Martin Samal, - Market (your th)ing


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Martin Samal, - Market (your th)ing

  1. 1. Ing.Martin Šámal, Senior Brand ManagerListen…………….get inspired………..discussMARKET (your th)ING
  2. 2. www.seznam.czSource the experience• Check succesful products, campaigns• Seek the right supporter / investorBUT• Secure your know-how• Keep thinking your wayFOR EXAMPLE…………………………………
  3. 3. www.seznam.czStep by StepDiscover your own approach and not America again… 23 bullets.
  4. 4. www.seznam.czImportant marketing bullets:Name your baby:• Business and product - name connections• Money saver – inbound, outbound marketingConsumer /market definition:• Precise C description saves money – you do not hit irrelevant crowd• Precise M description avoids inconsistent long/mid term planUSP:• The Holy Grail of marketing – strong USP presents itselfAlternatives:• The battle field – seek differentiatorsOutbound marketing: IN DETAIL
  5. 5. Attract yourpeople
  6. 6. www.seznam.czDefine your budget?Investment = revenues stabilisation with defined ROI.What is the media price made up of?• Impact – OTS – how many people should see my ad for given price?• Relevance (afinity) – how many relevant people (the message isbenefitial and there is a reason to listen to it and react) should see myad?• Impact quality – what does the situation of receiving the ad messagelook like?
  7. 7. www.seznam.czTrends• Cats, not dogs• Do not make strong difference between B2B, B2C• Gamefication
  8. 8. Communicationchannels
  9. 9. www.seznam.czKeep the orchestration on yoursideLess you pay = less control you get!!!
  10. 10. www.seznam.czBUZZ• If nothing happens around your project, nobody knows it.• Create stories, make fun of your project, source from others andturn disadvantages into communication topics – balance on theedge.EXAMPLE:baby sitting = topic for married couples
  11. 11. www.seznam.czPR• Build your relationship/ connection to relevant media.• Create stories, make fun of your project, source from others andturn disadvantages into communication topics – be realistic.• Be proactive and a step ahead = have an elevator pitch speech(media output should be defined by you and not how journalistswant).• „Corporate“ Social Responsibility = visible PR at your scale.Look at possible negative impact of your project and show youintend to eliminate it.
  12. 12. www.seznam.czWOM• Satisfied customer = perfect advertising.• People do not share good experience – they share your failure.• Surprise them and thus give them a reason to talk about you in apositive way.
  13. 13. www.seznam.czOnlineBuild it like a house:• SEO – own site, maximize number of references on blogs, socialmedia, news etc.• PPC – help yourself a bit and be displayed on your key words• Display ads – banners, video – play with formats• CRM – build a database = DM
  14. 14. www.seznam.czOffline mass mediaAlways think like your customer and find touchpoints:• OOH – billboards, public traffic, bars, cinemas,• Radio• Print - newspapers / magazines - targeting• TV – other media formats- PP
  15. 15. Never forget
  16. 16. www.seznam.czBe creative
  17. 17. www.seznam.czDevelop simple visuals andmessages.
  18. 18. www.seznam.czDO’s and DON’Ts• Never lie and overpromise despite the fact competitors do it• Do not forget about mental property = pay buy outs• Measure, check, evaluate and finetune• Be consistent and resolute with your core ideas
  19. 19. www.seznam.czIng.Martin Šámal, Senior Brand ManagerThanks for your attention:@Twitter účet