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After we released an infographic on “The Rise of Social Commerce”, documenting its growth and its spread, this week we are up again to narrow down more on peer-to-peer marketplaces. This time it is Etsy-a force to be reckoned within social commerce by Pinterest. With over 800,000 online shops and 15 million one-of-a-kind items, Etsy is indeed re-imagining commerce!

Download our quick Cheat Sheet to sell on Etsy:

When we spoke to Jennie Smith, Etsy’s Australian Small Business Development Specialist on the broader picture of Etsy, she said, “Etsy helps build relationships in a marketplace that reconnects producers and consumers. Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. Etsy is creating a new economy — one that is powered by people, more fair and sustainable.”


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Etsy new-economy-infographic

  1. 1. User friendly interface excellent curation/ merchandising community outreach marketing Set Price - No Bidding The whole site feels like a store Consistent quality is maintained Always evolving clear fee structure Avg. Sales per month 2,300 Avg. Price Point $28 Avg. Sales per month $65,000 © Copyright 2013 StartupsFM Presented by new economy marks the beginning of a TOP SELLERS ON ETSY: FEATURE/KEY HIGHLIGHTS Etsy introduces “pages” Brands can create curated pages of items. Users can now directly buy from marketplace. Buyers can get personalized recommendations of the brands they follow Provides more exposure for Etsy merchants when they are listed by a brand OTHER FEATURES Shop Stats Etsy Mobile App Shipping Labels Forums Team Etsy Success Newsletter Etsy Seller Handbook Listing Variations Coupon Codes Seller Apps Page Etsy Search Avg. Sales per month 1,085 Avg. Price Point $8 Avg. Sales per month $8,700 Avg. Sales per month 1,050 Avg. Price Point $8 Avg. Sales per month $8,400 Avg. Sales per month 1,200 Avg. Price Point $9 Avg. Sales per month $10,900 5. ZEN THREADS Eco-Friendly print shop Avg. Sales per month 775 Avg. Price Point $20 Avg. Sales per month $15,750 GOODS SOLD ITEMS SOLD after refunds and cancellations Avg. Sales per month 525 Avg. Price Point $48 Avg. Sales per month $25,000 SELLING STATISTICS ON ETSY TOOLS FOR SELLERS A C o m p a r i s o n NEW ITEMS LISTED NEW MEMBERS JOINED PAGE VIEWS $65.9 MILLION 3,034,442 MAY 2012 2,248,143 688,365 1.29 BILLION $102.9 MILLION 5,118,562 MAY 2013 2,855,505 977,061 1.37 BILLION COOL WAYS TO INCREASE TRAFFIC Offer discount codes. Create digital coupons. Create awesome Pinterest boards. Host your testimonials as images Be social like hell Know who are your Etsy’s competitors Send samples of your items to bloggers or media Follow the trick and you will see users coming back in double numbers every day! NEW FEATURE Start your store on Etsy 1. THREEBIRDNEST Headbands, socks, scarves 2. PURPLE POSSOM Handmade children's items 3. COLLAGE-O-RAMA Dictionary page prints and other curious arts 4. BIRDESIGN Professional templates for photographers 6. AHEIRLOOM State shaped cutting-board to serve fruits or cheese Materials+Labor+Expenses+Profit = Wholesale x 2 = Retail Sources The Etsy Blog Etsy May 2013 Weather Report Add ur product to handmadeology market created by Timothy Adam Post and repost on Facebook and Twitter with RSS feed.