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  • 1. Instinctiv Media Labs Introductory Presentation
  • 2. User Experience Lacking
  • 3. Instinctiv Personalizes Your Music Experience Change the way users listen to music on your device with only one button
  • 4. Instinctiv Shuffle
    • Pay attention to user behavior
    • Sophisticated technology hidden behind a simple button press
    • 2-way learning process
  • 5. Skip Less. Play More. Instinctiv shuffle Random shuffle 61 Consecutive plays before skipping Instinctiv shuffle Random shuffle Percent of all playback Transforms shuffle from little-used feature into dominant mode of playback
  • 6. Impressive User Adoption
    • 10% of available market in one month
    • #1 app on iPhone before introduction of closed system
    • 99.4% user retention rate
    • 2.5X as many users passed on firmware upgrade to keep shuffle application
    61 Instinctiv increases device stickiness
  • 7. Global Reach The Instinctiv Shuffle is in 128 countries
  • 8. Positive Press for Instinctiv Shuffle "I'm convinced that Instinctiv Shuffle is absolutely badass” -Darryl
  • 9. Bottom Line: People love it
  • 10. Software-Driven UI Helps Differentiate Devices What differentiates successful devices? Intelligent UI that improves the user experience Software-driven UI maximizes the value of each interaction
    • T9 for keyboards
    • Touch-sensitive clickwheels
    • “ Pinch & drag” for touchscreens
    • Song fingerprinting for radio
    • Instinctiv for smart playback
  • 11. Ongoing Projects to Extend Instinctiv Technology Music Shuffle Smart Radio Search IPTV Shuffle
  • 12. Business Model
    • Revenue model is software licensing
    • Seeking mobile devices, carrier and appliance company partners
    • Goal is to become standard feature for all music playback devices
    • Developing consumer applications to validate technology and expand algorithm’s data library
  • 13. Questions Thank you! Justin Smithline [email_address] 607-280-3333