Algolytics company Overview 2015


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Story of our company - what we offer, how we changed from consulting company to product copmpany.
Overview of data analytics and predictive analytics solutions - such as Advanced Miner platform for complex data mining, Social Network analysis, Data quality tools etc.

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Algolytics company Overview 2015

  1. 1. About Algolytics company
  2. 2. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 2 WHAT WE DO? • Analytical software • Advanced analytical services • Bespoke analytical applications to address our customers’ needs:
  3. 3. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 3 COMPANY HISTORY… Development of Data Mining software 2001 2005 2011 2014 StatConsulting established First scoring engine implemented EU grant: development of unstructured data analysis software (SNA, TextMining, Data Quality) Government grant for Automatic Business Modeler system GIZA Polish Venture investment New brand: ALGOLYTICS Analytical software, R&D, globalizationConsultingConsulting Dedicated analytical applications First and long-time customer
  4. 4. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 4 OUR CLIENTS
  5. 5. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 5 Since 2002 a permanent recipient of our analytical services • for CRM Department • for Credit Risk and Debt Collection • for Department for Products and Services Development • for Technical Departament Projects - Advanced data analysis and customer behavior modeling • Data Processing • Data Quality Analysis • Analytical models CASE STUDY – TELECOMMUNICATIONS Applications • Marketing campaign support • Cross/Up-selling support • Network Quality Assurance • Lifetime value estimation • Customers deactivation (churn) analysis • Risk of non-fulfilled payment obligations • Customer segmentation analysis • Customer purchasing model and association analysis • Debt Collection • Forecasting of Radio Network Services Quality • Data quality • …
  6. 6. • Rating system - implementation of decision engine for automation of risk assessment process for large and medium companies • Integration with workflow system for decision processes • Construction of scoring models (PD) for SME and corporate segment customers • AdvancedMiner – implementation of analytical platform for risk analysis, reporting and predictive analysis • System for calculating and reporting the exposure to market risk, including: VAR, scenario analysis, stress-tests, risk decomposition, backtesting CASE STUDY – FINANCE • Scoring system – implementation of decision engine for automation of credit granting process • PD model construction for individual customers and SME • AdvancedMiner – implementation of analytical platform for risk analysis, reporting and predictive analysis
  7. 7. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 7 ALGOLYTICS OFFER Fraud Risk Modelling and Analysis Recommendation Systems Loss Forecasting and Stress Testing Credit Risk Modelling and Analysis Bespoke Analytical Applications Collections Modelling and Analysis Analytical CRMIntegrated Analytical Platform
  8. 8. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 8 ALGOLINE – INTEGRATED ANALYTICAL PLATFORM Our solutions support the entire analytical process, are efficient and cost effective Support for all types of users • Fully automated mode - for beginners • Semi-automated mode - for less advanced users • Customised scripts - for advanced users
  9. 9. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 9 We use our own platform for fast development of client’s specific solution • Solutions developed much faster than from scratch • Tested and stable elements • Ideal for fast prototyping and POC • Business cases • Telco – Data Quality Controler, Campaign planer – Polkomtel • Finance – Market Risk – BRE (Commerzbank) • FMCG – Forecasting – Danone Platform components Analytical software Client’s specific solutions BESPOKE ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS
  10. 10. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 10 SOLUTION FOR CUSTOMER LIFE-CYCLE MANAGEMENT Potential Customer Interested Customer Acquired customer Former customer Registration Activation Maintenance Recovery Managing prospective customer database Customer acquisition – credit screen CRM solutions – increasing value Anti – churn models Customer recovery Debt prevention and collection optimization Debt collection optimization • Data Mining methods support the decision making process in different phases of the cycle • The use of data mining methods is justified whenever predicting the customer’s future actions is crucial for the effectiveness of the business process Software + Analytical services for CRM, reporting, building data marts
  11. 11. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 11 Supports all analytical tasks: • Data extraction and transformation • Building and evaluating models • Testing • Reporting Complex analytical processes can be defined in a simple way using drag & drop technique. Advanced users can create their own scripts and new node types. ADVANCEDMINER Integrated analytical tool with a graphical environment for data processing, analysis and modeling.
  12. 12. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 12 Advanced features: • Support for SQL language (including analytical functions) • Integration with the R package • Integration with Java ADVANCEDMINER – SCRIPTING INTERFACE Limitless possibilities for advanced users !
  13. 13. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 13 AvancedMiner SNA models social relationships among persons e.g. customers of the company. Such analysis can enrich information about customers by: • Identifying social community the customer belongs to • Identifying the customer’s role in the community • Measuring the strength of his impact on the neighbourhood • Tracing paths of information flow between the customers AdvancedMiner SNA can be used for: • Identifying leaders and customers who build up loyalty • Increasing up-selling and targeting of product recommendations • Fraud Detection and churn prevention ADVANCEDMINER SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS [SNA]
  14. 14. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 14 SCORING ENGINE Implementations • Sygma Bank • Alior Bank • Post Office Bank • mLeasing (Commerzbank Group) • BGŻ Bank (Rabobank Group) Hundreds of POS Over 1 000 requests per second per node  Hundreds of models  Multiple decision scenarios  Tens of internal/external databases
  15. 15. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 15 MODEL LIFETIME MANAGER [MLM] MLM was tested on thousands of models. Main features • Monitors the quality and stability of large sets of predictive models • Automates the process of calculating scores • Generates alerts and reports concerning models’ performance • Serves as an off-line scoring engine for mass scoring (e.g., can score 20 millions of customers with 100 models at once and automatically distribute the results) Benefits • Ensures high quality predictions for multiple models • Improves efficiency of business processes for CRM, Credit Check, Debt Collections, and other • Eliminates labour-intensive work of maintaining multiple models • Speeds up configuration and deployment of a scoring model
  16. 16. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 16 BESPOKE ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS – DATA QUALITY CONTROLER (DQC) Dedicated solution for Polkomtel (telecommunication company) to control quality of data in operational systems and in a data warehouse. Functionality • Enables the user to define new test • Scheduling and automatically running tests • Enables the user to define new test • Reporting test results • Keeps history of data test results • Notifies users about data quality problems (e-mails)
  17. 17. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 17 DATA QUALITY & PROCESSING Data processing • Designing and implementing analytical data marts • Specialized marts for analytical areas, like analysis of profitability, revenue, marketing campaigns • 360˚ customer view data marts for efficient modeling and scoring Data quality • Data profiling, standardizing, deduplication and finding householders • Enriching with other sources • Automating process of cleaning the data • Own tool for data quality
  18. 18. © Algolytics. All rights reserved. 18  Business solutions that work  Reliable analytical platform  Modern and flexible technology - Customized solutions  Experience since 2001  Advanced expert knowledge  Cost effective solutions  Ongoing R&D project in cutting-edge technology: Automatic Business Modeler WHY ALGOLYTICS?
  19. 19. For industry news on analytics visit Algolytics blog click here to open
  20. 20. Visit our webpage and contact us for more information