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Brochure demoday sf april 3rd 2013! (1)


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Here are the awesome startups that will star on Start-Up Chile´s San Francisco Demo Day

Here are the awesome startups that will star on Start-Up Chile´s San Francisco Demo Day

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  • 1. WEDNESDAY APRIL 3rd San Francisco ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE DemoDay April 3 rd 2013 Partners:
  • 2. San FranciscoVIRALICAViralica is a set of tools for E-commerce that helpsstores boost their online sales. We convert thoseshoppers who wouldn’t otherwise purchase intobuyers and attract customers friends by givingbenefits & rewards in exchange for a tweet or ashare on Facebook.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000 To be usedin product improvement and further development offeatures, and especially in client acquisition.Contact: info@virali.caWebsite: www.virali.caSPRAYABLE ENERGYSprayable Energy is a liquid you spray on your skin toget the energy you would from coffee or energy drinks.We aim to disrupt the $40bn energy products marketwith a patent-pending product that is safer, moreeffective, and more convenient than other caffeinatedproducts.We are launching in April 2013 and are primary lookingfor PR opportunities & business development offers as apart of our demo day participation.Contact: Deven@SprayableEnergy.comWebsite:
  • 3. San FranciscoWEBNOTE BY HOPINWebnote by HopIn works on any website. You cancreate visual notes on top of website content bydouble tapping on an image, a video, or a piece oftext, and it will automatically be saved to your profile.Collaborative consumption is at the heart of Webnote.Explore fellow user`s content and re-save, comment,or mark posts you similarly find appealing. Howeveremployed, WebNote cultivates the subtlety of smalldetails while providing the rich utility of context.Looking for investment: $USD 1,7 mmContact: cpinera@hop.inWebsite: www.webnote.mePACE4LIFE“The prevalence of cardiovascular disease isexpected to increase 137% between 1990 and2020 for those living in low- and middle-income countries …” ScienceDaily (Oct. 9, 2009)Pace4Life is a Non Profit Organisation thataddresses this by reusing “previously loved”pacemakers in the developing world forimpoverished individuals.Looking for investment: $USD 500, 000Contact: lavan@pace4Life.orgWebsite:
  • 4. San is the leading freelance marketplace ofLatin America. Companies can hire independentfreelancers and use online collaboration tools tomanage remote teams and projects. Nubelo haspresence in more than 10 countries, with 60,000registered users and already 2.5 million dollars inposted projects.Looking for investment: $USD 1,5 million.Contact: nicolas.araujo@nubelo.comWebsite: www.nubelo.comBENCHBANKINGBenchbanking is an online lending marketplacewith presence in Chile and Peru that lets usersquote and get the right loan, from the rightbank, in only one place.Looking for investment: $USD 490,000Contact: matias@benchbanking.comWebsite:
  • 5. San is revolutionizing the global economyfor sustainability with a one-stop platform thatrewards you for aligning your personal values withyour everyday life. Oroeco automatically tracksspending and investment data (via, thenadds environmental, societal and health impacts,incentivizing improvements with social games,prizes and real world deals.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000 angel round,convertible debt term sheet from WSGR.Contact: ian@oroeco.comWebsite: www.oroeco.comSCARP TECHNOLOGIESScarp is applying the generic pharmaceuticalbusiness model to Class 2 and 3 medical deviceswith the objective of addressing the rising costand barriers to quality healthcare. The initialproduct is a core biopsy needle with a $200Mglobal.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact: jonathan@scarptechnologies.comWebsite:
  • 6. San FranciscoPACEABLEThe Future of Inbox - for Teams. Paceable is alightweight solution on the go to help easily manageteam conversations in Group Emails that is forwardedto multiple members in the team( members can view "real-time" activities of oneanother, add notes, schedule reminders, and assigntasks to other team members right from within theinbox. It also helps manage conversations whenmultiple team members are just CC-ed on an email byconverting the inbox into a collaborative platform.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact: swetansu@paceable.comWebsite: www.paceable.comRAZIENTRazient tracks global disasters on a daily basis andmaps to an enterprise supply chain. Companies canreduce downtime with the Razient application.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact: baha@razient.comWebsite:
  • 7. San FranciscoDIABETODiabeto is a non-intrusive hardware devicewhich wirelessly transmits data fromGlucometer into a smartphone for easymanageability of diabetesLooking for investment: $ 300,000Contact: shreekant@diabe.toWebsite: www.diabe.toMELIUZMeliuz is a website that helps e-consumerssave money and assist online stores toincrease sales and drive loyalty. We providediscount coupon codes and a cash reward(part of the shop expenses back) everytimeour user shop at a affiliated store.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact:
  • 8. San FranciscoSCHOLAROOWere the scholarship guys -- helping anyone,anywhere in the world, find and fund theireducational goals. We monitor top scholarshipsworldwide and if an application is due soon, wealert you via email, our mobile app, or text message.At Scholaroo, we’re also building the worlds firstfree Scholarship Cloud via a network of thousandsof scholarship researchers and facilitators in 40+countries. Our cloud platform seeks to gather up allexisting scholarship awards and create millionsmore new ones -- a next-generation scholarship"wikipedia" that learns what you like and makesbetter recommendations over time.Contact: ben@scholaroo.comWebsite: www.scholaroo.comANTE UPAn addictive social TV and media solutionfor sports brands.Looking for investment: $USD 100,000Contact: vijay@getanteup.comWebsite:
  • 9. San FranciscoKIENVEKienVe is a free mobile app that serves as a realtime social network for TV viewers. Its algorithmrecognizes audio to identify what TV program orcommercial users are watching in real time, thusallowing them to "Check In" and connect. Whatsmore, it provides users with pre-selected materialaccording to each individuals profile - programvideos, trivia, literature, etc.Looking for investment: $USD 1,5MMContact: groizner@kienve.comWebsite:
  • 10. WEDNESDAY APRIL 3rd San Francisco Partners: 2013 Año de la Innovación