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The Lean Startup - 1-Book Package
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  • Amazon and BN, that you link to, are offering the book for 13.98, which is less than the $14.50 you have parenthesis. After shipping and handling, however, it is over $14.50. Do these purchases qualify? Thanks for clearing this up!
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  • 1. IF YOU BUY ONE BOOKFOR $14.50, YOU GET $246 IN BONUSES Continued
  • 2. STARTUP S PLAN FOR 1 YEAR VALUE: $70Pivotal Tracker is the agile project management tool of choice for over 250,000users across thousands of companies, from large public companies to fastgrowing startups, and open source development teams. PivotalTracker.com
  • 3. UDEMY LEAN STARTUP COURSE Which includes.... Udemy.com
  • 4. THE LEAN STARTUP COURSE WITH ERIC RIES VALUE: $150Be more innovative.Stop wasting peoples time.Be more successful.This course is instructed by Eric Ries and includes 7 lectures with 5 hoursof content. Delivered digitally. View Details of Bundle Here
  • 5. LEAN STARTUP IGNITE TALKS BONUSEach brave presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides--which advanceautomatically every 15 seconds. Fast-paced, thought-provoking and social, thisIgnite features presentations from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs ready to sharetheir lessons learned.10 lectures. Total length: 50 minutes. Delivered digitally. View Details of Bundle Here
  • 6. LEAN STARTUP SXSW VIDEOS WITH ERIC RIES BONUSAn official SXSW track focused on lean startup methods, held on March 12,2011. Brought to you by 500 Startups & Eric Ries of “The Lean Startup,” inpartnership with SXSW.33 lectures. Delivered digitally. View Details of Bundle Here
  • 7. TOTAL VALUE: $246 (FOR $14.50 PURCHASE) 1. Order from any of the following retailers: Others 2. Submit receipt to the form HERE.