Start Up Chile's 5th Demo Day Rockstars


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Join us in our 5th DemoDay! Get inspired by these rockstars and apply to Start-Up Chile before June 27th!

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Start Up Chile's 5th Demo Day Rockstars

  1. 1. ENTREPRENEURS GUIDEDemoDay June 272013Partners:thTHURSDAY JUNE 27th
  2. 2. GLAMPING HUBGlamping Hub is the internet’s largest marketplacefor luxury camping accommodations. From yurts totree houses, our sites offer unique access to theoutdoors. Our model is transactional and growingrapidly. We have over 45k visits/month and havebeen featured on TIME Magazine, Forbes andEntrepreneur Magazine among others.Contact: davidtroya@glampinghub.comWebsite: www.glampinghub.comNuFLICKNuFlick is a subscription video on demandservice of curated independent, art-house filmsand film festivals focused on the Latin Americanmarket. We work with independent filmmakersand film promoting institutions to offer highquality films for film lovers.Contact: celeste.north@celestenorth.comWebsite:
  3. 3. SYRENAICASyrenaica is a company that develops technologyand software, focusing on casual and social games,for several platforms including desktop computersand mobile devices. It has global reach, selling itsproducts worldwide. Currently looking for capital togrow the portfolio and include new revenue streams.Contact: oscar@syrenaica.comWebsite: www.syrenaica.comROPITRopit offers an end-to-end eCommerce solutionfor fashion, beauty and sports. In this solution weinclude Technology, Online Marketing, CustomerCare, Fullfilment, etc.Ropit aims to became the regional most effective,reliable and best way to outsource an eCommerce.Contact:
  4. 4. THE CITY GAMETheCityGame is a real life, social game takingplace in cities which uses real world data todrive the gameplay. It is a Monopoly, landownership Game, which meets the CityVillegame mechanics; it is placed in the real world,while enhancing its gameplay throughsmartphones with geolocated real life actionsand rewards.Contact: takaoka@gmail.comWebsite: LEARNINGKudo creates fun, easy, effective ways forchildren to learn foreign languages. Its Dora theExplorer meets Rosetta Stone for preschoolers.Contact: shlomy@kudolearning.comWebsite:
  5. 5. SOUKBOARDSoukboard, the online store’s smart assistant.We are an online sales and marketing assistantfor small and medium sized businesses. Salesperformance is our goal. Small and mediumbusinesses owners can create their onlinestores, optimize their marketing campaignsand pay only per conversion, everything in asingle platform.Contact: info@soukboard.comCOTTONTRACKSCottonTracks reinvents the way you remember theweb and how the web remembers you. It enablesusers to have a more efficient and excitingnavigation by replacing aging features on thebrowser like tabs, bookmarks, history and cookieswith one powerful product.Contact: hadrien@cottonTracks.comWebsite: www.cottontracks.comWebsite:
  6. 6. LUQITLuqit is the online marketplace for the offlineadvertising spaces. It helps small and mid-sizedcompanies saving time and money in the searchfor the right advertising space. It also enablesmedia owners to sell their idle capacity reachingthousands of new potential advertisers.Contact: tomas@luqit.comWebsite: www.luqit.comADMETRICKSCompetitive Intelligence for OnlineAdvertising. You choose your industry orcompetitors and we tell your market shareagainst them, and the campaigns that theyare doing online.We allow agencies, publishers andadvertisers to make better decisions onadvertisement, marketing and sales.Contact: felipe@admetricks.comWebsite:
  7. 7. CLOUDMEAPPCloudmeapp is the first web based service thatprovides final users with access to asupercomputer in the cloud capable of surfingthe web up to 50Mbps regardless of their localconnection, download and transfer files inseconds, rent licensed software, sync all cloudstorage accounts in one place and evendownload and stream movies from the cloud toany device in minutes, even with 3Gconnections.Contact: santiago.nettle@generalnetworkcomputers.comTUTUM CLOUDTutum is an online service to measure,test and optimize the elasticity andresilience of all your applications in thecloud.Contact: borja@tutumcloud.comWebsite:
  8. 8. PURPLUNo more Inventory closing day! Using laserbarcode and RFID technologies, Purplu answers inreal time the only two questions that matters in theSupply Chain: Where are and How Many items dowe have?Contact: rab@purplu.comWebsite: www.purplu.comAugMI LABSAugMI LABS Med Sensation is poised tosignificantly accelerate and increase utility inthe tele-medicine market. Our flagshipproduct, the Glove Tricorder, is a medical glovewith the ability to quantify the general healthof the patient and calculate risk algorithmsbased on collected data.Contact: info@augmilabs.comWebsite:
  9. 9. Re: 3Dre:3D is breaking 3D printing limitations to unlocknew possibilities and growth markets worldwide.Gigabot, the company’s flagship technology, is theworld’s largest low-cost, industrial strength 3Dprinter. re:3D is also developing a pipeline ofalternative input materials including recycled plasticand software to accelerate widespread adoption ofpersonal factories.Contact:
  10. 10. THURSDAY JUNE 27thPartners: