Startersquad Business Plan


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Brief overview of Startersquad Business Plan setting up IT and business development team + investment fund for launching Internet Startups. We aim at launching 25 Internet Startups in the comi

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Startersquad Business Plan

  1. 1. StarterSquad Supporting start-ups with coding, competence and capital
  2. 2. B-Learning Platform BHAG “big hairy audacious goal”
  3. 3. Objective “Launch of 25 New Internet Startups in the coming 5 years with a minimum 60% success1 rate applying Lean Startup principles” 1 - Success = ROCE at least 60%, cash flow positive, profitable
  4. 4. More Startups -> Lower Risk
  5. 5. B-Learning Platform The Squad
  6. 6. Excellent team of developers, " designers and business people " with a track-record in launching successful Internet Startups Improving Performance 11/11/13 Dia 6
  7. 7. B-Learning Platform Idea
  8. 8. The Squad + ecosystem ecosystem Tier 2 – ecosystem of supporting organizations (business schools, investors, recruitment agencies). Network Coders Designers Marketeers Business coaches The Squad – core team of professionals supporting existing start-ups and launching new ventures (execution ability & track record are key) Tier 1 – network of freelance specialists for projects (legal, accounting, IP, …)
  9. 9. Innovation Funnel coding competence Technology Feasibility Scan MVP β Business Viability Scan Validated Learning β capital Proof of concept 5K euro Minimum Viable Product 25K euro Beta release 50-100K euro New Venture ??? euro
  10. 10. Pillars of Success Coding •  •  •  •  •  •  Distributed development team with proven track record Design, Front-end & Back-end development Familiar with Lean Startup, SCRUM & Agile Network with specific expertise (e.g. machine learning, social media) Small virtual teams with weekly chunks development capacity Working on Startersquad Capacity Unit basis Or just hire us for coding Competence •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Business Development team with track record Marketeers (B2C, B2B), Sales & Business Administration Familiar with Startup Marketing Startersquad Accelerator Programme Workshops: Lean Startup, Business Models, Corporate Identity, One-Page Business Plan. Business Coaching Market Research Recruitment & Training Or just hire us for capability development Capital •  •  •  •  •  •  StarterSquad Investment Fund Stage A investment fund targeting MVP stage Stage B investment options targeting beta + venture StarterSquad Fund Management (2% year) Pre-investment Screening via Investment Board Startup Dashboard managing progress Or just have us on board as investors
  11. 11. B-Learning Platform Organization
  12. 12. StarterSquad Structure Investors dividend StarterSquad Investment Fund BV StarterSquad BV manages owns buys development capacity StarterSquad Cooperation employs (Freelance) Developers Startups develops
  13. 13. Making SSQ successful For the succes of Startersquad the following is critical: ü  Growing the Startersquad cooperation with technical and business development talent ü  Setting up activities and channels for Dealflow in Startup ideas, individual founders, and founding teams (quantity & quality) ü  Cultivating the Startersquad vision and brand (storytelling, presentations, blogging) ü  Establishing a quality Network of Investors (angels for stage A/B & VC’s for stage C) ü  Setting up a Crowdfunding platform for securing stage B funding for Startups
  14. 14. B-Learning Platform Investment & Finance
  15. 15. Investment Fund setup Phase Description Typical size per Startup Stage A Fund 25K committed capital per investor (max. 25K euro for Minimum (325K euro) 12 investors) + 25K by founders (3 Viable Product (limited investors) risk) Stage B Funding Spin-offs of Stage A remain % ownership 150 – 500K euro of investment fund + additional financing via Investors pool & Crowdfunding (25-50%) Stage C Funding Venture Capital 1 mln+ euro Dia
  16. 16. Startup Examples Story-based crowdbuying platform, 3 clients with 80+ product sources (20K stage A need) Learning Passport for Primary School children, 10 schools participating with 2.500 – 5.000 children " (20K stage A need) Creating beautiful Baby photobooks from your Phone 2.000 App downloads (stage B funding needed) Virtual Network Academy based upon MOOC-principle " for online IT & Business Education (stage A funding " needed) Dia
  17. 17. Ask & Offer Part Description ASK ü  25K investment per participant (15K initial, 10K committed). ü  Mobilizing your network to make StarterSquad (investments) a success. ü  Offering your expertise for Startup coaching. 20K euro investment in Startersquad Investment BV (6,67% stake) Willingness to mobilize your network for Startersquad success Investment Board seat + Monthly Briefing & Quarterly meetings OFFER ü  6.67% stake in the StarterSquad Investment Fund BV Optional: coaching of Startups in initial filtering of Startup deal flow ü  Voting Rights ü  Investment Board seat (limited number) ü  Access to monthly briefing calls & quarterly pitch fire + Taking part in the most exciting entrepreneurial journey you can think of drinks ;-) Dia