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Benefit of hr mgt.


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Benefit of hr mgt.

  1. 1. PMP benefits in better Human Resource (Team member) management in projects: Create a winning team Sumit Saha, Manager, Reliance Communications Ltd. “Quality people want to work with quality people”. Every organization and type of business has the samedemand. Being the HR professionals you are more concern about the best talent retention. Given these demographicchanges, your No. 1 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is searching for and keeping the right talent, but retaining besttalents is not only HR professional’s responsibility; it is applicable to every functional manager, project manager, teamleader. PMP learning helps here to do so. I can remember the final outcomes of my master degree thesis. Survey was done among more than 300working professionals from different fields, different industries and of different factors. Rank-IT Rank- Rank- Rank- Sl. Factors Banking/Fin Manufacturing others Job description indicated at the 3 3 2 2 1 time of interview 2 Appraisal system 1 6 1 5 3 Infrastructural Disabilities 5 7 3 6 Caring for employees 8 10 4 8 4 personal problems 5 Flexibility to work 9 8 6 1 6 Team working 2 9 7 9 7 Conflict Management 10 4 8 4 8 Relations with Superiors 6 1 5 7 9 Work climate 4 2 9 10 10 Exit from the company 7 5 10 3 To explain the above chart; because of inappropriate Appraisal system (team appraisal) employees become th thmost non productive in IT and Manufacturing organizations. Same has effect of 6 . and 5 . in Banking and otherorganization. Similarly for “Infrastructural disability” (similar to Hygiene factor) ranks no. 3 in manufacturing.“Flexibility to work” (similar to “Theory X” and “Theory Y”) ranks TOP other than IT, Banking and manufacturingorganizations. It means most of the people (other industries) accept this fact that because of NOT getting flexibility inwork employees become unhappy and makes a negative effect to work productivity. Rest is self explanatory can becorrelated with the other project Human Resource Management (develop HR plan, acquire project team, developproject team and manage project team) learning of Project Management. Brain storming, conflict management,negotiation skills, organizational power each and every aspects of PMP learning are important o handle teameffectively. Today this is important to make team members enable. As a project manager you need to be interested toprovide better infrastructure, compensation and benefits, cultural environment, team appraisal, reward andrecognition, flexibilities at work place and decision making hierarchy etc to your team members to get better returnfrom them. Today only reducing “Organizational Disabilities” at work place is the best way to get success and growth. All we know that nowadays selection, recruitment cost, attrition rate are becoming high. So if we can retainour team members, motivate them to give their 100% effort (or sometimes more than that) to their work and as aresult company can reduce the cost (tangible asset) and increase the employee satisfaction level (intangible asset).PMP learning of project Human resource is the best leaning and more sensitive to HR aspects of team managementin this regards. It may be a matter of debate but most of they experienced professionals accepts the fact that “Employees donot leave their organizations, they leave their bosses”. I bet on this that PMP learning on project HR managementensures towards the effort of handling team members properly for the benefit of the project success.