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This presentation was developed by HP, highlighting OpenVMS

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  • Why is the formatting so messed up?? Great presentation otherwise. What about today - with the end-of-support certain (after so many years of rumors) - where does it go?? I hope it gets donated to Firefox or somebody buys it to continue support. It would be a shame for such great technology to go to waste.
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OpenVMS Today

  1. 1. OpenVM today S Going beyond technology January 2006 © 2004 Hew lett-Packard Developm Com ent pany, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. HP OpenVM today S Providing legendary security, availability, data integrity and easily-managed solutions to real business problem at the right price. s
  3. 3. W does OpenVM have such a hy S great reputation? Yet… you m not have heard m ay uch about it? • What I tell m custom nowis that y ers This you can have 7 by 24 availability, and pow erful wheel you can have 7 by 24 by 365 availability, but w OpenVM you get ith S just does not 7 by 24 by 365 by 8 years, and that’ s squeak pretty unbeatable. Peter Clout, president, Vista Control System s • OpenVM really is one of the industry’ S s best kept secrets. Colin Butcher, Director, XDelta Ltd. • OpenVM is the m secure and S ost reliable operating system w have ever e experienced. Gene Batan, Vice President of the System and s Inform ation Technology Departm of ent Com erzbank, North Am m erica
  4. 4. Where you find OpenVMS • OpenVM Users: M S illions of users around the globe • OpenVM System in use (VAX, Alpha, Integrity):300,000 in S s production • Wherever the m secure, available, reliable, scalable environm ost ent is needed M arket profile: • #1 rated in Healthcare • 30% of m obile phones billed in the w orld • 50% of the w orld’ SM transactions s S • Significant w orld presence in top Exchanges: 6 newin 18 m onths • Dom inant in autom ated in Lottery system s • Leading supplier to the w orld’ largest CPU chip m s anufacturer • M any of the w orld’ m dem s ost anding Governm environm ent ents requiring security and availability
  5. 5. OpenVM industry focus S Telecoms Financial Manufacturing Public Sector Healthcare Services and Distribution Industries • Network • RetailBanking • Automotive & • Defense, • Clinical IS equipm ent •W holesale Suppliers Intelligence & • M anagement providers Banking • Distribution Public Safety IS •M obile Billing • Capital • Utilities • Civilian • Decision •M edia Markets Agencies • Sem i- Support Provision • Exchanges conductor • Education • Scheduling • Pharm aceutical • Gaming OpenVM is a general-purpose operating system w applicability across virtually S ith any vertical or horizontal application area. Key exam ples: retail, transportation, pow distribution, etc. er
  6. 6. Business benefits of OpenVMS — going beyond technology — Business Continuity Security Business Hardw are, Application Benefits storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability/C onsolidation/ Virtualization
  7. 7. Today, OpenVM protects your S m vital business investm ost ents • Your data – Reliability, flexibility, capacity, and disaster tolerance • Your customers Business – Security, data integrity, availability Continuity Security Business • Your IT budget Hardw are, Application Benefits storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions –Manageability through virtualization M anageability/ Consolidation/ Virtualization • Maxim flexible use of available resources um – Scalability –scale up/scale out – Easy application upgrades and hardw transitions are • Excellent application developm ent/maintenance tools • Broad spectrum of offerings from application partners • Latest storage technologies, hot-swaps and on-the-fly upgrades
  8. 8. Business Continuity Business Continuity Security Business Hardw are, Application Benefits storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability/C onsolidation/ Virtualization
  9. 9. W OpenVM hy S? Business Continuity • To you, “ downtim is an e” unacceptable w ord • You prefer to measure uptim in years rather than e hours or days
  10. 10. Business Continuity W is “ hat Business Continuity” The ability for a business to continue operations at a pre-determ ined level regardless of the impact of adverse internal or external events. With respect to the supportive IT infrastructure it is the goal of: − 100% continuous cluster availability − 100% application availability − 100% cluster reliability and accuracy − 100% data availability and integrity Not all business continuity offerings are the same. What makes OpenVM different? S − Features that protect the system/cluster from intrusion and denial of service attempts − Features that enable long distance clusters and keep a system going, even during a real disaster − M uch m ore
  11. 11. OpenVM Business Continuity S Excellence in Cluster/DT features and services Excellence in OpenVM Features S + HP Service Offerings = Disaster Tolerance • OpenVM Clustering S • Service Offerings at • Rapid Business − Rolling Upgrades increasing levels Recovery − All-nodes active model – Custom choice of er – Virtually − Centralized cluster support levels undetectable failover m anagem ent from one site to – Business Continuity another • Fibre Channel Storage Consulting Services − Direct access to rem otely (BCS) – Application Failover located storage in minutes – Disaster Tolerant − Distances up to 800 Km – Data Access Cluster Services − Hardw Mare irroring (CA) (DTCS) Recovery in seconds • Inherent Disaster Tolerance Capabilities − Distances up to 800 Km − Mirroring via Host Based Volum Shadow e ing In a Disaster, Your Business stays Running !
  12. 12. Business Continuity Up to100% application availability • High single system RAS • OpenVM clusters S − High availability − Disaster tolerance • OpenVM Host Based Volum Shadow S e ing and HP continuous access •Mixed architecture environments − VAX and AlphaServer systems − AlphaServer system and HP Integrity servers s
  13. 13. Am sterdam Police Departm — ent 100% application availability Am sterdam Police Dept. has reported application availability of 8 years, w the oldest hardw just ith are 4 years old! Business needs Solution Custom benefits er • Com plete flexibility • OpenVM clusters S • Continuous Zero application application • • OpenVM disaster S availability for 8 dow tim n e tolerant cluster years • Including during a services facility move • Oldest system are 4 s years old • Including during • M oved facility 15 Km upgrades and w continuous ith m aintenance application availability
  14. 14. Howto m ove a system w no ith downtime Final stage –m ove site #1 equipm to replace rental ent equipment “ Old” site #2 decom issioned System tested for 1 w s eek after a w eek of successful Volum Shadow allow e ing ed to ensure stability Cluster nowre-form running of “ porary” tem ed to synchronise newsite Equipm rented and ent again to “ ” cluster. site #2 new Cluster then reform #1. installed site site using ed Second “ in newleft as fall- old” Equipm ment oved to new rental equipm and one ent back site #2 existing site
  15. 15. OpenVM Clusters helped S Com erzbank tolerate disaster on m Septem 11, 2001 ber “ Because of the intense heat in our data center, all system crashed except for our s AlphaServer GS160... OpenVM w S ide-area clustering and volum e-shadow technology ing kept our prim system running off the ary drives at our rem site 30 m ote iles away.” Werner Boensch, Executive Vice President Com erzbank, North Am m erica
  16. 16. Security Business Continuity Security Hardw are, Application storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability/C onsolidation/ Virtualization
  17. 17. W OpenVM hy S? Security and Data Integrity • You want a system that w t on’ corrupt the disk structure if a pow failure or system crash er occurs • You don’w t ant to be a m ber em of the Virus-of-the-W eek Club • 9 out of 10 hackers prefer another operating system –they can’get in unless som t eone gives them a passw ord
  18. 18. OpenVM security: Rock solid S • Highest security of any general-purpose com ercial OS – m • Industry standard security technologies on a C2 com pliant, virus resistant, highly available platform • Rock solid security  is w banking funds hy  transfers, exchanges,  governm ent defense program run on s  OpenVM S. 
  19. 19. Cluster charts
  20. 20. OpenVM Security: M S any layers – single dom ain • Each layer requires its ow privileges & n authorizations • A breach in any one layer does not comprom any ise other layer • Result: −Maxim protection um el −Minim w um orry e lev ileg Many w ith Priv very lim ited privileges Very, very few w broad and ith deep privileges
  21. 21. OpenVM = secure by design S Em bracing industry standard security technologies for secure and seam less enterprise on a C2 com pliant, Virus resistant highly available platform. Network Data Integrity Intrusion detection security confidentially and analysis Host Access Support of Industry Support Industry Host Based Cluster Single Security Dom ain Standard Netw ork Standard encryption w intrusion detection ide across host or cluster Security tools Support for multiple • CDSA Com prehensive Audit Authentication m ethods • Kerberos • GnuPG analysis and reporting • OpenSSL • Encryption for Fine grain privileges • SSH OpenVM S • IPSEC (Securing OpenView integration Backups)
  22. 22. “ have 20 years' experience “I Quote venting inform circumslide ation security m easures and can report that I have successfully com prom ised all system that I targeted for s unauthorized access except one.” Kevin Mitnick before the Com ittee On Governm m ental Affairs United States Senate One Hundred Sixth Congress Second Session M arch 2, 2000
  23. 23. Manageability Consolidation Virtualization Business Continuity Security Hardw are, Application storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability Consolidation Virtualization
  24. 24. W OpenVM hy S? Efficient, cost-effective m anagem andent virtualization • You dislike waste of com puting capacity •“ Reboot; and if that doesn’w t ork, Reinstall”is NOT the answ to every er problem • The OS that lets your IT staff sleep at night
  25. 25. Managem context ent • System Management • Server Management − Control/m onitoring of −M anagem from a single ent system /cluster point of control −M anaging of system − Hardw and softw are are resources inventory − Execution of adm inistrative − Detect, isolate, and report and operational tasks hardw failures are • Data Center Management • Enterprise Management − Control/m onitoring of −M anagem of (large) ent m edium to large OpenVM S heterogeneous environm ents environm ents from a single point of control −M onitoring of system health, −M anaging every critical consoles, perform ance, resource scheduling/w orkloads, • Optim system ize /network netw and storage across ork availability the environm from a ent • Improve overall perform ance desktop and predict system outages.
  26. 26. Managem strategy ent • System Management • Server Management − Tools bundled with − HP System Insight M s anager OpenVM S • SNM P-based (Web) •M anagem Station ent M anagem Agents today ent • Availability Manager •M igrating to W BEM • Perform ance Data Collector infrastructure in future (TDC) • The base for virtualization • ECP Perform ance Analyzer tools •W BEM Services • Enterprise Management • OpenVM utilities, S com ands, and APIs m − HP OpenView(preferred) − Partner w CA and BM ith C • Data Center Management − Point products from 3rd parties w supporting ith ‘ hooks’ from OpenVM S • TECsys, CA, BM Sightline, C, Orsyp, COM TEK, Appmind, ISE, Heroix
  27. 27. System M s anagem for OpenVM ent S Delivering manageable platforms Enterprise Managem • ent Heterogeneous coverage •Increases IT service availability & performance •Attaches business context to IT service Server Management Discovery, inventory, fault and rem m ote anagement, role-based security, distributed tasks Central Point of Adm inistration HP System Insight M s anager Perform ance Configuration M anagem ent W orkload M anagem ent M anagem ent • OpenVM Clusters S • Class Scheduler • Perform ance Data • Partition M anager (Galaxy • Global W orkload Manager and vPars) • Availability M anager Collector (TDC) • ECP Analyzer • M anagem Station ent • OpenViewPerform ance Agent
  28. 28. Virtualization HP’ definition of Virtualization: s An approach to IT that pools and shares resources so utilization is optimized and supply autom atically meets dem and Business Supply Demand Information technology
  29. 29. Global Workload Manager for OpenVM S • Autom ated management to defined SLAs Central • Class Managem ent • Process Station • Galaxy (AlphaServer Historical Policy only) (CM S) And gW Console LM Config • Real tim & historical e RT Data Data data • For m inform ore ation w w w LM gWLM gWLM gWLM Node gWLM gWLM gWLM Node Node Mgr Node Node Node Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr Integrity Integrity AlphaServer Galaxy OpenVM S OpenVM Hard Partition S Galaxy Linux PSETs Partitions HP-UX nPar HP-UX nPar Managed nodes
  30. 30. Scalability and server consolidation — grow w flexibility th ith Scale Up • Capacity on Demand • Partitioning OpenVMS • Configure/Reconfigure storage On larger HP • Add nodes/move apps Integrity servers and AlphaServer • Remote managem and control ent system s Scale Out Single system image on an OpenVM cluster S / /us /... /varr /.../.../... /.../...
  31. 31. Manageability through Virtualization •Work load managem  ent maxim efficiency ize • Scalability  m dem eet ands uninterrupted growcapacity without grow organization ing • Server consolidation  low overall cost and com er plexity • Superior TCO  better than IBM AIX and Sun Solaris* • Technological stability  Maxim efficiency and RoIT um *Alinean, 2005; TechW Research, 2004 ise
  32. 32. Hardware, storage, easy upgrades Business Continuity Security Hardw are, Application storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability/C onsolidation/ Virtualization
  33. 33. W OpenVM hy S? M flexible, reliable ost & adaptable hardw are • HP Integrity servers − For your m dem ost anding workloads • HP AlphaServer systems − In seam less, m ixed- architecture clusters • HP StorageWorks − M robust, reliable, and ost flexible
  34. 34. HP standards-based server strategy Past Today Standards-based HP NonStop MIPS Focused HP NonStop innovation HP Integrity Itanium • Management M oving to 3 product lines • Virtualization HP 9000 / based on 2 industry-standard HP Integrity e3000 PA-RISC architectures • HA Itanium-based HP • Storage AlphaServer Alpha HP ProLiant • Clustering x86-based HP ProLiant x86 Custom benefit from increased ers HP investm in value-add innovation ent
  35. 35. Value-add innovation based on standards High HP Clustering Virtualization Management Availability StorageWorks Robust Com prehensive Leading Single Leadership high portfolio of virtualization m anagem ent in netw ork availability solutions solutions architecture, storage w ith solutions and for high provide resulting in extensive aw ard- availability, increased easy portfolio of winning perform ance, asset m anagem ent m odular, m ission- and im proved utilization and of m ultiple open storage critical asset utilization cost reduction operating solutions support to im prove the environm ents quality of IT services
  36. 36. OpenVM on HP Integrity servers S and HP AlphaServer systems HP Integrity HP Integrity Superdom e HP Integrity rx8620 rx7620 HP Integrity rx4640 HP Integrity HP Integrity rx2620 GS1280 rx1620 8-64p ES80 EV7z 1.3GHz ES47 2-8p EV7 1.15 GHz ES45 EV7 1.15GHz 1-4p 2-4p & 1 GHz EV7 1.15GHz DS25 EV68 1.25GHz & 1 GHz DS15 1-2p EV68 1 GHz 1p EV68 1GHz
  37. 37. HP Integrity Server roadmap Current offering 2006 2007/2008 CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M CPU: Itanium “ ontvale” 2 M NewServer & Chipset NewChipset DDR-II OS: HP-UX 11iv2,v3, Windows, CPU: Montvale  Tukwila OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3* Linux, OpenVM S OS: HP-UX, Window s 4-128P HP Integrity Superdome W indow Linux, s, Linux, OpenVM S HP-UX, Window Linux , s, OpenVMS PCI-E OpenVM S HP Integrity CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M CPU: Itanium “ ontvale” 2 M NewServers & Chipset rx7620-16, rx8620-32 NewChipset DDR-II OS: HP-UX 11iv2,v3, Windows, 2-32P CPU: Montvale  Tukw ila OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3* Linux, OpenVM S OS: HP-UX, Window s HP-UX, Window Linux, s, W indow Linux, s, Linux, OpenVM S OpenVM S OpenVMS PCI-E 2-16P New8p Server & Chipset CPU: Itanium “ ontvale” 2 M CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M OS: HP-UX 11iv2,v3, Windows, NewServer & Chipset OS: HP-UX, Window s, DDR-II Linux, OpenVM S CPU: Montvale  Tukwila HP Integrity rx4640-4 Linux, OpenVM S OS: HP-UX, Window s 1-8P CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M PCI-E Linux, OpenVM S HP-UX, Window Linux, s, OpenVM S OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3*, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS New4p Capacity Optim ized Server & CPU: Itanium “ ontvale” 2 M Chipset OS: HP-UX 11iv2,v3, CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M DDR-II Window Linux, OpenVM s, S NewServers & Chipset HP Integrity rx2600-2 OS: HP-UX, Window Linux, s, CPU: Tukw ila rx2620-2 PCI-E OpenVM S OS: HP-UX, Windows, New4p Density Optim ized Server HP-UX, Window Linux, s, Linux, OpenVM S 1-4P CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” 2 M CPU: Itanium “ ontecito” DDR-II 2 M OpenVM S OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3*, Window s, OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3, W indow Linux, s, Linux, OpenVM S OpenVM S PCI-E HP Integrity rx1600-2 rx1620-2 CPU: DP Itanium M 2 illington CPU: DP Itanium M 2 illington+ 1-2P OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3*, Windows, OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3*, Windows, HP-UX, Window Linux, s, OpenVM S Linux, OpenVM S Linux, OpenVM S NewBlade (P-class) Next Gen. Blade HP Integrity Blades CPU: Itanium Fanw 2 ood CPU: M illington Due Early 2006 OS: HP-UX 11iv2, v3* OS: HP-UX, Window Linux. s, Blades OpenVM Blade (investigation) S Timefram not to scale es All upgrades “ in-box”except as noted *Not available at initial processor release PCI-Express DDR-II M ory em Revision: OB.05.7.0 Jul-05 Plans subject to change NewChassis
  38. 38. HP AlphaServer roadmap 2005 2006 2007 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Jan--M AprJun Jul- - arr - -Sep Oct- - Dec Jan- M AprJun Jul-Sep Oct- - ar - - - Sep Oct- Dec Jan-M AprJun Jul-- - ar - - Dec GS1280 EV7 M 16/M 8/M 32/M64 1.3/1.15 GHz E E n n ES80/ES47 d ES80 EV7 1.15/1.0 GHz d M 4/M 8 2/M 6/M Options: ES47 EV7 1.15/1.0GHz o CPU o M 4/Tow 2/M er ES45 f M ORY EM f IO ES45 EV68 1.25GHz S Storage S a Netw ork a DS25 l l DS25 EV68 1GHz e e DS15 s s DS15 EV68 1GHz Support until at least 2011 Subject to change without notice
  39. 39. Easy hardw upgrade/expansion are • Online addition of hardware: − Disks, tapes − Com plete server addition / removal from cluster − No need to restart the system • Unique cluster capabilities make it easy − Active / Active utilization − Load balancing / Load sharing S ale Up c OpenVMS On larger HP Integrity serve rs • Online repairs in many cases and AlphaSe r s tem ys s rve − Disks, tapes, interconnects S ale Out c Single s te im ys m age on an OpenVMS c te lus r / / u s/ra r / v ... / / / / / ... ...... ......
  40. 40. OpenVM Clusters – S the evolution continues w third architecture ith Supported OpenVM S Supported Integrity OpenVM VAX S OpenVM Alpha S LAN for Host-to- Host Com . m FC Switch Star Coupler HSJ HSG/HSV CI Storage Fibre Channel Storage NOTE: Support for VAX and Integrity mixed environm is not supported in a production environm ent ent.
  41. 41. OpenVM Storage Environm S ent: Open, standard, heterogeneous • Supports all HP StorageWorks products • Supports mixed architecture servers w a cluster /in • Supports mixed storage solutions w a cluster /in • Allow custom to m Enterprise Storage w Departm s ers ix ith ental Storage without restriction to support multiple business needs w single environm /in ent OpenVMS Alpha OpenVMS Integrity LAN for Hos to- t- Host Com . m F Sw C itch Can be Internal w MSA / FC Sw h itc Can be Internal w MSA / MSA1 000/ 1 500 MSA/ EMA/ EVA/ XP De p a rtm e n ta l En te rp ris e Fib re Ch a n n e l Sto ra g e Fib re Ch a n n e l Sto ra g e 8 Node typic s al Up to 96 nodes
  42. 42. Quote slide pelled to say that “ I feel com … the HP INTEGRITY SERVER has aw akened the OpenVMS sleeping giant.” John Buonaugurio Know Corporation a
  43. 43. “ are using OpenVM on AlphaServers today for our high We S available trading and clearing system especially for Eurex s, Quote slide Exchange. As the transaction volum of this exchange is year-to- year grow e ing, w are looking forw to OpenVM on Integrity e ard S servers because it enables us to introduce newinfrastructure w the sam operating system in a cost efficient m ith e anner. We just ported the com plete softw of the Eurex Exchange, w are hich consists currently of 5 m illion lines of source code, to OpenVM S on Integrity servers. This is currently in test w a big success ith already. Next year w are planning to introduce m e ixed clusters adding Integrity servers to our current AlphaServer environm ent.” Gerd Koebschall, Director Head of Departm VM and XETRA/EUREX Operations ent S Deutsche Börse System AG s
  44. 44. Application Developm and ISV ent Solutions Business Continuity Security Hardw are, Application storage, Developm ent easy and ISV upgrades Solutions M anageability/C onsolidation/ Virtualization
  45. 45. W OpenVM hy S? Fast, flexible, standards-based developm ent • You prefer not to redo good w ork • Even if it’ a UNIX® s application you can m ove it to OpenVM S • The right tool for the right job
  46. 46. Application developm and ISV ent Solutions solutions that run your business • OpenVM is a m S ulti-purpose operating system that easily scales and sim ultaneously runs m ultiple active multi-user processes. • OpenVM handles the m dem S ost anding database and transaction workloads − Very large databases − Applications requiring realtim capability, e.g. e m anufacturing production − Highly scaleable and secure transactions, e.g. funds transfers − Transaction guarantee via softw fault tolerance are w Reliable Transaction Router ith • Heterogeneous interoperability across m ultiple architectures and m ultiple operating system s. • Target m arkets include: Healthcare, Financial services, Telecom unications, M m anufacturing, Governm ent
  47. 47. OpenVM and integration S • Goal: − Enhance the OpenVM operating system w an S ith infrastructure that facilitates application, m iddlew are, and data integration in a global, m ulti-platform environm ent • In conjunction w its partners, OpenVM has ith S the tools and technology: − To create the solution to your enterprise application integration and evolution problem • While leveraging all the strengths of OpenVMS • And protecting your investm ent
  48. 48. Integration technology • Web servers and browsers • Legacy integration − Secure Web Server (Apache) − BridgeWorks − Secure Web Brow (M ser ozilla) − W Services Integration Toolkit eb (W SIT) • Web services − TP Connector suite − Sim Object Access Protocol ple − Attunity Connect (SOAP) Toolkit (Apache Axis) − XM Technology (parsers and L − W RQ VeraStream stylesheet processors) (Apache) − Ericom Host Publisher suite − UDDI Client Toolkit (UDDI4J) • Developm tools ent • Middleware − Java™ Standard Edition − BEA M essageQ Developm Kit (JDK) ent − orb2 by 2AB − C/C++, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Pascal − IBM W ebSphere M Q − NetBeans and 3GL plugins − BEA WebLogic Integration − Distributed NetBeans − SpiritSoft − COM • Application servers − Reliable Transaction Router − BEA WebLogic Server (RTR) − Tom (JavaServer Pages) cat • Directory services − Enterprise Directory (LDAP, JNDI)
  49. 49. ISV Solutions for OpenVM on HP S Integrity servers • Ongoing engagement w OpenVM ISVs to ensure ith S application availability on HP Integrity servers. − Over 1,000 applications from m than 500 partners are ore com itted to m m ove to OpenVM on integrity S − Over 500 applications and service offerings currently available. • Key databases such as Oracle will be available by early 2006 • HP-sponsored partner program are assisting partners s w porting and m ith arketing their applications on Integrity servers. •M any vertical market solutions already im plemented or in process –several newcom odity exchanges m
  50. 50. Som exam e ples
  51. 51. Som of the ISVs w are newor e ho returning to OpenVMS • 12Planet • Digital Fountain • Jenzabar, Inc. (form erly • SANFACE Softw are Cam pus Am erica, Inc.) • 3i Infotech Lim ited • Direct Com puter Resources, • Scipar Inc. Inc. • Karm Inc. ak, • A.S. Thom Inc. as, • SEKA Gm bH • EBS Dealing Resources • Kashya Inc. • ABB AG International Lim ited • SEP AG • Know Corporation a • ABSYSS • eCube System L.L.C. s, • Sophos, Inc. • Accent Com puter Netw ork • Labinf Sistem Srl i • Spectrum Softw are, Inc. • Educational System Products, s Solutions Group, Inc. Inc. (ESP) • Lieberm Technologies an • Springdata Ltd. • Access3000, Inc. • Evolutionary Technologies • LockW orks LLC • SS&C Technologies • Agilis Softw LLC. are International • M ainsoft Canada Corp. (form erly • Expressor Softw LLCare Financial M odels • Arcadd Enterprises • m etaLogic Consulting Inc. Com pany Inc.) • Arcturus Technologies, Inc. • FFE Softw are, Inc. • M illenium Solutions • SunGard Investor • Form sPath Inform atiques Accounting System s • Atlantis Softw Inc are • Avatier Corporation • Galaxy Advanced Engineering, • M -Tech Inform ation • Surcharge Control LLC Inc. Technology, Inc. • Chipsun Com puters • Survalent Technology • GEM INAQ System Lim s ited • Northlake Softw are, Inc. Corporation • CIM COR, Inc. • NRG Global, Inc. • Generix Lim ited • SynaptiCAD, Inc. • Click Com erce, Inc. m • Oneline (form erly Optum Inc.) , • Gio Servizi S.a.s. • Tangosol, Inc. • Com uniGate System m s • Graphique de France • OnLine Insight Inc. • Tech-Tim Inc. e • Gravic, Inc. • Patsystem plc s • TELUS Corporation • Com pact Data W orks, Inc. (form erly Innovative • IKAN Softw are • Patterson Dental • Thales Group UK Com puter System Inc.) s, (Cham paign branch) • Control Sstem International s • ILAHY Inc. (form CDG, Inc.) ely • Perigeo Sistem inform i ativi • The RoviSys Com pany • IM Industries P aziendali • TRIUM F • CoolRock Softw Ltd are • Data Life Associates • Industrial Process Support • QEI, Inc. • UGS Corporation Services Inc. (IPSS) • Reseinform ation i Sverige (Form erly Tecnom atix • Data911System s Technologies) • IQSOFT AB • DataM irror Corporation • X_PROM Ltd. PT • IQw are, Inc. • RightOrder, Inc. • DBSA Pty Lim ited • Zaza ICT Consultancy BV • iW Softw LLC ind are • Rinehart Engineering • VUCS, Inc. • JCC Consulting, Inc. Those in bold type are NEW to
  52. 52. “ Com uniGate System is the technology leader in m m s essaging and collaboration solutions for a m ultitude of operating system s. Quote slide Our Com uniGate Pro custom dem perform m ers and security, ance, scaling, and clustering for 5 nine uptim e. OpenVM on Integrity servers provides this exceptionally S w   ew ell. W orked w HP  the porting project of OpenVM to ith on S Integrity servers, and found their UNIX to OpenVM toolkit and S the HP engineering team support to be  best w have seen in the e the industry. W already have several custom w are   e ers ho preparing im plem entations of the Com uniGate Pro Dynam m ic Cluster on OpenVM for Integrity servers.” S Vladim Butenko ir CEO, Com uniGate System m s
  53. 53. “ hen w looked for a com W e puter platform on w hich to build our applications, w Quote slide e chose OpenVM because of its security, S reliability, and stability. NowOpenVM S offers even m value to our custom ore ers because of its availability on standards- based HP Integrity servers.” Walter Kuhn Head of Development, PKE Electronics AG
  54. 54. “ e have successfully ported security applications to W HP OpenVM on Integrity servers and realized a 30% S Quote slide of cryptographic algorithms. In the perform ance gain next years, the Polytech w increase greatly its size ill and scope. The com puting infrastructure m be ust extrem flexible, scalable, cost-effective and ely preserve today’ investm s ents. W are confident that e HP can give us, in the future as in the past, all these values.” Marco Mezzalama Vice-Chancellor, Turin Polytech
  55. 55. Major Aerospace Company Aerospace; North Am erica: Dramatically boost performance of scientific application w OpenVM on HP Integrity servers ith S Challenge Solution Results • Needed performance • 10 HP Integrity rx2600 • Increased performance by boost to run NASA code Servers up to 70 percent supporting com putational • HP OpenVM operating S • Achieved payback in just fluid dynam application ics system version 8.2 m onths by off-setting •Wanted to save cost m aintenance costs of older • OpenVM clustering S through consolidation of system s older systems. • HP Integrity try and buy • Increased reliability, while •W program anted to retain and doubling workload enhance benefits of • Accelerated tim to value e OpenVM environm on S ent due to easy installation the new server est platforms • Planning additional − Reliability m ission-critical projects for − Scalability OpenVM on HP Integrity S − Performance servers −Flight Test & Engineering •Maintenance costs of existing servers increasing significantly
  56. 56. “Quote slide applications that require absolute For m ission-critical reliability and perform ance, OpenVM is our operating S system of choice. W OpenVM on Integrity ith S servers, w nowbenefit from the trusted, rock-solid e functionality and scalability of OpenVM w the high S ith perform ance, agility, and sim plified managem of ent Integrity servers — all at low total cost of ow er nership.” Major US Aerospace Company
  57. 57. OpenVM & HP-UX11i on HP S Integrity Servers Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, Argentaria: Using HP Integrity multi-OS capability for efficiency, flexibility, and ease Challenge Solution Results • Needed to consolidate • 2 HP Integrity • Significant cost reduction disparate server Superdome-32 servers • Flexible cost management environm ents • HP OpenVM operating S • Targeted technology • Desire to gain maximum system version 8.2 applications control and efficiency • HP-UX 11i operatiang • Reduced management • Use the right tool for the system complexity right job • HP Essentials Instant Capacity on Demand • Partner: Cognos
  58. 58. HP OpenVM today S Providing legendary security, availability, data integrity and easily-managed solutions to real business problem at the right price. s
  59. 59. HP logo black on white