form this since it’s usually these innovators that significantly influence a brand’s image and help introduce it to the masses
  • Even though it’s an emerging category, there are already quite a few players in the LBS market fighting for market share. Some of the more prominent examples are listed here: Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook pages, Scvgr. These operate pretty much on a global level. As usual, however, China has seen the emergence of local players that are exclusive to the Middle Kingdom: The most prominent ones are: Jiepang, Digu, Sina’sWeilingdi and Qieke
  • Since Foursquare is the most prominent of all LBS services we have chosen it to exemplify the growth and substance behind the LBS trend.
  • Foursquare created this infographicshowing how many people associated positive and negative feelings with their check-ins.This picture features NYC, London and Hong Kong. The fact that positive sentiments outnumber negative ones by 6:1 shows that most check-ins are positive. Brands hence have good chances to make their Foursquare adventure a success
  • Most LBS follow similar processes and structures in how they work. Again, we have chosen Foursquare to exemplify this.Foursquare’s basic functions for brands are to register their locations (stores, headquarters or any other physical touchpoint) with Foursquare to make it possible for user to ‘check-in’ at theseMost of these check-ins are tied with a direct incentive (otherwise people might not be motivated to do it). Different mechanics can be chosen that will unlock benefits for users. These are:Swarm Special: A special when a certain number of people are checked in. A shop can give away free items or services, for example, when 10 people have checked in.Friends Special: A rewards for when friends check in together. It can be specified how many friends need to check in and what they want to receive for being checked inFlash Special: A special for the first X people who check in at a place at X time. This is a great way to increase store traffic during slow hours.Newbie special: A reward for people checking in at a place for the first time. This is a good tool to increase the conversion to trial rate.Check-in special: A reward is handed to the user for every single check in. Loyalty Special: Rewards can be handed out for every 5th or 10th etc. check-in. This is a typical loyalty building tool that makes people frequent a certain place for a longer period of time. Mayor Special: This is a reward scheme for the most loyal customer of a place. The user that checks in at a certain place most often becomes its mayor. This is a good loyalty tool as well as an element of gamification since it adds competition between different users to the reward scheme.However, simple incentives are not enough anymore to motivate people to check in. Hence, most LBS have come up with gamification elements to make the process more interesting and engaging. The most prominent mechanic are badges. These can be unlocked for different things such as frequent checking in etc. These add an emotional element of gratification to the LBS experience. The best example is the mayor badge that shows other people that a specific user frequents a place the most. This is visible to every user of the specific LBS app.
  • At Ogilvy, we have used one of China’s earliest and most prominent LBS, Jie Pang.As part of an event activation we have done for Burberry, we used Jie Pang to translate the Social Media coverage of this event into a real life event. This way, we could increase store traffic by linking check ins with the chance to win a ticket to Burberry’s fashion show – a highly sought-after event in China’s capital.By ‘forcing’ Jie Pang users to synch their accounts with other social media networks we created a significant amplification of the campaign message.This case demonstrates the biggest strength of LBS: the uniting of online and offline worlds. Granted, the fashion show was an event that happened in real life but our activation mostly took place in the virtual space of Social Media. And whilst this was already highly engaging for users, the use of Jie Pang enabled us to create an even more engaging and intimate experience for users by adding one more real-life element to the campaign. The physical process of checking into a store and hoping to become the winner of the competition adds an intensity to the user experience that is difficult to replicate in purely online activities.
  • Picture sharing is probably the hottest topic in the Social Media World right now. Different platforms and different players have been mushrooming in recent times: Instagram and Hipstamatic (purely mobile platforms) and Tumblr are the most prominent examples
  • Instagram is simply HOT at the moment. It’s probably the fastest growing SNS out there at the moment. Recently, it reported a daily upload of 1.3 M pictures.All the numbers above become even more astounding against the backdrop Instagram only being available on iOS!!!!!!
  • Instagram has added great functions to photo sharing that make the platform so successful.First off, there are various different filters that enable the normal Jon Doe to take artistic and aesthetically appealing pictures that are even more fun sharing. It’s a classic show-off effect.Of course pictures can be shared. Instagram is smart to tie itself in with common SNS platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Instead of restricting its reach to its own network of users, Instagram thereby amplifies its audience and reach a lot!!!By tagging, users can create photo albums that emerge around different topics that people can associate with. This creates micro communities within the Instagram community, which strengthens the social momentum of the app!Liking and Commenting make the app very interactive. instead of using and existing on the platform in isolation, users can directly interacting with each others. This enables a feedback loop that further motivates users to be active on the platform.
  • Burberry uses Instagram as a channel to constantly update users on ‘stuff’ that is going on in and around the company almost in real time. Much ‘behind-the-scenes’ material is posted that presents the brand in a more accessible, less polished and more grassroot fashion. This creates a more intimate atmosphere and makes the user feel very close to the brand.Locations are also tagged, giving fans the chance to go to these places in the hope to get a glimpse of the action.Burberry doesn’t use Instagramm as a campaign tool but as an ongoing and sustainable effort to engage consumers.It’s the fastest growing brand on Instagram.
  • Tumblr is just as hot as Instagram. Strictly speaking, Tumblr is not a (purely) photo sharing platform but more an interactive micro blog. But since most posts contain pictures and other visual material, we have decided to add Tumblr to this category of photo sharing.The stats show that Tumblr has a global reach (note: IT IS NOT BLOCKED IN CHINA – at least not permanently)
  • One of Tumblr’s main strengths is its ease of use. It literally takes 2 minutes to set up an account.From a brand’s perspective another big advantage is that tumblr pages are very customisable. Hence, a brand has much freedom alter the layout of its Tumblr blog. This way, it can ensure maximum compatibility with the brand’s image. This is very different to facebook which forces brands to follow its layout!Following, sharing, re-blogging and all other social functions make tumblr an engaging platform.
  • Probably the most prominent case of a brand using Tumblr is Huggies’ Highchair Critics.This blog is a mix of engaging (almost viral) entertainment content and useful tips for parents. Similar to Instagram, Tumblr shouldn’t be seen as a campaign tool but as a tool to engage consumers on an ongoing basis.Again, similar to Instagram, Tumblr enables a brand to make the user experience more intimate and less polished than classic SNS platforms such as blogs. Grassroot empowerment and intimate relationships between brands and consumers are the great opportunities that SNS have brought about for brands.This new generation of platforms take this to the next level. Blogs now seem almost too polished and high-end to be considered truly social. Tumblr fills this void. It’s all about engagement and timely updating of users!!!
  • Food has always been something that united people. In the era of Social Media this is amplified. Prominent services include Foodily, Foodspotting and exclusively in China Douguo.
  • A young category, it’s difficult to find many stats on the individual platforms.
  • Foodspotting exists both as a web site as well as a mobile appBoth function in similar ways: Search and map functions guide users to recommended restaurants. User reviews, liking and commenting enrich the social experience for users.A built in LBS function enables users of the mobile app to always have a clear overview of what good food to find around them!.
  • Fashion is probably one of the categories most prone to social exposure. It’s the only logical consequence that the Social Media space has become a playground for several platforms to tap into this built in trait of the fashion category
  • Again, it’s difficult to find good stats for this category.
  • As any Social Network, Lookbook.nu comes with all the usual suspects in terms of functions.Users can like, vote for and follow each others. Fashion and style can be polarising. Hence, these functions are a good way to build strong communities within the Lookbook family.

20111125 sm beyond fb upload 20111125 sm beyond fb upload Presentation Transcript

  • Agenda$
  • $
  • Oh look, the Social Media bandwagon!In today’s vibrant Social Media universe, new platforms mushroom everywhere
  • Mind the Social Media bandwagonChannel decisions are of great strategic importance and should be carefully made
  • Diffusion of innovationEmerging platforms are frequented by innovators – the young, hip and savvy ones Critical point of first contact between brands and innovators Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards By using emerging Social Media platforms, brands can interact with innovators and early adopters. They are the ones that significantly influence a brand’s image and introduce it to the masses over time. Winning them over is crucial for a brand’s long-term success in a market.
  • $
  • I know where you are…Location Based Services (LBS) have become a global phenomenon with many players
  • The Foursquare storyFoursquare has seen stellar growth and has established itself as the no 1 LBS 10 M users 1 4.7 M check-ins in the USA 1 $ 358 M check-ins Where people go: Apparel, Banks, outside the USA 1 Convenience, Home, Retail 2Sources: 1 Techrunch, 2011; 2 The Fast Company, 2011
  • Happy FoursquarersSatisfied check-ins outnumber unsatisfied ones by 6:1 Source: Techrunch, 2011
  • How to use LBS – The basics Setting the campaign type: Setting and verifying a location swarm, friends, flash, newbie, loyalty, mayor Location-based services offer brands the opportunity to bring together their offline and online worlds. LBS hence creates interactive and engaging touchpoints between brands and consumers Incentivising and gamifying the experience with badges Measuring and analysing campaign KPIs
  • LBS in action – Jiepang and Burberry Driving traffic to campaign event Amplification through Drive store traffic through through incentive tie in. synchronising SNS incentivised check-ins
  • $
  • A picture is worth a 1000 wordsAfter success stories like Flickr, a new generation of photo sharing apps is on the rise
  • InstagramInstagram has experienced stellar growth since its inception in June 2010 12 M users 150 M uploaded pictures 1.3 M daily picture uploads 100K weekly downloads in China 80% of all pictures use built-in filtersSource: Techrunch, 2011
  • Instagram – The basicsInstagram offers many functions that turn photography into a social and fun activity1. Filter 2. Sharing 3. Tags 4. Commenting/likiThanks to the many Photos can easily be By tagging photos, ngphoto filters, even shared on many users can create Commenting andamateurs can take Social Media searchable photo liking creates anartsy and beautiful platforms such as albums. This further instant feedbackpictures Facebook, Flickr, Fo enhances social loop that further ursquare, Tumblr momentum by motivates users to creating a micro upload content and community feel get exposure for it
  • Instagram and brandsBurberry offers insights into how brands can successfully use Instagram Real time update of ‘stuff’ that’s going on in and around the company Gives the brand an accessible, less polished and more grassroot feel Instagram not used as campaign tool but as ongoing and sustainable effort to engage consumers Burberry is the fastest growing brand on Instagram
  • TumblrSimilar to Instagram, Tumblr has been a hot topic in the Social Media world lately More than 50% of all 6.5 M users (+25,000 / day)1 posts contain pictures1 (50% USA, 50% Rest of the world)1 Global Brazil 30 M blogs and 10 Bn posts1 UK Japan Canada USA 10.3 M daily page views2Sources: 1 Techrunch, 2011; 2 Quantcast
  • Tumblr – The basicsSimilar to Instagram, Tumblr has been a hot topic in the Social Media world latelyCustomisable Tumblr blog design Popular topics are Re-blogging,‘tumblog’ humour, art, photography, fashion, s commenting, liking, ports, crafts, food, news. sharing and saving are Posts can contain all functions that make text, photos, videos, links, quotes Tumblr a user friendly etc. and engaging platform
  • Tumblr and brandsHuggies shows how a brand can use tumblr to create an engaging and viral platform ‘A one stop shop for everything baby – by babies’ Viral content like cute baby videos and pictures Tips and advice around the topic of parenting Tied in contests and giveaway promotion campaigns Two months after launch already outpaced FB fans On average 440 comments on promotional posts each weekSource: Edelman, 2011
  • $
  • Delicious!Social Media amplifies the power to unite and excite that food always had
  • FoodspottingSocial Media gives food lovers worldwide the chance to unite, explore and share 1 M app downloads (in just 18 months) Website: 50,716 unique visitors per month 720,000 reviews/photosSource: Techrunch, 2011
  • Foodspotting – The basicsRestaurant guide + Food reviews + Location based service = Foodspotting The search function helps to quickly navigate the site Sharing, ranking, commenting makeWe Foodspotting engaging and funbApp Browsing according to Liking, sharing, recom Follow function further Integrated LBS different categories mending guarantees underscores the social makes finding good ‘social’ momentum food easy
  • Foodspotting and brandsVisit Philly partnered with Foodspotting to promote food and drink in Philadelphia In order to promote Philadelphia’s food and beverage offerings, the city’s tourism department partnered with Foodspotting to present their city from a more grassroot point of view. After all, who better to present a city than its citizens The campaign generated more followings than any other partnerships before Visit Philly’s followers increased by 755% in the first two weeks of the campaign
  • $
  • Fashionistas uniteFashion has always been a category prone to social influence. It’s now time for 2.0!
  • Lookbook.nuLookbook is a frequented page among fashion savvy internet users Approx. 260K unique visitors per month in the past yearSource: Compete.com
  • Lookbook.nu – The basicsPerfectly in sync with Social Media ‘rules’, Lookbook.nu offers engaging functionsUsers have personal profile Looks can be categorised and presented in Users can comment and vote onpages on which they present a structured fashion other users’ styles, creating antheir styles and outfits environment in which users can compete for votes and derive gratification
  • Lookbook.nu and brandsH&M successfully used Lookbook.nu for an engaging campaign H&M stylists chose five looks twice per week to be featured on their online campaign "The Blues." To enter the contest, users submitted a look of you wearing one or more pieces of H&M and two or more blue pieces. H&M items worn by the user were tagged Over 1000 looks were submitted All winners received a 100 EURO (about $140 USD) gift certificate redeemable at any H&M
  • 5 Secret ElementsThank You! for Luxury Brands’ Online Success