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  • 1. Getting a sense of humor does not mean putting some jokes on the corporate website. Rather, it requires big values, a little humility, straight talk, and a genuine point of talk. Talk straightly, like a professional. And also talk genuinely
  • 2. Companies attempting to “position” themselves need to take a position. Optimally, it should relate to something their market actually cares about
    • companies attempting to position themselves, for a company trying to find such a thing, they need to first find a position most suitable for them
  • 3. Bombastic boasts – “We are positioned to become the preeminent provider of XYZ” – do not constitute a position
    • Boasting, its not a crime, but it will certainly get you in that tight spot
  • 4. Companies need to come down from their ivory towers and talk to people with whom they hope to create relationships
    • Ivory tower might mean rich people, going down would imply something like talking to the lower or middle classed citizens
  • 5. Public relations does not relate the public, companies are deeply afraid of their markets
    • They make a mistake, it’s the end of their life.
  • 6. By speaking a language that is distant, uninviting, arrogant, they build walls to keep markets at bay
    • Giving someone the cold shoulder is not a good thing
    • Some companies may mean to do such actions
  • 7. Most marketing programs are based on the fear that the market might see what’s really going on inside the company
    • we make the programs they want for them. On to what type of it, is entirely up to them
    • its most likely because they do not want to share their own secrets of success