www.carvercenterct.org                         CARVER                         2010-2011 REVIEW                         201...
2The Carver WorldThe Carver Foundation of Norwalkreaches nearly 5,000 individualseach year through a blend ofcommunity, ed...
3CARVER IS LIFETIMEeducationenrichmentrecreationgraduationachievement
4Governance and                              Board of DirectorsLeadership                                  Janis Curtis, P...
5Mission                                                                                           Carver Milestones      ...
6                                                                                        We encourage families to reinforc...
7Greetings,                                                                           We are deeply grateful to Dr. Susan ...
9CARVER IS EDUCATION“Carver plays a critical role in supporting the educationof students in Norwalk Public Schools. It is ...
10                                                                                                 largest “Achievement Ga...
11Community                                   Each session is a discovery of the                                          ...
12Program                                             concerns, and opportunities. Student                                ...
13understanding of individual studentprogress. Recruiting outside professionalsto facilitate exceptional enrichmentprogram...
15The Carver                                  Accreditation, Licensure                    Girl Scout Council of Southweste...
16New Canaan’s St. Luke’s School, St.Aloysius School and ABC House all                                          Alexis Ehr...
17PLUS Academic Programs                                                  Individuals Served by CarverCarver Center Progra...
18CARVER IS CELEBRATION                   Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon
20Carver CelebrationsChild of America AnnualGalaNearly 300 friends from across LowerFairfield County came together onFrida...
21Past Child of America                      Carver ConnectionHonorees                                   PartiesThe Child ...
22                              Carver Hero: Ny-Aja                          talent. Ny-Aja is receiving one-on-one       ...
23Ny-Aja Boyd tutoring at the Carver Community Center
25                                                                Contributions                                           ...
26Our Mission Partners                                   Swordspoint Foundation, Inc.                                     ...
27                                                                                                                        ...
28Thom Harrow                        Denise T. Davidoff                    Kevin Greaney                     Robert Brenne...
29Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some havegreatness thrust upon them.- Willi...
The Carver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc.7 Academy Street • Norwalk, CT 06850203-838-4305www.carvercenterct.org
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2011 Carver Annual Report


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Budget and program reach doubled in the last year.

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  • To the little Carver stars at the Carver Center

    Thank you for the stars I could not see
    The faces you made I could not be

    Though families grieve pain severe
    I pray your strength with these points I bear

    Loses come with no desire
    I lend my prayers at this mournful hour

    Storms may roar and people may flee
    The cry of former voices will comfort thee

    Just remember you are the Temple change must see

    'My prayers and condolences to the Families and those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre'

    Bro. Greenup
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2011 Carver Annual Report

  1. 1. www.carvercenterct.org CARVER 2010-2011 REVIEW 2011-2012 UPDATE REPORT TO OUR COMMUNITY
  2. 2. 2The Carver WorldThe Carver Foundation of Norwalkreaches nearly 5,000 individualseach year through a blend ofcommunity, educational, enrichmentand recreational programs, as wellas summer camp and spring and fallnational college tours.In addition to its busy communitycenter and family support services, freeafterschool programs led by certified,motivated and skilled teachers andother qualified staff and volunteers arebased within Norwalk’s four middleschools and two high schools. Carverprovides a parade of opportunities todisadvantaged youth that build skillsand ignites imaginations. Carver setsand keeps students on a trajectorytoward graduating on-time and beingcollege-ready.Carver helps disadvantaged youth go asfar as their individual talents will takethem.BUILDING LIFETIME ACHIEVERS Report designed by US DAILY DIGITAL Map courtesy of Discover Norwalk
  3. 3. 3CARVER IS LIFETIMEeducationenrichmentrecreationgraduationachievement
  4. 4. 4Governance and Board of DirectorsLeadership Janis Curtis, President Robert Brady President Emeritus William Pitt, Sotheby’s Coastal Orthopaedics, P.C. Charles Burns Lydia Barron, Vice-President Isabel Cruz Past PresidentSpecial Advisor JNET GE Capital Diana NapierRichard Whitcomb Richard Baudouin, Treasurer Trip Hoffman Infinity Aviation Cushman & Wakefield Immediate Past PresidentStrategic Planning Group Leo Mellow Valerie Watson, Secretary Cristina LintonAlexandra Baudouin Patriot National Bank Deloitte & Touche Executive Director/ Ex OfficioCommunity Volunteer Janine Smith, Assistant Secretary Louis Schulman Novelette PeterkinBarbara Cox Marketing Consultant Norwalk TransitCommunity Volunteer Simon Sumberg, Esq., Legal Counsel James Thompson, Jr.Michael Gregorich Private Legal Practice Connecticut Light & PowerStone Point Capital David Turner Marie AllenJack Ryan Norwalk Public Schools McKesson Health SolutionsSVP Human Resources, GE Capital Norman Weinberger, M.D.Janine Smith Optimus Health CareMarketing ConsultantJonathan WhitcombDiserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni LLPRichard WhitcombThe Richard and Barbara WhitcombFoundation
  5. 5. 5Mission Carver Milestones • Norwalk High School students communicated with peers in the Ni- caraguan barrio, Sonrisa de Dios, viaTo help children reach their greatest potential • Academy Street named after Facebook and Skype during the schoolby providing educational, social and recreational Carver’s longtime former Executive year and visited them last summer. Director, Richard N. Fuller.programs in a positive, safe and fun environment. • Recommended by the Fairfield • Significantly increased the annual County Community Foundation, budget mid-year with donors helping GreatSchools, the nation’s leading Carver meet demand for its afterschool source of information on school perfor- programs. mance, chose Carver to help pilot their new program called College Bound, an • Added paid internships and work online approach to helping parents raise opportunities for Carver High School college-ready high school graduates. students. • Winning the Neighborhood Excel- • Carver’s nomination wins Norwalk’s lence Award from Bank of America place among the nation’s “100 Best provided Carver’s Executive Director Communities for Young People” as and Deputy Executive Director with judged by the America’s Promise special yearlong management training; Alliance for the second year in a row. Carver also received an Organizational • Raised the private support required Effectiveness assessment by Bridgespan. to provide all of Norwalk’s 10th and 11th graders with the PSAT exam dur- ing the school day, until now only avail- able to the few who could afford the fee and time on a weekend. • Carver’s basketball league, encom-The City of Norwalk won for a second time a place among the nation’s “100 Best Communities passing 16 teams for 4th through 8thfor Young People,” as declared by the America’s Promise Alliance and ING. Dozens of students graders, won five basketball titles lastfrom West Rocks Middle School gathered with city leaders and afterschool providers in the Media season.Gallery at Stepping Stones Museum for Children to watch the America’s Promise announcementlive in Washington, DC. • Carver’s outdoor basketball court was replaced.
  6. 6. 6 We encourage families to reinforceDear Mission Partners, academic and developmental messages at home. We champion each youngThis report will show a tremendous person’s success.increase in programming for ouryouth made possible by the significant Where Carver especially flourishesinvestments of resources and trust by is in igniting the imaginations of ourour mission partners. Chief among youth, their families, our many programthese are the Carver Board of Directors partners, volunteers and donors as toand its President, Janis Curtis, the what is possible. Thank you for joiningCarver Strategic Planning Group, and us in making dreams come true forour Special Advisor and chief advocate, Norwalk’s underserved but incrediblyDick Whitcomb. This report will at best capable youth.offer a mere glimpse of the completestory that defines our growth last year Sincerely,and the pace that continues today.What we are together striving to achieve Novelette Peterkin (Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon) Executive Directoris much larger than Carver alone. Broadening our ideas about where,Caver’s vision can be summed-up in one when, and how learning happens, andword: Community. with the help of many, we are creating richer learning pathways that helpCommunity is created at Carver, young people gain the skills necessarywhether at our community center or for lifelong learning. We offer a seamlessin Norwalk’s public schools, through learning environment that can helpmutual trust, mutual belonging. promote school success and stemCommunity is the to-and-fro movement summer learning loss, and efficiently useof respect and support between youth, resources to help close the Achievementtheir families and our community Gap.partners, where each one gives andeach one receives. Carver’s community Carver kids are rich in heart and mind.includes many volunteers and donors We expose youth to new opportunities,from Greenwich to Westport. aligning our work with school and district standards and curriculum.
  7. 7. 7Greetings, We are deeply grateful to Dr. Susan On behalf of the Carver Foundation Marks and Norwalk’s school principals Board Members, I extend ourAs I complete my first year as President and teachers for embracing Carver’s heartfelt gratitude to you all for yourof the board, recalling the months gone PLUS afterschool initiatives. We were steadfast commitment, your unselfishby and looking forward to the months able to reach hundreds more youth in donations of dollars and time, and yourto come, my immediate sentiments are the schools they attend. Carver invested unwavering support for the success ofto highly commend the members of more than $1.2 million in bringing students of Norwalk. We look forwardthe Board of Directors, our visionary new resources and opportunities to to long lasting relationships workingExecutive Director, Novelette Peterkin, the budget-challenged Norwalk Public together for the future of our children,her staff and Carver’s parents and Schools. leaving our society better than weyouth for all we are able to accomplish found it!together. Many young lives are being It is fitting for this report to praise thechanged, many academic careers are legacy of the late Richard N. Fuller, a Sincerely,being enhanced and improved, and longtime educator who dedicated his Janis Curtis, Board Presidentmany expectations and aspirations are life to the children of the Carver. Mr.soaring. We are ever more determined Fuller served as Executive Director forto promote life-long achievers. was Mr. Dick Whitcomb, the former 26 years until his retirement in 2004. headmaster of St Luke’s School, New Mr. Fuller’s vision and example willThis year presented many challenges Canaan. Dick joins me in thanking live on in the countless lives he shapedas well as accomplishments. Through it everyone for their undying commitment and in the confidence he imparted toall we narrowed the Achievement Gap to putting the success of the children everyone who works to give all childrenfor Caver kids. The Carver Board was first. an equal chance at achieving successable to strategically increase Carver’s in school and beyond. To honor his2010-2011 budget mid-way through the We owe the continued effective service, the Norwalk City Councilyear and then went on to exceed our governance of Carver to our Board and renamed Academy Street “Richard N.new budget by year-end. We honor our its committees. These are dedicated and Fuller Way.” We applaud the city for thismany friends who made this possible capable individuals who believe in the consideration and share the immensewith their gifts by naming later in this Carver mission and work tirelessly to loss of this community with the Fullerreport. One person who served as create social change. Family. His contributions to the childrenCarver’s most exuberant advocate of Norwalk will surely be missed.
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9CARVER IS EDUCATION“Carver plays a critical role in supporting the educationof students in Norwalk Public Schools. It is through ashared vision that together we make a difference for themany students who participate in Carver’s programs.” -Dr. Susan Marks, Superintendent of SchoolsL-R: The Nicaragua “Fabulous 8” Team: Melissa Gabriel, Ajanique Fullard,Amber Whitaker, Ny-Aja Boyd, Novelette Peterkin, Shelda Pierre, SmanaSeradieu and Norwalk High School teacher and Carver staffer Donna Ellett
  10. 10. 10 largest “Achievement Gap.” Programs Intense Algebra maintain a 9:1 ratio and are led by Latin Dance certified teachers hired from within Karate the participating schools. Utilizing the Maritime Science extensive in-kind support of school Mentoring facilities, the program budget is further NicaPhoto – sharing photos with peers leveraged through the use of volunteers in Nicaragua with professional skills. Partnering Nutrition and Wellness agencies such as FIRST Lego (robotics), Poetry Shakespeare on the Sound, CPEP Public Speaking (STEM projects), Maritime Aquarium Robotics and Sound Waters provide in-depth Tutoring hands-on exposure to many academic Videography and enrichment disciplines. Visual Arts Teen Center Academic Enrichment Life Skills African Drumming Movie Nights Book Clubs Project MALE(Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon) L-R: Dr. Susan Marks, Superintendent of Norwalk Public Career Fair Rap TuesdaySchools; Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Molina Morgan, current CEO of America’s Promise Alliance Cartooning Sistah-to-SistahGrad Nation, former superintendent of Washington County Schools in Maryland, 2010 American CASPER (elementary students) Teen Explosion NightsAssociation of School Administrators National Superintendent of the Year, Carver 2011 Child of Chess Teen ForumsAmerica honoree; Governor Dannel Malloy; Novelette Peterkin Girl Scouts Valentines Party CMT/PSAT/CAPT/SAT PreparationThe Carver in Norwalk Public Schools currently reaching 695 youth. PLUS operates sessions Recreation College PrepAfterschool PLUS four days a week, three hours a day, College Scholarship Fund Basketball Leagues and offers nutritious snacks. ThePrograms students are recommended to Carver College Tours Field Trips Norwalk Grassroots Tennis Cooking by their guidance counselors and Safe HavenMost of Carver’s budget and energy Creative Writing teachers. Each day’s programming Soccer Leaguesis devoted to its free afterschool Financial Literacy (for both youth and is evenly balanced with academics, Summer CampPLUS (Perseverance, Leadership, parents) enrichment, and recreation to address Summer Run (Basketball)Understanding, Success) program Forensic Science deficits that contribute to the nation’sconducted in its community center and Hands-on-Science
  11. 11. 11Community Each session is a discovery of the students’ own voices and Shakespeare.Black History Celebration The sessions include creative movement,Breakfast with Champions voice work, acting, text analysis,Family Day & Events vocabulary building, writing andHalloween Party improvisation. All the programs areHoliday Parties (throughout the year) interactive, with students up on theirMothers and Others Celebration feet, together, figuring out ShakespeareParent Academy and what he has to say about issues thatStep Dance Cheer Talent Showcase mean so much to us today.Thanksgiving Food Drive and GiftBaskets When our campers were asked last summer – if any of them would want to be actors – almost all their hands shot up.Shakespeare at The first answer they gave as to why was that acting and putting on a playCarver “would make people in the audience happy.”Following the successful Shakespeareexperience at Carver’s Summer Camp,Shakespeare on the Sound designed have adequately expressed my gratitude and that Until now this important test wasa residency this school year just forCarver kids. As the 10-week residency Filling a Gap in you feel very, very proud of what you did for my available as an independent option only kids today.” Suzanne Brown Koroshetz, for those very few Norwalk studentstakes Carver students through Romeo Norwalk Public Principal, Brien McMahon High School able to take the time and pay the fee onand Juliet, the students are developingtheir own scenes and responses to Schools a weekend. Carver’s Special Advisor, The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Richard Whitcomb, learned of this gapthe play. Students learn about acting, “I want to send a heartfelt thank you for the Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/ and joined several Carver donors indirecting and writing, while enhancing awesome gift given our students today. We NMSQT) is a program cosponsored making this vital opportunity availablevocabulary, critical thinking and writing had 706 BMHS students take the PSAT by the College Board and National during the school day to all 10th andskills. They focus on scenes that allow today. Thank you for allowing us to really Merit Scholarship Corporation. It’s 11th graders at Brien McMahon,them to think through important social show students how important the PSAT test a standardized test that provides Norwalk High and Briggs High Schoolsissues like bullying and parent-child is to their education and future. It is one thing firsthand practice for the SAT. It also on October 12, 2011.conflict that the play highlights. to say it. It is another thing to invest the gives students a chance to enter NMSC time and money to make it happen. Students scholarship programs and gain access to REALLY understand that. I hope my words college and career planning tools.
  12. 12. 12Program concerns, and opportunities. Student Showcase events provide Carver youthAccountability the opportunity to “show off ” their new skills and accomplishments.“The students at West Rocks Middle Schoolare fortunate to have two Carver afterschool The Carver Theory of Changeprograms in our school. No West Rocks being measured: Youth Developmentstudents would have school-based afterschool Programming (e.g., afterschool,programs if Carver, under the leadership of summer learning, service learning,Novelette Peterkin, did not provide them with the college preparation and visitation, andgenerous support of its many donors. Carver’s career development programs) leadsimpact with West Rocks students through the to 1. Psychological Development (e.g.,years is demonstrated by their steady academic positive self esteem, academic andgains on the CMT. West Rocks School is no social efficacy), 2. Social and Cognitivelonger on the state Needs Improvement List. I Development (e.g., problem solving,consider Carver a vital member of the West conflict resolution, peer refusal, andRocks community.” decision-making skills; positive peer Dr. Lynne Moore, Principal relations; positive relations with caring adults; appropriate social behavior; civic engagement; abstaining from risky behaviors); and 3. Academic and CareerSince 2005, 100% of Development (e.g., school engagement,our high school seniors reading and math skills, college, careercontinue to graduate and job-related skills), resulting in Educational Success.on-time and 86%graduate college-ready. Carver works directly with Norwalk’s superintendent and school principals to identify specific challenges andCarver tracks student progress with implement custom initiatives of highestthe support of the UCONN Center impact on student achievement. Hiringfor Applied Research and the CT motivated certified teachers from eachState Education Department endorsed school effectively extends the school dayAPLUS System evaluation software. for both teacher and student and gives us Carver student assembles a component of the robot his team is constructing to compete in the na-Monthly parent meetings address issues, a deep and consistent (even confidential) tional FIRST Lego robotics competition.
  13. 13. 13understanding of individual studentprogress. Recruiting outside professionalsto facilitate exceptional enrichmentprograms provides teachers with newtools and resources.The Connecticut State Department ofEducation’s Bureau of Accountabilityand Improvement recently reported thatNorwalk Public Schools are improving ata rate that outpaces the rest of the state.West Rocks Middle School, the schoolwhere Carver has worked the longest, isone of two middle schools to be removedfrom the state’s “watch list.” RotonMiddle School recently met the federalbenchmarks on the Connecticut MasteryTest with the highest results in the city.
  15. 15. 15The Carver Accreditation, Licensure Girl Scout Council of Southwestern Connecticut Carver’s VolunteerCommunity Center & Memberships Grassroots Tennis Community Connecticut After-School Network Greater Schools More than 500 volunteers commitThe George Washington Carver Connecticut Association of NonprofitsCommunity Center remains the Human Services Council themselves to Carver youth and their Connecticut Department of Children andheartbeat of all that we do and Kids Helping Kids families each year. Carver was one of Familiesserves as our most enduring tribute LEAP New Canaan the initial charities to be profiled on Connecticut Department of Public Health the new Darien-based online volunteerto our namesake. Here we celebrate Maritime Aquariumas a community the holidays, our Connecticut Department of Social Services portal VolunteerSquare.org andsports leagues, summer camp, Connecticut Office of Policy and Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center Carver is a vigorous participant of theour Kindergarten-aged program Management NEON Volunteer Center and other advocatescalled CASPER, our PLUS Youth Connecticut State Department of Education City of Norwalk of voluntarism.Development Program for middle National After-School Association NicaPhotoand high school students, our youth Norwalk Department of Public Health Volunteers are integrated throughoutand their many successes in a wide Norfield Congregational Church Carver’s three intense areas of Norwalk ACTSspectrum of awards ceremonies, career Noroton Presbyterian Church afterschool programming: academics,and college fairs, and Teen Explosion Norwalk 2.0 enrichment and recreation, e.g., tutors,entertainment nights. Community Partnerships Norwalk Community College mentors, homework helpers, career 2-1-1 Infoline counseling, skill-specific projects. Norwalk Police Department The community center also utilizesA planning group led by Dick ACHIEVEWhitcomb is investigating the feasibility Norwalk Public Schools individual and groups of volunteers Alpha Kappa Alpha for community events such as Careerof refurbishing the Center with many Mayor’s Summer Youth Programnew and updated amenities and more America’s Promise Alliance Fairs, talent contests, student and family Person-to-Personfunctional space to offer our community. Big Brothers Big Sisters awards ceremonies, Teen Explosion Shakespeare on the Sound Nights, many holiday celebrations, and Bridgespan Group Silvermine Guild of Artists food drives. Carver’s annual Summer City of Norwalk Department of Youth Camp draws many more volunteers and Services Sister City Project SoundWaters corporate involvement. The Fairfield CPEP - CT Pre-Engineering Program County Sports Commission established East Norwalk Public Library St. Luke’s School, New Canaan its Cohen Fitness Center at the Carver Fairfield County Sports Commission Stepping Stones Museum for Children Community Center. Corporate teams Sacred Heart University produce day-long events for our youth Fairfield Prep Vision Project and undertake extensive renovation and FIRST Lego Robotics clean-up projects.
  16. 16. 16New Canaan’s St. Luke’s School, St.Aloysius School and ABC House all Alexis Ehrlich brought her Hip Hop Mathematics to our CASPER Norwalk Afterschool their respective goals and how our community can work in concert withconduct numerous initiatives for Carver elementary students, teaching math & Beyond those goals for the benefit of eachyouth. Noroton Presbyterian and many using music and dance movements. youth. This new tool will help steerother churches also produce important The City of Norwalk was recognized limited resources toward identified need.annual events for Carver. Dozens of Pepperidge Farm, Inc. twice by the America’s Promise Alliance volunteers spent the day painting as one of the 2010 and 2011 “100 Participant information will steadilyThe GE Fairfield Hub of the Hispanic interior and exterior surfaces, cleaning Best Communities for Young People.” shape decisions about which programsForum and the GE Capital Americas- bleachers in the gym, organizing storage Modeled after the spirit and principles are effective at attracting and retainingBank Loan Group produced a health closets, landscaping the playground, of America’s Promise, Carver is working youth. Norwalk Afterschool & Beyondeducation day called “BEE Healthy” removing and pruning trees and with Norwalk 2.0 to create Norwalk will communicate the impact and cost-(Balance, Exercise and Eating well) for installing new playground equipment Afterschool & Beyond (norwalkpromise. effectiveness of the area’s afterschoolthe Carver’s summer campers. such as a new merry-go-round. Then org), an interactive online tool to show programs as well as the existence ofPepperidge Farm, GE, The Connecticut they had energy left over to engage all opportunities available to Norwalk’s any gaps in services. This vital initiativeFood Bank and the United Way of Carver kids in musical chairs, a serious youth. will help build public will for supportiveCoastal Fairfield County partnered to basketball game, and a game of “Knock policies and investments for the benefitbring the Back Pack nutritious food Out.” In May 2011, Carver organized of Norwalk’s youth.program to the Carver kids this year a citywide celebration at Norwalkand pledged to continue the program William Pressley, a retired IBM Community College recognizingfor years to come. executive, volunteers year-round to Norwalk being named one of the bring technology solutions to Carver. nation’s “100 Best” and to beginZachary Loweth, a New Canaan High Bill also arranged for IBM to match his showcasing the promise of NorwalkSchool freshman, built five benches for very generous personal gift this year to Afterschool & Beyond. Nearly 500the new Carver outside basketball court sponsor one of Carver’s middle school youth, service providers, communityfor his Eagle Scout Leadership Project. robotics teams. leaders and an America’s Promise Alliance representative from WashingtonAlthough their office moved from DC attended. Carver will produce theNorwalk to Stamford, a group of next annual “100 Best” celebration onemployees from 1 to 1 Media/Peppers Thursday, March 1, 2012.& Rogers Group gave Carver a backto school boost with a day of painting, The goal of Norwalk Afterschool &cleaning and helping us organize in Beyond is to create conversations andpreparation for the new school year. inspire sharing between afterschool and summer providers and school teachers and administrators about
  17. 17. 17PLUS Academic Programs Individuals Served by CarverCarver Center Programs Students Town of Residence Actual 2011CASPER 60 students Darien 125Jr. YDP 45 students Greenwich 71Sr. YDP 30 students New Canaan 265High Impact Programs Students Norwalk 3650Intense CMT 30 Stamford 295Intense Algebra (Nathan Hale) 30 Other 415Intense Algebra (Roton) 30High Impact Initiatives Students Total 4821PSAT for all 10th and 11th graders 585 Norwalk High School students (over 80% took the test)PSAT for all 10th and 11th graders 707 Brien McMahon High School students (over 90% took the test)High Impact Initiatives Students Estimated EthnicityNathan Hale Middle School 90 students Asian 14PONUS Middle School 90 students Black 2200Roton Middle School 90 students Hispanic 1412West Rocks Middle School 90 students Native American 0Brien McMahon High School 30 students White 1180Norwalk High School 50 students Other (specify) 15 Unknown 0 Total 4821
  18. 18. 18CARVER IS CELEBRATION Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20Carver CelebrationsChild of America AnnualGalaNearly 300 friends from across LowerFairfield County came together onFriday evening, June 3rd, to enjoy aspectacular evening at Darien’s WeeBurn Country Club. Guests gave arecord-breaking $313,000 to celebratethe greatly expanding work of theCarver Foundation of Norwalk.Pepperidge Farm received theCommunity Builder annual award.Elizabeth “Betty” Molina Morgan,Ph.D., the leader of the America’sPromise Alliance Grad Nation and theformer superintendent of WashingtonCounty Schools in Maryland and2010 American Association of SchoolAdministrators National Superintendentof the Year, received our Child ofAmerica award. Keynote Speaker, RayDalio, CEO of Bridgewater Associates,spoke movingly of the need for all youthto receive an excellent education.Guests enjoyed cocktails on the veranda,an elegant dinner and rousing liveauction and stayed until midnight notwilling for the evening’s joy to end. (Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon) Keynote Speaker, Ray Dalio, CEO of Bridgewater Associates, being introduced (and surprised) by old friends.What the evening celebrated, the successof Norwalk youth, will never end.
  21. 21. 21Past Child of America Carver ConnectionHonorees PartiesThe Child of America award honors In addition to Carver’s annual gala,leaders in the fight for educational individuals offer their homes andopportunity and a just society. Past private clubs and committees form tohonorees were Pulitzer Prize-winning help organize wonderful gatherings forauthor, Roger Wilkins, in 2002, the friends and neighbors to learn aboutfirst year of the award; Helene Gayle, the work of Carver. Three such partiesMD, President and CEO of CARE were organized last spring and summerUSA; James Comer, MD, the Maurice in Darien, New Canaan and Rowayton.Folk Professor of Child Psychiatry at Hundreds of people enjoyed fine foodYale University School of Medicine; and fellowship while learning about andGeoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem advancing the mission of Carver.Children’s Zone; Cynthia Thompson, (Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon) Janine Smith,National Chair of The Girl Scouts of Child of America Gala ChairAmerica; Cornell Leverette Moore,Esq., Grand Sire Archon-Elect, SigmaPi Phi Fraternity; the Reverend Dr.James Alexander Forbes, Jr., SeniorMinister Emeritus of RiversideChurch, NY, NY; Richard Fuller, thepast Executive Director of the CarverCenter (1978-2004); and in 2010Debo P. Adegbile, director of litigationfor the NAACP Legal Defense andEducational Fund.
  22. 22. 22 Carver Hero: Ny-Aja talent. Ny-Aja is receiving one-on-one training from nationally recognized Boyd artists and scholars throughout the year, culminating in both her enrollment CarverHeroes.org in the English-Speaking Union’s annual Shakespeare competition and Some Carver kids can benefit from involvement in Shakespeare on the even more than what our already Sound’s celebrated annual summer brimming programs offer. Ny-Aja Boyd production. is such a student. These are our PLUS PLUS students. We take special care to Ny-Aja also has a heart for those more provide as many specific resources and disadvantaged. Participating in another relationships as their ambition, talent Carver program, this past summer and hard work can embrace. Ny-Aja joined Novelette Peterkin, her art teacher and five of her classmates Ny-Aja is an 11th grader at Norwalk to travel to Nicaragua where she spent High School, president of her class, a a week with her peers with whom she school cheer leader, and a member of had communicated all year long via the National Black MBA Association’s Skype and Facebook. They worked on Leaders of Tomorrow debating community projects together. Ny-Aja society. Ny-Aja is a regular traveler on returned all the more determined to Carver’s national college tours and a achieve her goals and to rememberNy-Aja Boyd, Carver student part-time staff member at Carver’s those far less fortunate. community center. Ny-Aja will be the first generation college graduate Ny-Aja’s successes and stunning in her family. For Ny-Aja there is no future are as much your doing as Achievement Gap. Carver (you and hers. Your support helps to bridge the Carver) stand in the Gap to help her Achievement Gap for Carver kids. As across. And what a joy it is to see her stubborn as this shameful statistic is for vault the challenges. the state (Connecticut has long endured the nation’s largest Achievement Gap), Ny-Aja recently received Shakespeare Carver kids graduate on-time and on the Sound’s inaugural Young college-ready. That is our promise to Scholars Fellowship, designed to them – and to you. support and further the artistry, literacy and scholarship of local pre-college
  23. 23. 23Ny-Aja Boyd tutoring at the Carver Community Center
  25. 25. 25 Contributions 38 %2010-2011 ReviewFinancial Accountability Audited 2010-2011 Fundraisers 10 %Audited Financials for the year INCOMEending June 30, 2010 $2,226,230 Service &Audited Financials for the year ending Program FeesJune 30, 2011 5% GrantsTotal Assets $ 797,676 In - Kind & Other 37 %Total Current Liabilities $ 191,120 5%Total Net Assets $ 606,556Total Revenue $2,226,230 Community ProgramsTotal Expenses $2,009,551 7%Operating Surplus $ 216,679 Youth Recreational Programs 5% Youth Summer Programs 7% Audited 2010-2011 EXPENSES FundRaising & $2,009,551 Development 11 % General & Admin Youth Educational 12 % Programs 58 %
  26. 26. 26Our Mission Partners Swordspoint Foundation, Inc. The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc. Bill and Barbara Cox Charles Adams The Perrin Family Foundation Wilton Congregational Church Charles and Elizabeth BurnsJuly 1, 2010 to June 30, The Serenbetz Family Foundation Wilton Woman’s Club Charles and Julia Hoffman The Community Fund of Darien Citigroup Foundation2011 United Way of Coastal Fairfield Curtis and Leslie Roach Mentor $1,000 to $4,999 David and Barbara BellCarver sincerely thanks and seeks to recognize Sponsor $10,000 to $19,999 Adam and Nicole Morton Deloitte & Touche LLPthe many supporters who gave so generously to Affinion Group Drs. Susan and Norman Weinberger Alex G. Nason Foundation Eric and Paula Dalrympleadvance the Carver mission during the past fiscal Alan and Marsha Ingber Anonymous Everett and Sarah Schenk Alexander and Karen Zaharoffyear. Please let us know of any omissions or errors First County Bank Foundation Allen and Claudine Siegel Fairfield County Bankon this donor list or to request anonymity in future GE Real Estate Fairfield County Chapter of The Links Inc. America’s Promise Alliance Goldman, Sachs & Co. Fairfield County Sports Commission, Inc.donor rolls. Space limitations require that we begin Inner-City Foundation for Charity and Education Anthony Daddino Armen and Dede Keteyian First Congregational Church of Darienour list at $100 and above, though our gratitude Kevin and Janet Cramer Beiersdorf, Inc. Howard and Suzie Landisis just as deep for all donors, including those who Near & Far Aid Associationgive in-kind gifts, regardless of their capacity to Newman’s Own Foundation Noroton Presbyterian Churchgive at that level. Patrick and Gretchen Callaghan Richard and Alexandra Baudouin Stephen and Susan MandelCarver Stars $100,000 and upAnonymous Guardian $5,000 to $9,999The Grossman Family Foundation Anonymous DonorRichard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation Anonymous DonorState of Connecticut Department of Education Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Brent and Christine Haney Bruce RitterGuardian Angel $20,000.00 to Campbell Soup Foundation$99,999 Carl and Amy Kuehner First Congregational Church of GreenwichAllen S. Church Jon SacklerBruce and Sharon Bottomley Jonathan and Rachel WhitcombCDBG-Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Linda Richardson Harper FoundationCity of Norwalk - NEON NewAlliance FoundationEdward S. Moore Family Foundation Norfield Congregational ChurchFairfield County Community Foundation Norwalk Board of EducationGE Capital, Americas Paul and Amy Darrah, Jr.Horizon Foundation, Inc. Pepperidge Farm, Inc.James G. Fitzpatrick Richard and Wendy BaskinMichael and Janine Smith Robert and Susan BishopNew Canaan Community Foundation Susan JensenOffice of Policy Management
  27. 27. 27 27IBM Employee Services Center Blandine LewineIrwin Belk Educational Foundation Charles and Anita JonesJames and Deborah Fieber Charles and Emily Dreas IIIJanice Kunst Charles and Molly MoseleyJeff and Jill Stute Christ Church GreenwichJohn and Shona Seifert Chuza FoundationKevin and Sally MacGuire Community Health SystemsKing Industries David and Nicole NasonLouis and Sylvia Schulman Debo and Susan Haskell AdegbileMaurice Goodman Foundation Doug DooleyMichael and Holly Watts Edward Wynn PlautMid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center Inc Foster Family FundNorwalk Children’s Foundation Greg and Cecilia McCallPatriot National Bank Gregory and Donna WilsonPauline E. Fitzpatrick Charitable Trust Harry Donenfeld FoundationPearl Family Foundation James and Lestina TrainorPompa Construction LLC Jamie and Alison Von KlempererReid and Sue Campbell Jim and Margaret RileyRichard and Beth Zucker John and Diane LevinRichard and Ellen Knight John and Gretchen StevensRichard and Jean Bollman Judith TimollRobert and Alicia Wyckoff Karl ChevroletRobert and Ann Eydt Lunsford Richardson, Jr.Robert and Carol Haskell Manuel and Nadine SchultzRobert and Sharon Prince Matt and Maggie KelleyRotary Club of New Canaan Charitable Foundation Matthew and Mary Elizabeth PetersonStolt Nielsen USA INC MBI, Inc.Stratford and Kathleen Wallace Mike and Cecilie JedlickaThe WellSpring Trust Missy SmithTruist Nabi and Fatou NiangUBM Media LLC Nathaniel and Mary YordonUBS Matching Gift Program New England Insurance ServicesUnited Church of Rowayton Peter and Page MorrisonUSTA CT Polly Perkins-JohnsonWeston Women’s League R. T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.Westport Rotary Club Foundation Ray and Amy RiversWilliam and Mary Pressley Robert Doran Rowayton Volunteer Fire Department Russell Gaudreau, IIICoach $500 to $999 Ruth FreemanAndrew Knuth Sean and Emily BryanAnthony and Jen Whitworth Simon and Ileen Sumberg Carver student assembles a component of the robot her team is constructing to compete in theArnold M. Karp St. Matthew’s ParishBaker Vail and Suzanne Small Steve and Sandy Ward national FIRST Lego robotics competition.
  28. 28. 28Thom Harrow Denise T. Davidoff Kevin Greaney Robert BrennerThomas and Wendell Livingston Dr. Peter and Gina Legnani Leigh and Frances Wilson Robert ManningThomas and Janet O’Connor Eleck & Salvato Electric Inc M. Eric & Christine Smith Robert Patrick and Margaret SteeleTimothy and Susan Jensen Elizabeth “Betsy” English Marguerite Fuller Ronald and Carolyn DominiciTom and Susan Reynolds Elliott and Marguerite Sisson Marion Gilbert Russell and Nancy BrewerTonya Williams-Peterson Eric and Claudia Zeller Mark and Jody Sattler Ruthann WalshUnitarian Church of Westport Finn and Terry Wettergreen Mayor Richard A. Moccia Scott and Gretchen BrooksWhite Mountains, Inc. Fred and Elsie Ashley Michael and Candace Curran Shanin and Nicole FarzamWilliam and Laurie Young Gabe and Jennifer Morrow Michael and Susan Resch Soulful 70’s Reunion Gary and Valerie Schanzer Michael and Valerie Frost Stephen De Lange GE Foundation Matching Gift Program Mike and Cara Reilly Stephen PetriconeFriends $499 and Under Geoff and Dana Beringer Neal and Catherine Konstantin Steven and Vivian GrahamAndrew and Susan Mais George and Carol Blauvelt Norbert and E. Diana Napier Stuart and Betty BerelsonAntoinette and Richard Bain Gerald Carlin Norwalk Police Union Local 1727 Tamra LichtmanArne and Helen de Keijzer Harlan and Phyllis Murray Norwalk Sail & Power Squadron TD Bank, N.A.Barbara Henry Harrison and Lisa Dunne Patricia Tyre Thomas and Elizabeth DoughtyBenefit Planning Services, LLC Harrison and Nancy Buck Paul and Helene Bartilucci Thomas and Laura KirkpatrickBill and Julie Nightingale Howard and Sandra Nottingham Pauline Randall Timothy and Karen RonanBrian and Susan Gaffney Ian and Tracy King Peter and Argery Poulos Todd and Tera RahnBrian and Susanna Filanowski J R and Deborah Chapman Peter and Lisa Rossi Tom ChiappettaBridgeport Tent LLC James and Jeanette Wheeler Peter and Pamela Michalowski United Congregational ChurchBruce and Cherie Burton James and Jennifer Schaffer Peter and Suzie Jellinek United Way of Northern Fairfield CountyBruce and Margo Kirby James and Jill Bicks Peter Boone, M.D. Walter and Beryl PlautC. Flemming and Judy Heilmann Jared and Marie Palmer Phil and Ginny Grant Westchester CountyCaren Brown Jean Ely Radoslaw and Kinga Zapert William and Elizabeth ReissCarl and Stephanie Brodnax Jeffrey and Sarah Vosburgh Richard and Joanne Van Steen William and Margaret AndersonCarl and Barbara Westhelle Jeffrey and Suzanne Miller Robert & Marion Green William and Ruth FreemanCatherine Vaughn Jerry and Lynne Minsky Robert and Jane Malcolm Wilton Presbyterian ChurchCharles and Schuyler Hinnant John and Mimi van Dyke Robert and Margaret CasteCharles and Susan Carroll John and Anne Hutchins Robert and Paula NussleinChristopher and Eve Ford John and Chris Igneri Robert and Virginia MartinChristopher and Kristin Glowacki John and Joan de RegtChristopher and Mollie Boyle John and Michelle Sini, Jr.D. M. and C. V. Owen John and Sue GoetzDale and Inge Ortmeyer John GillDaniel and Janet Oak John GregsonDarien Sport Shop Jonathan and Kimbel BieleDavid and Alexandra Austin Joseph and Patricia BlazovicDavid and Diane Boston Joseph and Patricia CappalongaDavid and Lisa Ives Kelley ConnorsDavid and Sara Hunt Ken and Kristy BarclayDavid and Susan Ballard Kenneth and Pam RittDean Kauffman Kevin and JoAnne MorleyDenise Schulman Kevin and Kathy Walsh
  29. 29. 29Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some havegreatness thrust upon them.- William Shakespeare
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