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purchase pure marble and stone produce Venus statue for decorate your museum or office. We supply every types statues like Aphrodite Statues, Saint Statues, Bronze Statues,garden, bronze, saint statues, and more at reasonable price.

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Welcome to Bronze Statues -www.statues statues.com

  1. 1. Welcome to www.Statues-statues.comStatues-statues.com welcomes you to the creative and amusing world ofstatues. We are an Amfora Company specializing in Italian statues andstatuary hand made from real Italian Carrar marble, bronze statues andCast marble statues. We supply quality and experienced services in thefield of designing and creating statues, and since 2001 we are offeringall kind of Home and Garden décor especially as Marble, Granite,Bronze and other natural materials. http://www.statues-statues.com/We provide all types statues like catholic, garden, bronze, saint statuesand more at affordable price.We are the leading and direct manufacturer/importer ofmarble statuary sculptures, Fountains, Granite ball
  2. 2. fountains, rolling ball fountains, limestone, travertine,bronze statuary, bronze sculpture, bronze art, statueshard carved out of solid marble or any stone typeincluding rolling sphere fountains, statues planters,flower pots, beautiful marble busts, hard crafted gazebosand pagodas for your paradise place. Counting on allthese artistic statues you have wide variety to choosefrom and all are available at our website at reasonableprices.We also provide unique traditional and modern quality base bronze,classical fountains, water fountains.http://www.statues-statues.com/fountains.htmlWe also own Quarries and Co-partner w/Quarry owners andManufacturers around the globe- we import full shippingcontainers of hand carved marble, Stone and hand crafted
  3. 3. marble statuary, Marble Gazebos, Marble sculptures and all theabove mentioned statues. We provide you with the best pricingavailable whether you are a retailer, designer or contractorlooking for unique museum quality stone products or items toadd to your showroom, hotel, shopping center or customerlooking for something special for your own home or garden.http://www.statues-statues.com/animal_statue.htmlWe also have fireplace mantles carved with the highestcraftsmanship-carved out of natural stone. ClassicalRoman and Greek God and Goddess statues Pillars,
  4. 4. relief, Gazebos, bust statue, outdoor garden among manyother beautiful antique statues we offer. All of ourproducts can be displayed outside or inside year-round inany climate. We also provide you with the reproduction ofItalian and Greek Statuary that is famous as the highestcraftsmanship work in the market. You will find1000’s of fine carved marble, granite, travertine,sandstone and other natural stone carvings and lost waxbronze products-stocked in U.S.A and Europe and youcan have a look at each and every statue on our website.Statues-statues.com strives for the biggest satisfaction in homeand garden décor of high-end statues, fountains, gazebos,busts custom carved and made art as Greek, Roman,Renaissance and Italian to contemporary Sculptures and statuesin natural stone tupes. Feel free to visit our website and readabout all the statues and have a look at them which will help youin making a wise decision. Have the beautiful art at your laythrough pour credible, reliable and affordable statue supplies.