Facebook News Feed and Ad Targeting


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On March 7, Facebook announced it was overhauling the news feed as we know it with enhancements to visuals, additional control over multiple feeds, and mobile integration so the Facebook experience is seamless across ALL devices. Join the Starmark team on to find out how these changes are going to affect you and your business.

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Facebook News Feed and Ad Targeting

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  4. 4. Understanding  the  new  Facebook  Newsfeed  and  Ad  Targe7ng  Op7ons
  5. 5. Facebook Enhancements Highlights Rich Stories
  6. 6. Rich Stories HighlightsImages:• Significantly larger display of images...
  7. 7. Rich Stories HighlightsImages:• Cover images will be included in Page Posts; no more 20% rule.
  8. 8. Rich Stories HighlightsVideos:• Significantly larger display of videos too...
  9. 9. Rich Stories HighlightsEvents:• Events will get more prominence too...
  10. 10. Rich Stories HighlightsApps:• Other apps (like Instagram and Pinterest) will be more prominent
  11. 11. Rich Stories HighlightsBrand Posts:• When businesses buy feed ads that feature a photo, those photos will be bigger.
  12. 12. Rich Stories HighlightsAds:“We’re taking all the content you see in thefeed and making it more immersive. So thatgoes across the board for everything,including ads” - Julie Zhuo, Facebook’s head of product design
  13. 13. Facebook Enhancements Highlights Mobile
  14. 14. Mobile HighlightsMobile:• Completely unified experience
  15. 15. Facebook Enhancements Highlights News Feeds
  16. 16. News Feeds HighlightsFeeds:• You now have a choice of feeds
  17. 17. News Feeds HighlightsFeeds:• You now have a choice of feeds
  18. 18. News Feeds HighlightsFeeds:• You now have a choice of feeds
  19. 19. News Feeds HighlightsFeeds:• How this effects Brand Pages
  20. 20. News Feeds HighlightsFeeds:• This could be a win: • Users will see all posts • Users can filter their feed to only your brand• However • Users may not use News or Following feeds...
  21. 21. Facebook Enhancements Highlights
  22. 22. Facebook Exchange Highlights Facebook Exchange: • Facebook’s version of retargeting... They leave without taking action...User Visits your site They can now see your ad on Facebook!
  23. 23. A Smarter Facebook Ad HighlightsAd Funnel:• A better way to advertise
  24. 24. Facebook ExchangeResults: Highlights• Only 12.8% of US marketers have used the opportunity, but more than 60% have bought some form of Facebook advertising.• The performance of FBX vs. Retargeted Display ads are almost at par with each other in less than 6 months.• eMarketer predicts Real Time Bidding (RTB) will account for a quarter of the display market in 2015. FBX will be the source of that growth.
  25. 25. Facebook Custom Audiences HighlightsCustom Retargeting - on Facebook:• Targeting based on phone number 954-555-1212 Phone Match Found On Facebook, they see your ad!
  26. 26. Facebook Custom Audiences HighlightsCustom Retargeting - on Facebook:• Targeting based on email address john@smith.com Email Match Found On Facebook, they see your ad!
  27. 27. Facebook Custom Audiences HighlightsCustom Retargeting - on Facebook:• Targeting based on Facebook ID X39HAU45173 FBID Match Found On Facebook, they see your ad!
  28. 28. Additional Engagement Highlights
  29. 29. Additional Engagement Highlights
  30. 30. Summary HighlightsRich Stories:• Get Visual!Feed:• Time will tell...Mobile:• Mobile like gatesAdvertising on Facebook:• Retargeting now available on Facebook Exchange• Collect marketing data for Custom Audiences on Facebook
  31. 31. Understanding  the  new  Facebook  Newsfeed  and  Ad  Targe7ng  Op7ons
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