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Kris Haamer presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia
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Kris Haamer presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia



Kris Haamer spoke on Start Smart! event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1. december 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. www.start-smart.me . #opentalk

Kris Haamer spoke on Start Smart! event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1. december 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. www.start-smart.me . #opentalk



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Kris Haamer presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia Kris Haamer presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia Presentation Transcript

  • #OPENTALK (RADICAL) OPENESS Twitter @krishaamer -- Kris Haamer
  • #OPENTALK= Lessons Learned: 3 You: 2 Products: 1 Seeing Things Differently: 0 The WorldLet me start by showing you what I believe theworld is like today…
  • #OPENTALK - Zuck
  • #OPENTALK: 1 GlobalTwo billion people online. New markets on theweb, compressing time & geography
  • #OPENTALK Africa
  • #OPENTALK: 2 CollaborationIn 2009 two college students in Californiadecided to make One Day on Earth
  • #OPENTALK: 3 Attention economy + TransmediaWhatever your product, Youre fighting for the16h a person is awake – and your story needs tosurround that person across media
  • #OPENTALK 1st story Seeing Things Differently: Open Thinking
  • #OPENTALKThe Only ManWho Makes Filmsin Guinea-Bissau
  • #OPENTALKGuinea-Bissau is among the 5 poorest countries
  • #OPENTALK1992 Film 1: Udju Azul di Yonta
  • #OPENTALK Vibrant commercial society. Television, market, fashion, disco clubs
  • #OPENTALK Broken ideals. Revolutionary generation: “is this the country we wanted?”
  • #OPENTALK Idealists lose love and opportunities in life
  • #OPENTALK The children continue to dance
  • #OPENTALK1996 Film 2: Po di Sangui
  • #OPENTALKThe Village of Amanha Lundju – Tomorrow Faraway
  • #OPENTALK Turmoil – city people cutting down trees
  • #OPENTALK One tree per birth. No trees = no children
  • #OPENTALK Dou finds his twin brother dead
  • #OPENTALK The wife left alone with brother’s tree
  • #OPENTALK Calacalado mandates a quest of iniation
  • #OPENTALKThe Expelled “forest”: people exiled from their land
  • #OPENTALK Encounter w/ another people
  • #OPENTALK A child as hope for the future
  • #OPENTALK2002 Film 3: Nha Fala
  • #OPENTALKSociety in chance. Where to put Amílcar Cabral?
  • #OPENTALK Vita is cursed to die if she sings
  • #OPENTALK Leaves for Europe
  • #OPENTALKFinds her voice and becomes a famous singer
  • #OPENTALK Return home w/ boyfriend – to die
  • #OPENTALK Rebirth
  • #OPENTALK While these things exist, there’s an Africa of incredible beauty
  • #OPENTALK The Africa that Laughs and Dreams
  • #OPENTALK 2nd story Products: Small Devices Hack Culture
  • #OPENTALK When the iPhone came out I had an ideafor a game that would open public spaces for creativity by encouraging people to create art
  • #OPENTALK I failed in every aspect of making this happen
  • #OPENTALK Public Creativity, on the Train By Kris Haamer // ArtBART
  • #OPENTALK We install screens. People on trains post pictures created on their mobile devices. This is Public Creativity. Abstract – Introducing // ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALKWhy? Art is no longer created by the professional. Today art can be created by anyone. It can be created anywhere. Abstract – Introducing // ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALKWho? Me. You. Everyone. Being creative in the public is fun. Together we can make our environment more beautiful. Abstract – Introducing // ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALKWho? Me, an author? – We invite you to imagine Me: Author? Creative? Artist?
  • #OPENTALKWhere? San Francisco. High adaption of mobile technologies enables the creation of this fresh and innovative art project. Abstract – Introducing // ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALK Mobile devices? – the New Yorker cover painted on a mobile device.
  • #OPENTALK San Francisco? – high tech adaption makes the region ready for mobile art.
  • #OPENTALK Trains? – Everybody goes there, passengers every day? – over 375, 000.
  • #OPENTALK BART Trains? – BART trains in San Francisco welcome unexpected uses.
  • #OPENTALKInside Trains BART? – they have a history of tech innovation and openess.
  • #OPENTALKInside trains?– BART has ample ceiling space for attaching LCD screens.
  • #OPENTALKOutside? – Station walls make good displays, when people are waiting.
  • #OPENTALK But how? – BART trains and stations have Wireless Internet Connectivity.
  • #OPENTALKSo? – You can use your mobile device to send stuff over the Internet.
  • #OPENTALK Meaning? – Using wireless, you can send your work to the screens in real time.
  • #OPENTALK But I can’t draw! – Art teachers can explain to commuters how to use ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALK Not interested? – Seed artists can generate interest just by drawing using ArtBART.
  • #OPENTALKWho will used it? – The young and tech-sawy will likely be the early adopters.
  • #OPENTALK Will old people use it? – Surely, they will learn from their kids.
  • #OPENTALKMe alone? – No. Using a single mobile device you can draw with friends.
  • #OPENTALKWhat will I draw? – here’s a painting created by hand on a mobile device.
  • #OPENTALKSo flying pigs? – You can draw what ever you can imagine, and then show everybody.
  • #OPENTALK Autoportrait? – if you’re out of ideas, draw the fellow passenger, or yourself.
  • #OPENTALK Takeaway We can change our environment // ArtBART
  • #OPENTALK 3rd story You: Converting People to Product
  • #OPENTALK Alex Keller Fonseca
  • #OPENTALK Lessons Learned
  • : Traction & Social ProofGreat product is not enough. How do you get to10s and 100s of millions?
  • :1Viral loops. Make something that needs 2 peopleto be part of and makes noise when used
  • :2Aspirational brands – convert influencers &create artificial scarcity w/ hard to get product
  • :3Make the User Experience ridiculously fast
  • : YouSpeak the truth. Put your ideas out there. Thenpeople can disagree with you and you can learnabout your mistakes.
  • : 1 MindfulnessKnow what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.Pay attention to yourself every day. And you canmake changes.
  • : 2 Give yourself permissionCharacter is revealed in conflict. You need to putyourself in the situations of confrontation tolearn who you are and what u can do.
  • : 3 Constant feedbackGet good at receiving feedback; it does notmatter what people say to you. Take what’svaluable and disregard the rest.
  • : 4 Trust yourselfDon’t act based on what you think your investorswould want. Your responsibility is to the productand to the consumer.
  • : 5 Stay positiveOther things equal, keeping a positive attitudegets you further than bumming out.
  • : 6 Stay clear of twilightDare mighty things, win glorious triumphs, eventhough checkered by failure… rather than rankwith poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffermuch, because they live in a gray twilight thatknows not victory nor defeat. -- Roosevelt via Alec Ross
  • : 7 Give backYou are essentially asking people to help you; soshare your learning curve forward. Empowerpeople as those who came before did for you.
  • : 8 Getting oldThe older you get the more your mind settles;fight it and keep learning – and ask me for aninvite to Quora.
  • : 9 Don’t PanicFear is the worst way to make decisions.
  • : TeamStartups fail because of people problems. Youneed total transparency since the beginning.
  • : MoneyMoney makes things happen faster. You can beworking for 3 years with incremental success oryou can go faster. Think about money asleverage. It’s about getting things done.
  • : Product“If YouTube has proven anything it’s that given alevel playing field and democratization ofcreation tools, anyone can build an audience ofmillions through good ideas and hard work.” -- Hunter Walk, YouTube product lead
  • : 1 AudacityIt’s not a website. It’s a revolution.
  • : 2 Pull instead of pushBuild something that gets traction. Traction isthe first thing that matters for investors. I’m thebiggest offender so I’m qualified to say this.
  • : 3 Global from day 1The web is global; make use of this fact.
  • : 4 PositioningProduct position in a Twitter length sentence.For example: Macbook Air – World’s thinnestnotebook.
  • : 5 Test assumptionsBuilding something based on unfoundedassumptions is lethal; keep testing the market
  • : Finallythe old age wisdom
  • ϒ OPEN
  • Thanks December 1 2011 #OPENTALK by Kris HaamerTwitter @krishaamer
  • A game that changes how people interact incities – so many people you pass by daily – weimagined an open city with less friction andmore fun – having lunch with anyone based onshared interests.
  • Thanks Again December 1 2011 #OPENTALK by Kris HaamerTwitter @krishaamer