SA - Southern Grasslands


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  • SA - Southern Grasslands

    1. 1. Regions: SOUTH Brazil Northern Tropics Andean CountriesSouthern Grasslands AMERICA
    2. 2. Southern Grasslands Uruguay, Paraguay & Argentina These countries offer asharp contrast to the rest ofSouth America for 2 reasons:1) all are among the most prosperous countries nations in South America; 2) they have large populations of people with European heritage.
    3. 3. Physical Characteristicsof the Southern Grasslands are significant... Great Rivers Rio de la Plata - a large estuary 4 rivers in the Plata river system form national boundaries: the Uruguay, the Paraguay, the Pirana, and the Pilcomayo Andes the highest mountains in the Andes are found in this region; they give way to the piedmont in the east Tropical Lowlands the Gran Chaco (“hunting land”) is a lowland region of savanna and dense shrub; wet/dry seasons Grasslands The Pampas (perhaps the best-known feature of South America; home to Gauchos; known as a “bread basket” Patagonia producing grains and high, windswept plateau; desolate, dry and cold; cattle suitable for raising sheep; oil and bauxite deposits
    4. 4. Argentina The peaks of the Patagonia region straddle Argentina and Chile
    5. 5. Population - 37 millionArgentina mostly Spanish and Italian descent, many migrated to Argentina after European wars in the 1900s Argentina is the wealthiest nation in Latin America based on per capita GNP Buenos Aires Vibrant city but has heavy air pollution because of factories and freighters in the harbor Capital - Buenos Aires (population 13 million)
    6. 6. Argentina - Politics Argentina was ruled by a series of military dictators from the 1940s to the 1980s. Juan Perón was the most famous as he sought to build Argentina’s economy and distribute its wealth more evenly, championing the poor. His wife Eva became a heroin to Argentina’s poor. Madonna portrayed Eva Perón in the film Evita.
    7. 7. Paraguay Most of the population lives in the Highlands in the east. The Chaco in the west is swampy and sparsely populated.Even though the country is land locked, the Plata river system provides a direct outlet to the sea for imports and exports.
    8. 8. Paraguay Paraguayan economy is based on Agriculture - livestock, grains and cotton Itaipu Dam a joint engineering project between Paraguay and Brazil on the Parana River, Paraguayans hope thatCapital - Ascunción inexpensive electricity will make up for the country’s basic lack of mineral resources.
    9. 9. Uruguay“river of the painted bird” Most of Uruguay is rolling grasslands so the economy is based on raising livestock, growing feed grains, and wool and leather goods.
    10. 10. Uruguay“river of the painted bird” Population mostly Spanish and Italian Uruguay has a very large Middle Class, and few slums in larger cities. Uruguay currently holds free elections and is one of the only Capital - Montevideo countries in which citizens are located on the Rio de la Plata “required” to vote and are fined if they don’t.