TriStar111 Split Briefing
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TriStar111 Split Briefing



TriStar111 Split Briefing

TriStar111 Split Briefing



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TriStar111 Split Briefing TriStar111 Split Briefing Presentation Transcript

  • TriStar PhilosophyStar Events areFocused on FunEnvironmental ProtectionSocial Responsibility
  • Environmental Protection and Social ResponsibilityIn cooperation with the 4vita program andLivestrong we take action for environment andhealth.Get involved and… Act 4vita: respect the Ecozones, reduce and sort waste Show you care, make a donation onsite to the LIVESTRONG™ and wear the Livestrong wristband as a visible sign of your support for those who suffer from cancer. Thanks! Put the eco responsibility sticker on your race number to show your commitment
  • Briefing contentsBefore the RaceRace DayAfter FinishRegulations
  • Before coming to Split...Don’t forget:Everything you need for the RacePhoto IDValid License from your Federationor 10 Euros for your Day License
  • In SplitStar&Co VillageRegistration on SaturdayRelax, meet friendsExplore sportsRace on Sunday
  • Star&CoVillageNumerous standsEntertainment programOpening hours:  Saturday 09:00 – 18:00  Sunday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Registration In the Star&Co Village Know your start number (displayed) Show your photo ID Show your triathlon yearly licence or buy a day licence Check your data You receive your athlete wristband Pick up your Starter pack + Gift
  • Starter Pack Contents for TriStar atheletes1 swim cap2 start numbers2 transition bags BIKE & RUN1 STREETWEAR bag3 stickers for the bags1 bike sticker, 3 for the helmet1 athlete guide1 timing chip
  • Options during RegistrationYou will receive prepaid Extra Tickets for the Star Night if you have bought them during online-registration.Additional Tickets for the Star Night will be available from the Information booth
  • Race BriefingRace Briefing will be held from 18:30 till 19:15 at Splitska Riva!!
  • Race DaySunday 18 SEP 2011
  • Check InSunday 06:00 – 07:15 BIKE PARK & TRANSITION AREA
  • Check In InfoCheck in is obligatory for all athletes!You must check in your bike and your transition bags. Otherwise those items will not be available during the Race.Non-checked material can not be used in the Race.Check-in closes at 07:15! No exceptions!
  • Preparations for Check InPut the 3 small stickers on your helmet (in front and on both sides)Put the remaining sticker on your bikePut the 3 large stickers on your Transition Bags
  • Check In Process Bring your Bike, Bike bag and Run bag Come to the Bike Park Entrance With helmet on your head, chinstrap closed Brakes and helmet will be checked Let the timing team mark you arms before entering the Bike Park Rack your bike (you can have your shoes clipped onto your bike – no loose objects with the bike!) Deposit BIKE & RUN bags Do not bring your STREETWEAR bag
  • Transition Bag BIKEContains everything you need for the BIKERace number + BeltHelmetGlassesBike Shoes (if not clipped on the bike)Nutrition (first Energy Station at km 10)
  • Transition Bag RUNContains everything you need for the RUNRace numberCapGlassesSocksShoesGels in Belt
  • Before the raceHave a good mealBring along the things you need for the swimDon‘t forget your STREETWEAR bagDon‘t forget your timing chip
  • TIMINGAttention! TriStar111 Split will use both chip and manual timing.As an athlete, make sure your start number is visible at all times.Swim: on the swimcap (don‘t take it off before entering the Transition Area)Bike: 3 x on helmet, 1x on bike, 1x on your back, on both arms.Running: on your front and on the arms.
  • 06:00 – 07:15 Before Start Hand in your STREETWEAR bag at the entrance of the starting area Wear your Swimcap Go to the Start Area using only official entrance near T1 so we can count who is in the water Place yourself in the Start section corresponding to your estimated swim time (Pros ahead in the first row) Warmup in front of the start. End 07:50 Sandals / Shoes are not allowed in the Start Area
  • TriStar Split 111 GLOBAL map
  • SWIMTriStar 111 start at 8:001 Lap
  • SWIM map for TriStar 111
  • Transition 1 Swim  BikePickup your BIKE bagChange in the tentYou must put your wetsuit in your BIKE bagWhen leaving the tent, drop off your bag with the wetsuit in the DROPOFF zone
  • Transition 1 Swim  BikeClose the chinstrap of your helmetPickup your BikePush it to the ExitMount your Bike only once you left the bike park
  • BIKE1 lap4 Energy Stations (10th km, 40th km, 60th km and 90th km)No personal aid station (personal helpers can give you food and drinks in the official aid station only)Bike Service car
  • TriStar 111BIKE map
  • TriStar 111BIKE course profile
  • ATTENTION!!During the BIKEbe VERY carefulfor...
  • At 7th km –SolinBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  • At 8th km –before JadrospringBump on theroad!Will bemarked inred!
  • At 10th km –KlisBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  • At 13th km –old railwaybridgeBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  • At 15th km – KlistunnelA badly littunnel!Slow down, keepto the right andbe careful!
  • BIKE Energy StationsWaterEnervit BarsEnervit Energy DrinksBananasOrangesApples
  • ECOZONESThrow away your bike bottles and packaging only in the ECOZONES at the beginning and the end of each Energy StationOtherwise you‘ll be disqualified
  • Transition 2 Bike  RunDismount your bike before entering the Bike ParkPush your bike to the volunteer waiting for you in front of an empty rack – he will park it for youPickup your RUN bag, change in the tentPut your Bike gear in the RUN bag and DROPOFF your bag when leaving the tentStart the Run
  • Your RUN bag is not there?If your bag is not on the rack you received a penalty during the BIKEGo to the PENALTY area and wait until the end of your penalty (countdown starts once you stop insulting the referees)The penalty area is located at the entry of the tentAfter the penalty: change & start the run!
  • TriStar 111 RUN map
  • TriStar 111RUN course profile
  • RUN1 lap3 Energy Stations (after the Transition Zone, at 4,5 km and at 8th km) will give you chances to refresh yourselfEach km will be marked
  • RUN Energy StationsWaterEnervit BarsEnervit Energy DrinksBananasOrangesApples
  • FinishlineEnjoy your last metres on the Finishline! Yes, you can!
  • Relaxing ZoneGet your medalPickup your STREETWEAR bagGet your Finisher T-ShirtEat at the Energy StationFor your comfort and your security, no friends & family in the Relaxing Zone, only Finishers!
  • Check OutSunday 14:00 – 17:00 BIKE PARK & TRANSITION AREA
  • Check Out ProcessYou need your Start Number + Athletes Wristband to check outPickup your Transition Bags firstThen get your BikeWhen entering the Park, hand in your timing chipNo Chip* = No Bike!*Lost chip will be charged 15€
  • Star NightMedal ceremony 18:00 – 19:00Closing ceremony 19:00 – 19:15 Dinner Party 19:15 – 21:30 LET‘S GET THE PARTY STARTED!
  • Star Night Doors open at 19:15 STAR NIGHT will be held at Bellevue Hotel Buffet, Animations Prizes for the top 3 in each age group Celebrate your success with family and friends (get tickets at Star&Co village for them – yours is included in your entry!) Good music
  • Rules &Regulations FOR A SAFE & FAIR RACE
  • General RulesIt is forbidden to:Cut or fold your start numberGet help from third partiesGet race provisions outside of the official Energy Stations
  • SWIM RulesIt is not allowed to swim with your race numberWetsuits are not allowed if the water temperature is more than 24ºCThe wetsuit must be taken back to the transition area
  • BIKE rulesDrafting is forbidden.The helmet must be worn at all times with the chinstrap closed.The race number must be visibly worn on your lower back.Respect the rule of the road.Keep on the right. Do not cut corners!Escorting (car, motobike, bike, ...) and assistance are forbidden.
  • No DraftingDrafting off another competitor or motor vehicle is forbidden. The drafting zone will be a rectangle 10x2m for Elite and 7x2m for Age Groupers.If you enter in this zone without passing the athlete in front, you will receive a black card.You are responsible for going to the Penalty area upon your return in the Transition. If you do not go to thePenalty area you aredisqualified.
  • Penalties / Cards= warning (get back into conformity)= 3 minutes penalty in Penalty area= 6 minutes penalty == disqualification
  • RUN rulesWear the race number visibly at your front.If you use a start number belt, wear it on your waistline.Do not run topless.Keep on the right. Do not cut corners!Escorting (bike, roller, runner,...) and assistance are forbidden.
  • General RuleA referees decision shall be final.Or:Protests must be handed in before16:45 at an official race referee with the provided form together with the protest fee of € 32.Protest forms are available in the race office at Star&Co
  • If ...You lose your timing chip, get a new one at the penalty tent in the transition area.You need to give up, let a refereee know you give up and bring your timing chip to the Info booth at Star&Co Village. Your family might ask us at the Info point – you are obliged to tell us what happened.  Also let us know if you come back to the race area or if you‘ll be back in your hotel.
  • You have questions?Before coming to Split: please contact us atOn spot: please come see our team at the Information booth at the Star&Co Village.
  • Sponsors
  • Partners
  • Institutional Partners
  • Thank you!Thank you for looking at this Race BriefingHave a safe trip to SplitLooking forward to see you there Yes, you can!