TriStar111 Split Briefing


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TriStar111 Split Briefing

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TriStar111 Split Briefing

  3. 3. TriStar PhilosophyStar Events areFocused on FunEnvironmental ProtectionSocial Responsibility
  4. 4. Environmental Protection and Social ResponsibilityIn cooperation with the 4vita program andLivestrong we take action for environment andhealth.Get involved and… Act 4vita: respect the Ecozones, reduce and sort waste Show you care, make a donation onsite to the LIVESTRONG™ and wear the Livestrong wristband as a visible sign of your support for those who suffer from cancer. Thanks! Put the eco responsibility sticker on your race number to show your commitment
  5. 5. Briefing contentsBefore the RaceRace DayAfter FinishRegulations
  6. 6. Before coming to Split...Don’t forget:Everything you need for the RacePhoto IDValid License from your Federationor 10 Euros for your Day License
  7. 7. In SplitStar&Co VillageRegistration on SaturdayRelax, meet friendsExplore sportsRace on Sunday
  8. 8. Star&CoVillageNumerous standsEntertainment programOpening hours:  Saturday 09:00 – 18:00  Sunday 08:00 – 17:00
  10. 10. Registration In the Star&Co Village Know your start number (displayed) Show your photo ID Show your triathlon yearly licence or buy a day licence Check your data You receive your athlete wristband Pick up your Starter pack + Gift
  11. 11. Starter Pack Contents for TriStar atheletes1 swim cap2 start numbers2 transition bags BIKE & RUN1 STREETWEAR bag3 stickers for the bags1 bike sticker, 3 for the helmet1 athlete guide1 timing chip
  12. 12. Options during RegistrationYou will receive prepaid Extra Tickets for the Star Night if you have bought them during online-registration.Additional Tickets for the Star Night will be available from the Information booth
  13. 13. Race BriefingRace Briefing will be held from 18:30 till 19:15 at Splitska Riva!!
  14. 14. Race DaySunday 18 SEP 2011
  15. 15. Check InSunday 06:00 – 07:15 BIKE PARK & TRANSITION AREA
  16. 16. Check In InfoCheck in is obligatory for all athletes!You must check in your bike and your transition bags. Otherwise those items will not be available during the Race.Non-checked material can not be used in the Race.Check-in closes at 07:15! No exceptions!
  17. 17. Preparations for Check InPut the 3 small stickers on your helmet (in front and on both sides)Put the remaining sticker on your bikePut the 3 large stickers on your Transition Bags
  18. 18. Check In Process Bring your Bike, Bike bag and Run bag Come to the Bike Park Entrance With helmet on your head, chinstrap closed Brakes and helmet will be checked Let the timing team mark you arms before entering the Bike Park Rack your bike (you can have your shoes clipped onto your bike – no loose objects with the bike!) Deposit BIKE & RUN bags Do not bring your STREETWEAR bag
  19. 19. Transition Bag BIKEContains everything you need for the BIKERace number + BeltHelmetGlassesBike Shoes (if not clipped on the bike)Nutrition (first Energy Station at km 10)
  20. 20. Transition Bag RUNContains everything you need for the RUNRace numberCapGlassesSocksShoesGels in Belt
  23. 23. Before the raceHave a good mealBring along the things you need for the swimDon‘t forget your STREETWEAR bagDon‘t forget your timing chip
  24. 24. TIMINGAttention! TriStar111 Split will use both chip and manual timing.As an athlete, make sure your start number is visible at all times.Swim: on the swimcap (don‘t take it off before entering the Transition Area)Bike: 3 x on helmet, 1x on bike, 1x on your back, on both arms.Running: on your front and on the arms.
  25. 25. 06:00 – 07:15 Before Start Hand in your STREETWEAR bag at the entrance of the starting area Wear your Swimcap Go to the Start Area using only official entrance near T1 so we can count who is in the water Place yourself in the Start section corresponding to your estimated swim time (Pros ahead in the first row) Warmup in front of the start. End 07:50 Sandals / Shoes are not allowed in the Start Area
  26. 26. TriStar Split 111 GLOBAL map
  27. 27. SWIMTriStar 111 start at 8:001 Lap
  28. 28. SWIM map for TriStar 111
  29. 29. Transition 1 Swim  BikePickup your BIKE bagChange in the tentYou must put your wetsuit in your BIKE bagWhen leaving the tent, drop off your bag with the wetsuit in the DROPOFF zone
  30. 30. Transition 1 Swim  BikeClose the chinstrap of your helmetPickup your BikePush it to the ExitMount your Bike only once you left the bike park
  31. 31. BIKE1 lap4 Energy Stations (10th km, 40th km, 60th km and 90th km)No personal aid station (personal helpers can give you food and drinks in the official aid station only)Bike Service car
  32. 32. TriStar 111BIKE map
  33. 33. TriStar 111BIKE course profile
  34. 34. ATTENTION!!During the BIKEbe VERY carefulfor...
  35. 35. At 7th km –SolinBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  36. 36. At 8th km –before JadrospringBump on theroad!Will bemarked inred!
  37. 37. At 10th km –KlisBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  38. 38. At 13th km –old railwaybridgeBump on theroad!Will bemarked in red!
  39. 39. At 15th km – KlistunnelA badly littunnel!Slow down, keepto the right andbe careful!
  40. 40. BIKE Energy StationsWaterEnervit BarsEnervit Energy DrinksBananasOrangesApples
  41. 41. ECOZONESThrow away your bike bottles and packaging only in the ECOZONES at the beginning and the end of each Energy StationOtherwise you‘ll be disqualified
  42. 42. Transition 2 Bike  RunDismount your bike before entering the Bike ParkPush your bike to the volunteer waiting for you in front of an empty rack – he will park it for youPickup your RUN bag, change in the tentPut your Bike gear in the RUN bag and DROPOFF your bag when leaving the tentStart the Run
  43. 43. Your RUN bag is not there?If your bag is not on the rack you received a penalty during the BIKEGo to the PENALTY area and wait until the end of your penalty (countdown starts once you stop insulting the referees)The penalty area is located at the entry of the tentAfter the penalty: change & start the run!
  44. 44. TriStar 111 RUN map
  45. 45. TriStar 111RUN course profile
  46. 46. RUN1 lap3 Energy Stations (after the Transition Zone, at 4,5 km and at 8th km) will give you chances to refresh yourselfEach km will be marked
  47. 47. RUN Energy StationsWaterEnervit BarsEnervit Energy DrinksBananasOrangesApples
  48. 48. FinishlineEnjoy your last metres on the Finishline! Yes, you can!
  49. 49. Relaxing ZoneGet your medalPickup your STREETWEAR bagGet your Finisher T-ShirtEat at the Energy StationFor your comfort and your security, no friends & family in the Relaxing Zone, only Finishers!
  50. 50. Check OutSunday 14:00 – 17:00 BIKE PARK & TRANSITION AREA
  51. 51. Check Out ProcessYou need your Start Number + Athletes Wristband to check outPickup your Transition Bags firstThen get your BikeWhen entering the Park, hand in your timing chipNo Chip* = No Bike!*Lost chip will be charged 15€
  52. 52. Star NightMedal ceremony 18:00 – 19:00Closing ceremony 19:00 – 19:15 Dinner Party 19:15 – 21:30 LET‘S GET THE PARTY STARTED!
  53. 53. Star Night Doors open at 19:15 STAR NIGHT will be held at Bellevue Hotel Buffet, Animations Prizes for the top 3 in each age group Celebrate your success with family and friends (get tickets at Star&Co village for them – yours is included in your entry!) Good music
  54. 54. Rules &Regulations FOR A SAFE & FAIR RACE
  55. 55. General RulesIt is forbidden to:Cut or fold your start numberGet help from third partiesGet race provisions outside of the official Energy Stations
  56. 56. SWIM RulesIt is not allowed to swim with your race numberWetsuits are not allowed if the water temperature is more than 24ºCThe wetsuit must be taken back to the transition area
  57. 57. BIKE rulesDrafting is forbidden.The helmet must be worn at all times with the chinstrap closed.The race number must be visibly worn on your lower back.Respect the rule of the road.Keep on the right. Do not cut corners!Escorting (car, motobike, bike, ...) and assistance are forbidden.
  58. 58. No DraftingDrafting off another competitor or motor vehicle is forbidden. The drafting zone will be a rectangle 10x2m for Elite and 7x2m for Age Groupers.If you enter in this zone without passing the athlete in front, you will receive a black card.You are responsible for going to the Penalty area upon your return in the Transition. If you do not go to thePenalty area you aredisqualified.
  59. 59. Penalties / Cards= warning (get back into conformity)= 3 minutes penalty in Penalty area= 6 minutes penalty == disqualification
  60. 60. RUN rulesWear the race number visibly at your front.If you use a start number belt, wear it on your waistline.Do not run topless.Keep on the right. Do not cut corners!Escorting (bike, roller, runner,...) and assistance are forbidden.
  61. 61. General RuleA referees decision shall be final.Or:Protests must be handed in before16:45 at an official race referee with the provided form together with the protest fee of € 32.Protest forms are available in the race office at Star&Co
  62. 62. What if...QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  63. 63. If ...You lose your timing chip, get a new one at the penalty tent in the transition area.You need to give up, let a refereee know you give up and bring your timing chip to the Info booth at Star&Co Village. Your family might ask us at the Info point – you are obliged to tell us what happened.  Also let us know if you come back to the race area or if you‘ll be back in your hotel.
  64. 64. You have questions?Before coming to Split: please contact us atOn spot: please come see our team at the Information booth at the Star&Co Village.
  65. 65. Sponsors
  66. 66. Partners
  67. 67. Institutional Partners
  68. 68. Thank you!Thank you for looking at this Race BriefingHave a safe trip to SplitLooking forward to see you there Yes, you can!