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Learn the Secrets of Oral Hygiene in 10 minutes.

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  • Speech Notes - Slide 11. [TextBox 3] TextBox 3 ClipWelcome to the Smile India Movement For Healthy Smile & Financial Freedom.This amazing campaign is managed by Star. Oral Care Private Limited.
  • Star Oral Care eWorkshop

    1. 1. Star Oral Care eWorkshop Our Mission is to Improve the Oral Health of 1 Million Indian Families by 2020.Star Oral Care (P) Ltd.
    2. 2. More than 50 Crore People 80% Indians don’t visit a in India don’t know the Dentist for regular Correct Brushing Cleaning, Which results in Technique. Tooth Decay. It’s Simply Poor.
    3. 3. Heart DiseaseIndividuals with gum disease are twice at risk of having a fatal heart attack. DiabetesOral infections make diabetics more susceptible to increasing blood sugar. Respiratory Problems Individuals with oral infections can be affected with critical respiratory diseases. Dental Treatments Are Very Expensive
    4. 4. Inter Correct Flossing Dental ScalingBrushing BrushingTwice a day Everyday Alternate Day Twice a Year
    5. 5. 3- Brush in Small Sections 4- Clean the upper teethand wash the brush after first than lower. each Section. 1- Maintain a 45° angle with bristles. 2- Brush in Up and Down Movement.5- Brush Twice a Day, NightBrushing is more important 6- At last use Tongue Cleaner than morning. to remove bacteria from the Tongue.
    6. 6. Wrap the ends of Hold the floss Gently work the Gently glide the an 18" to 24" between your floss between floss up and section of floss thumbs and your teeth. When down several around your forefingers. Leave you reach the times between middle fingers. about 1" of floss gum line, curve each tooth, between your into a "C" shape including your hands. around the back teeth. Apply tooth, making pressure against sure to go below the tooth while Alternative Floss Picks the gum line. flossing. Unwind new floss as needed.Your gums may bleed for the first week until the plaque layer is broken up, bacteria are removed, and your gums heal.
    7. 7. Removing food debris and plaque with an Interdental brush will help keep your breath fresh. Never force the brush between the teeth. Between front teeth, use a finer brush, turning slightly to ease the brush comfortably between the teeth. Remove the brush by gently pulling thereby removing plaque and debris.
    8. 8. Within days, plaque Only a dentist’s scalinghardens or “calcifies” instruments can and is now termed remove the bacterial calculus or “tartar”. colony/Dental calculus .
    9. 9. World class knowledge on Dental Care –  Dental Care – Personal, Senior, Children  Visiting Dentist  Dental Procedures  Oral Diseases  Dental Emergencies  Dental FAQ  Fluoride
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Oral pain, missing teeth or oral infections can influence theway a person speaks, eats and socializes.These oral health problems can reduce a persons quality oflife by affecting their physical, mental and social well-being. Join Our Mission - Improved Oral Health for all.