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Startups 2.0: The Nigerian Story
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Startups 2.0: The Nigerian Story


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An Overview of the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem

An Overview of the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem

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  • 1. Viable Online Startups: The Nigerian Story
    Digital Sense Forum 2010
    Lagos – Nigeria
    April 16, 2010
    by Loy Okezie
  • 2. Overview
    The first dot-com registered company was Symbolics in 1985.
    The dot-com boom started in the 90’s and Amazon was launched by Jeff Bezos in 1995.
    Nigerian-born ChineduEcheruo founded in 2005.
    OnePage was launched by OsitaNwoyeand Joel Gascoigne in 2010.
  • 3. Futureview
    What will be the next big thing on the web?
    Will you be the next youngest internet entrepreneur?
    When will you launch your own internet company? 2015? 2020? 2030?
  • 4. ViableOnline Startups
  • 5. Mammaput
    A crowd-sourced directory of eateries in Nigeria that
    supports location-based mobile applications.
  • 6. Alarena
    A match-making site that lets you find a life partner or true
    love and allows you to reach millions of potential marriage
  • 7. Sturvs
    A social bookmarking site that allows you to share music,
    videos, articles, read news and also promote events and
  • 8. Kilonshele
    An e-commerce site that provides ticket sales, marketing and
    distribution services as well as connects the world to live
    entertainment events in Nigeria.
  • 9. Naijapals
    Arguably the largest social networking site with over 500,
    000 members.
  • 10. Truspot
    A social music platform designed to support Nigerian
    artists, fans, local music and the entertainment world at
  • 11. Taafoo
    A free subscription service that lets you stay hooked-up
    through your mobile phone with celebrities, personalities,
    groups, interesting people and businesses.
  • 12. Txtoweb
    A service that lets you send instant short messages in form of
    classified ads via SMS from your mobile phone to the web. 
  • 13. Tokunbo
    An online marketplace that allows you to buy, bid or sell
  • 14. Wooppee
    A powerful search engine focused on the Nigerian web market
    with a lot of features and search relevance that may leave
    Google feeling woozy.
  • 15. Startup Revolution?
  • 16. Challenges?
    Technology Community?
    Stiff Competition??
    Poor Infrastructure???
    Source of Power????
    Lack of Venture of Capital?????
  • 17. Web 2.0 Success Stories
  • 18. HopStop
    HopStop (founded in 2005 by ChineduEcherou) provides subway and bus directions for New York City (NYC) and other cites around the world.
  • 19. OnePage
    OnePagewas co-founded by OsitaNwoye in 2010 as a digital platform for creating, sharing and storing real-time business/contact cards.
  • 20. SocialCubix
    SocialCubix is a Facebook and Social Media application development company launched by Udoka Mark Uzoka in October 2007.
  • 21. Opportunities?
    Mobile Apps (Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone)
    Location-Based Services (Foursquare, The Grid)
    Social Search Engine (Aardvark)
    Crowdsourced Business Directory (Yelp)
    Mobile Payment (Mpesa)
  • 22. Venture Capital?
  • 23. Key VC Players
  • 24. Incubators?
  • 25. The Way Forward?
    Provide early stage investments as a community of smaller investors.
    Build technology incubators across several states.
    Integrate latest web-related courses and degree programmes in the University’s curricula.
    Set-up a Start-up University for techno-entrepreneurs
    Reverse the brain-drain. Join the Renaissance for technology innovations.
  • 26. Startups Nigeria
    Startups Nigeria is a youth-driven, online community for technology enthusiasts, internet start-ups, companies, entrepreneurs, investors and students, all pioneering innovations in Nigeria’s emerging start-up industry and Internet economy.
  • 27. Mission
    To e-ducate, e-mpower and e-ngage with the largestcommunity of people interested in business start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovations.
  • 28. Vision
    To build Nigeria’s emerging dot-com startup industry and contribute towards a knowledge-based and Internet economy in Nigeria by the year 2020 and beyond.
  • 29. Would you like to get in touch?
  • 30. Thank you!