Atomic Blogging 3.0 By Alvin Phang


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Atomic Blogging v3 by alvin phang

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Atomic Blogging 3.0 By Alvin Phang

  1. 1. Praise for “Atomic Blogging” "A great step by step guide for people who seek to learn and profit from their own blogs. I enjoyed it. I It's a straightforward , nofluff blueprint which will help many new bloggers. Good job!" Ewen Chia, "Your blog and your approach to blogging are like nothing I've ever seen. At first, I thought what you claimed was bull, but when I saw your blog traffic jump from 2,000 visitors within a month to well over 20,000. I was speechless." Daegan Smith, “`Atomic Blogging‟ is far more superior than the other products I have bought. Not only is it full of very useful information without any fluff, it t also comes with plugins and some great bonuses." Sandra Hedditch, "You show the latest way to do just that. Here in 2007 going into 2008, your ebook is unlike other products which are , in my opinion, too narrowly focused. Your inclusion of your WordPress plugin makes the product even better. Thanks again!" Todd Gross, "A great guide for people who just have started blogging and want to get lot of traffic to your site. Just by applying one of the techniques in the eBook, I manage to drive 200 more hits to my blog within the next 24hrs. I tell you I was amazed. A really easytoread guide. Highly recommended! Great Job Alvin!" John Tan,
  2. 2. BY ALVIN PHANG Mar 2009 Version 3.0
  3. 3. Copyright Information Information in this document is the property of Socialmatic. No part of this document may be duplicated, transmitted, resold or reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Socialmatic. Unauthorized duplication of this material in any form is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you have any information regarding the illegal reselling or duplication of this document please report it to for your reward. Disclaimer Socialmatic assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product, or for any injury, damage and/or financial loss sustained to persons or property as a result of using this report. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success as there are some unknown risks in business and on the internet that we cannot foresee. The use of our information should be based on your own due diligence, and you agree that our company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information. Copyright © 2007 2009 Socialmatic. All rights reserved worldwide.
  4. 4. Acknowledgements This book would not have been possible if not for the many people who have helped me with this book. Foremost on this list, I like to thank god for giving me the inspiration to start writing this book, to reach out to many hundreds of people online, to show them the power of blogging. My dad and mum are next. Thanks for your support and patience. To my beauty wife, who always been there by my side. Finally, to every single person who read this, I would not be as successful as I am today if it‟s not for you guys! Get yourself blogging and believe you can do it, and it will pay off in time to come. I know it will happen to you because it has happened to me. I hope you get as much out of this book as much as I have in creating the book. Just remember, be true to yourself and you will get unbelievable results in time to come! Alvin Phang Changes Log
  5. 5. th 28 Feb 2009 New Atomic Blogging Theme 4.0 New Atomic Blogging Plug In 3.0 Updated All Screenshots For Latest Wordpress 2.7 Added Explanation On Widget In Wordpress Added Tips On Writing To Get More Buyers Added Instructions On Posting Your First Post Added Tips On Getting Ideas For Blog Content - Added Blogging Tactics Tips Added Tips On List Building Fixed All The Broken Links Added Tips On Choosing Products To Sell Online Updated all broken links th 5 Feb 2008 th 4 Round Proof Reading of Reediting of Atomic Blogging 2.0  st 1 Feb 2008 Revamp of Atomic Blogging Design New Breakdown of Chapters with more explanation on topics Added New 4 Additional Advanced Chapters Added new Keyword Research Tool th 15 August 2007 Added Advanced Traffic Tactics Added Traffic Tips Columns Added Traffic Case Study #1 BlogCatalogs th 24 June 2007 Added Case Study Update Introduction Updated Table Of Content Please feel free to send me any feedback
  6. 6. CONTENT PAGE Preface vii Chapter 1 8 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do Instead! 1 8 Powerful Tips on Blogging 2 8 Things to Avoid When Blogging 5 Chapter 2 – The Pro Blogger’s Blueprint 7 The Power of Blogs 8 Power of Atomic Blogging 9 How Can Atomic Blogging Help Your Online Business 11 The 5 Step Blogging Traffic Blueprint 13 Chapter 3 – Finding Hot Profitable Niches For Your Riches 14 Your Key to Success Is Traffic 15 The Importance of Keyword Research 15 Finding Hot Profitable Keywords with Atomic Blogging Keyword Research Tool 18 Finding Exact Demand Results From the Internet 20 Finding Hot Markets Online That Sells 22 Getting Your Affiliate Links to Sell Stuff Online 23 Tips On Choosing Products To Sell Online 24 Chapter 4 Setup Your Profitable Blog As A Cash Machine! 27 Choosing an Eye Catching Domain Name 28 Registering Your Domain Name 29 About Hosting Services 35 Registering Your Hosting Service 35 Setting Up Your Domain Name Server 41 Installing Atomic Blogging Wordpress 44 Configuring Your Atomic Blogging Wordpress 48 Installing Atomic Blogging Modules and Themes 55 Setting Up Atomic Blogging Akismet Module 62 Setting Up Atomic Blogging Themes 65 Configuring Your Wordpress Widgets 70 Chapter 5 Optimizing Your Blog For Peak Performance 72 Powerful SEO Secret Tips On Blogging 74 Title Optimization 75 Permalink Optimization 75 Anchor Text Links Optimizations 76 Category Optimization 77 Enhancing Wordpress Blog Optimization 80 Chapter 6 – Power Blogging Strategies 82
  7. 7. Writing Compiling Articles on Your Blog 83 Working Smart With Outsourcing 87 Chapter 7 – Turn Your Blog Into An ATM Machine 89 Types of Advertisement Programs 90 Setting Up Google Adense 91 More Ad Networks 94 More Ways to Make Money 96 Chapter 8 – Turbo Traffic Tricks 101 Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Blog 102 Article Marketing 103 Getting Floods of Traffic from Blog Comments 104 Getting Massive Traffic from Blog Reviews 105 Forum Marketing 106 Chapter 9 – Atomic Blogging Plugin: The Ultimate Blogging Power Tool 108 What Is Web 2.0 109 Setting Up The Atomic Blogging Plugin 111 Guideline For Maximum Results 116 Chapter 10 – Advanced Traffic Tips & Bonus Chapters 117 Advanced Traffic Tactics 119 Traffic Case Study #1 – Blogcatalog 110 Advance Marketing Tip #1 – Steal and Swipe Powerful Ads From Your Competitors 128 Advance Marketing Tip #2 – Finding the Super Affiliates of Hot Selling Products Online 130 Advance Marketing Tip #3 – Steal & Track Your Competitors Keyword List 133 Advance Marketing Tips #4 – Spy On Your Competitors What Sells Online 135 Chapter 11 – The US$132,645.00 Secret Blueprint! 137 Thing You Will Need 139 Setting Up Your Free Gift 139 Creating a Money Making Blog Optin Box 140 Making Money from Your List 142 Tips on Getting Buyers Leads 142 Chapter 12 – Proven Advanced Blogging Tactics 144 Getting Others to Promote You Effortlessly 145 Getting Huge Amount of Traffic Almost Instantly! 146 How to Increase Your RSS Subscription Fast 147 Internet Marketer’s Links Resources 148 Final Words 151
  8. 8. First off, on behalf of my family I like to thank you for purchasing the Atomic Blogging System which has been used by thousands of bloggers around the world making it one of the best blogging guide and system there is on the internet today. In this specially created tutorial guide, it will guide you through on some of the basics things you need to run a profitable blog. It‟s highly recommended that you can print this guide out for easy references as there are lots of things to be done to setup your blog. In case you have yet to know me yet, my name is Alvin Phang aged 27 this year. I started my first blog at in October 2006 and since then have been really successful online. Blogging then was pretty new to me and all I knew was just to write. Seriously, when I first started writing, I really hated it but as I realized I began to write more and more on my blog. I was getting more and more visitors everyday to my blog. © 2007 2009 Alvin Phang, All rights reserved. You may not distribute this eBook inany way you like and may not be reproduced in any way or sold.
  9. 9. What was once just a hobby became a real full time business of blogging. From a total nobody online, I was now getting well over 40,000 visits on my blog on monthly basis. With so much traffic on the blog it was only natural I also managed to earn lots of money from my own blog. Which to date I have generated more then $222,579 transactions online and growing. In time to come my goal is to be a millionaire by the end of year 2009! I am already almost 25% there and I believe it is possible once you set your mind to it. During my journey in my blogging, I realized I was getting tons of traffic and through all those experiences, I found a secret formula to my success. That’s How Atomic Blogging Was Born Unlike most blogging guides out there, there weren‟t any real life examples or social proof that really got me frustrated. So I decided: Why not I start to write a book about blogging and it will not just simply be any runofthemill blog guide book. I wanted more from this book; I wanted it to be the BEST blogging guide book you can ever find online in the world. To ensure it has every element a person would need to blog, I decided to write this guide in a tutorial format which is easy to learn for anyone, with or without any IT knowledge. With the added advantage as a graduate from Diploma in InfoCommunication from Temasek Polytechnic and having worked in many ITrelated companies like Forbes & AVAYA, I am able to explain to you in these book lots of details that you can never find in any other guide books. Come and discover my secret formula to my success which is now called “Atomic Blogging”. In order for you to get the most out of this ebook I would like to lay some groundwork, to make sure that you do not get confused by any of the information. So, first let me explain what affiliate programs, Adsense and blogs are. An affiliate program is simply a website where the owner puts up his product for sale and if you like to sell his product, you can sign up to be his affiliate. Whenever you make a sale, the owner will pay you a commission generated from the traffic you send them. A very popular website you can find for affiliate
  10. 10. products would be , where you can find virtually all sorts of digital products to sell. Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google. When you sign up for a free account, you will be given a set of codes to place on your website and the ads displayed will be relevant to the contents on your webpage. When your visitors click on these ads, Google will actually pay you some cash for these clicks! How about that? Blogs are online journals or web logs, in short. This is where you can post news, videos, articles or hobbies, like sports, fashion, games, etc. So, instead of just „squatting‟ on the internet, why not use your blog to make some money for you. Cool, isn‟t it? Make More Money By Promoting Atomic Blogging! Would you like to make some extra cash? Why not refer your friends or customers the Atomic Blogging 3.0 system and get paid a attractive commission of 70% of the retail price! It‟s all free to sign up just head on to the link below to sign up for our affiliate program Now that I have cleared the basic understanding, we can get on with learning about the process of setting up your blog by using Atomic Blogging.
  11. 11. 8 DEADLY MISTAKES TO AVOID & WHAT TO DO INSTEAD! In this chapter you will learn how you can quickly apply these 8 powerful tips on blogging to start generating more revenue and traffic for your blogs.
  12. 12. The aim of creating a blog is to capture people‟s attention, to allow them to know what you are good at and share it with your audience. And in turn, this will allow you to capture their personal particulars (leads) to generate more revenue for you! 8 Powerful Tips On Blogging Tip #1 Do A Survey On What Your Readers Like To Read About It is always very important to know what your customers or readers like to know more about. You can find out easily by just asking your audience. An example I did was at this post where I posed the question of asking them what the top 3 problems that people face online are. With that information, you can gather the information and create a product or service around it or write content on what your readers love to read about. In that way, your readers will love to find out more about what you want to write about and help to solve their problems. Tip #2 Open Your Creative Mindset There is no right or wrong in blogging. However, what you need to do after you find out what your readers want is to start to think of ideas or articles you can write to cater to their needs. Do not worry if you feel the information is really simple because trust me, there are still hundreds of people online who will not know what you know. Keep your articles short, sweet and straight to the point. But, remember always be honest and speak from your heart as readers will be able to tell if you are trying to lie. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE