2013 Social Madness Best Practices


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Deck presented for the 2013 South Florida Business Journal competition to help participants get started.

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2013 Social Madness Best Practices

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  3. 3. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDOur Backbone:Company Founded on Integrated MarketingInteractive, Social & Public RelationsReturn On Investment FocusedTop-10 Diversity Owned Company in FloridaNationwide RecruitmentRecognized Top South Florida CEOIncludes:Fort Lauderdale (Headquarters)San Juan, PROrlando, FLStarmarkPeggy NordeenCEO3
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  6. 6. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSocial Media: Understanding “Your Social Graph”6
  8. 8. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSocial Media Channels Defined8
  9. 9. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHere at your “home-base” you will:• Speak in the voice of your brand.• Harness your thought leadership.• Give the deepest content surrounding your positions, knowledge and advice.• Create this as a “one-stop-shop” for all your social channels.• Give the ability to subscribe to your email list, blog, newsletters and additionalchannels.Your Website & Blog9
  10. 10. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Remains currently the largest social communityRules of the social road:• Listen the most; “LIKE” often; replay with frequency; react only if challengedappropriately; respect all communities.• The new Facebook news feed is all about rich photography...so be sure tobuild an appropriate image library for your brand.• Speak with a positive, approachable tone and manner.• Facebook also contains a myriad of opportunities such as groups, polls,apps and widgets that allow you to further create and extend your socialengagement.• Use timeline’s robust “Pin to top” and photo features to make anunforgettable visual experience.• Make sure to integrate your Pinterest account..it’s a great opportunity torecruit new followers.A Facebook “Page” Provides Analytics10
  11. 11. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Following competitors within your space can provide time-sensitive insight.• Following industry leaders can provide insight.• Retweet content from the leaders that you feel merit redistribution.• Tweeting with embedded links (showing resource) and #hashtags for search-ability is the best combination to make your content shareable - AKA:“retweetable”• Easy way to show perceived activity and engagement within your space.Twitter Channels11
  12. 12. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Incredibly powerful social channel for networking within your industry.• Creating and participating actively in “Groups” (not selling) can quickly moveyour perceived social credibility up.• Make sure that your Company Page is clean and well defined, employeeshave consistent photography and corporate “brand speak”.• Use the “Answers” tab as well to help (not sell) people/businesses within yourgiven expertise and this will create instant brand loyalty.LinkedIn Provides Analytics12
  13. 13. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Google+ started as a Facebook haters cult; users wishing Facebookwasn’t what it continues to be instantly culminated here for conversation.This is important to note as you HAVE to message them with differentconversational tone and content.• The rules are the same as other large social channels - follow propersocial etiquette.• Follow your competitors and like-minded associates within the space;“+1” (give kudos) to articles that you think merit your interests; createand communicate smart and inspired content.• The conversations tend to lean toward a higher educated,technologically savvy and an affluent demographic.A Google+ Page13
  14. 14. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Slideshare is a key component in creating “thought leadership” within yourspace.• Slideshare is ONE location where PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Keynoteand other documentation can be posted for review, embedding and socialsharing.• Creating a grouping of materials within your field of expertise on thischannel can skyrocket your credibility and give you materials to link andembed across your social channels.Slideshare.Net (not counted for Social Madness)14
  15. 15. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Photographic stills and video are essential to convey your brand.• Visually documenting your travels, products and events is as important tothe fabric of your brand as the story is.• Having photos that can be distributed and embedded into your content bringshigher search engine ranking and key-word association.• Photos give your user base an “insiders look” at your company and yourculture.Flickr and/or a Social Photo/Video Channel (not counted for Social Madness)Provides Analytics15
  16. 16. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Location-based tools allow retailers and points of interest to create a digitallandmarks that can be found with GPS-enabled smartphones.• Make sure that you “own” your company and its locations within theseapplications.• This technology allows businesses to adjust the users “consideration set” bypresenting deals, offers and messaging within the same proximity space asother competitors.• For more great information see our presentation here:http://www.slideshare.net/starmarkintl/20-locationbased-sites-you-should-claim-your-venueFoursquare and/or Location-Based Social Channels(not counted for Social Madness)Provides Analytics16
  17. 17. © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDAlternate Social Channels17
  18. 18. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED#SocialMadness - Strategies18
  19. 19. © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDFOLLOWERSFANSFRIENDS#SocialMadness: StrategiesENGAGEIntroductions& networkingINCENTIVIZEContests,coupons & dealsRECRUITAsk for supportDISTRIBUTEExtend yourefforts acrosschannelsCOMMUNICATEQuestions,feedback, surveys& chit-chatADVOCATEKeep communityinformed &empowered19
  20. 20. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHow much and how often should you communicate, externally to people to simply be social andinvolved in conversation?• Your blog: 1-2 posts per week• Twitter: 6-8 tweets per day• Facebook brand page: post 3-6 short posts per day• Youtube channel: Check once a day for comments; “LIKE” 1 video per day; “Add to” 1 videoto a channel within your channel (typically something from your industry) once a week.• Google+ brand page: 3-6 short posts per day• Linkedin: Answer 1-3 questions on LinkedIn per week• In addition to the suggested, be sure to “LIKE” others’ comments and participate in asmany conversations as your schedule will permit.#SocialMadness: Frequency within your social channels20
  21. 21. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED#SocialMadness - Best Practices21
  22. 22. © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSocial Engagement with your Audience• Listen!• Start question threads• Do not judge; simply be a part of the community and intervene only if absolutely necessary• Evolve! Make sure that your content isnt stuck at a dead end• Bring in outside authors, bloggers and spotlights• Be topical• Have fun22
  23. 23. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Hashtagging:Example:“I just picked up some great shoes! #nike”• Linking/Sourcing:Example:“I just picked up some great shoes! #nike - http://nikeid.nike.com/nikeid/”• @Handles:Example:“I just picked up some great shoes! #nike - http://nikeid.nike.com/nikeid/ @Nike”Dissecting the perfect “Tweet”23
  24. 24. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Increase your social activity exponentially during the event• Remember to recruit participation through alternate channels• Treat all your social channels like a different friend in a unique space...but be consistent.• Be enthusiastic, creative, enticing and infectious in your winning messaging!• Create physical signage and inform your staff to think “Social Madness” throughout the event• Create "in real life" (IRL) networking functions and follow up with social outreach• Leverage promoted posts on Facebook...they are allowed.• Know and live by the rules!Your “Lucky 7” Takeaways for Social Madness24
  25. 25. © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSee http://www.slideshare.net/starmarkintl for more education!Stay Engaged!Register for eTips & Free Webinars at eTips.starmark.comToday is the last day to register for Social Media Madness!25
  26. 26. © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThank You.Diego NaranjoVP, Strategy & Planningemail: dnaranjo@starmark.comtwitter: @miamiadguy26