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Dolphin on lean marketing august 2013
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Dolphin on lean marketing august 2013


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Presentasi Edith Yeung di Lean Startup Circle Jakarta Agustus 2013

Presentasi Edith Yeung di Lean Startup Circle Jakarta Agustus 2013

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Smart Phone. Clever Browsing. Dolphin Browser on Lean Marketing
  • 2. What is marketing? Definition: •  Action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Market   Research   Public   Rela1ons   Social  Media   SEO  &   Website   Partner   Marke1ng   Branding   Event   marke1ng   M a r k e t i n g  
  • 3. Who is Dolphin?
  • 4. Dolphin was born Ex-Microsoft engineers frustrated with their mobile browser, got together and built Dolphin for Android. (July, 2009) Launched Dolphin Gesture World’s first Gesture browser enables users to customize their own gesture and shortcuts. (May, 2010) 1,000,000 First 1M users achieved (July, 2010) 10,000,000 First 10M users achieved (Nov, 2011)Launched Dolphin Sonar World’s first voice-enabled browser. You can now talk Dolphin. (February, 2012) China Telecom & KDDI Partnership Carriers love Dolphin Dolphin Milestones 50,000,000 First 50M users achieved (Aug, 2012) Series A Funding Partner with Sequoia and Matrix Partners 2013 80,000,000 First 80M users achieved (March, 2013)
  • 5. Delivering  the  best  mobile  web   experience  to  the  world   Mobile First | Intuitive | Highest Performing
  • 6. Dolphin’s Solution Designed for Touchscreens Innovative and intuitive UX design for mobile devices Integrate Mobile App and Cloud Dolphin integrates all mobile apps & services Best HTML5 Performance & Compatibility §  Dolphin leads all other mobile browsers in HTML5 benchmark tests §  Building our developer community and ecosystem with Dolphin Open APIs Consistency Across All Screens and Devices §  Solving the fragmentation problem by providing cross-platform consistency for HTML5 developers and users §  Targeting all leading mobile platforms and screen types (phone, tablet & tv) – enabling our users to access Dolphin everywhere
  • 7. •  #1  Readers'  Choice  Awards   Best  iPhone/iPod  touch  Browser   •  #1  The  40  Best  Free  iPhone  and  iPad   Apps  (PC  World)   •  #2  on  Top  100  Android  Apps  (CNET)   •  #2  on  10  must  have  Android  apps  you   need  (PCMAG)   •  The  Best  Web  Browser  for  Android   (Lifehacker)   •  2012  Top  10  Startups  to  Watch   (Networkworld)   •  Top  10  Get  Started  Apps  of  2011-­‐2012   (Applicious)   •  Top  20  must-­‐have  Android  Apps  (TIME)   •  Dolphin  Browser  proves  it's  ready  for  an   HTML5  future  (Gigaom)   •  Dolphin  is  highest  performing  HTML5   browser  (AndroidCentral)     Dolphin in the Press
  • 8. Lean Marketing Action Plan & Metrics
  • 9. Lean Marketing Action Plan •  Know your target audience •  Set goals & metrics (e.g. # of leads) •  Execute & define call to action •  Learn & adjust
  • 10. Lean Stories
  • 11. Lean Public Relations
  • 12. Lean Twitter Campaign
  • 13. Lean Social Media
  • 14. Lean Event
  • 15. Lean Sticker Campaign
  • 16. Lean Partner Marketing
  • 17. Follow @DolphinBrowser