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Bradbury parents presentation

Bradbury parents presentation






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  • Thanks for coming We were ____ as a PYP school last year and that means that within two years we have to hold our first exhibition. Our first exhibition at Bradbury so we will definitely learning with the students. By the end of the evening we hope that you have a much better understanding about what an exhibition is and the process we will be going through to get there. If you have any questions, please hold them until the end because, hopefully, I’ll answer them as I go.
  • So what is an exhibition? Basically it serves as a culmination of 6 years in the PYP and is a chance for the students to display what they have learned in that time. Students will be basically running their own unit, with guidance from us. To be honest, what the students are doing is not new. But this is a chance to apply it all independently and in an area of their choosing.
  • These are some of the basics. We will be keeping our groups within each class.
  • As I mentioned earlier, part of being an IB school, means completing an exhibition. So the students are required to do this. But we think it is a wonderful opportunity for them to not only apply their learning in a real life context, but to also share the entire process with you.
  • These are the things we hope to see from the students.
  • We have created a central idea for our students in the Sharing the Planet Theme. This theme focuuses on rights and responsibilities, access to equal opportunities and the struggle to share finite resources. We hope that this central idea is general enough that students will be able to find issues that spark their interest and imagination. We have also made two lines of inquiry for the students . These guide their research, giving them some hints about where they should focus their research and their ideas. The third line of inquiry they will make up themselves and it will bhe specifically linked to their issue.
  • We’ve got a video from an exhibition at another school – Discovery College. They made this last year for what was their 2 nd exhibition. Not everything you see will we do exactly, but it should give you a good idea aboutwhat the students will be doing. We will also be producing a video this year, so your children will get to star in the first Bradbury exhibition Video. Talk about each video section before each one: 1.50 – 3.19 = students planning, discussing issues, learning about issues and organising their groups 3.34 – 5.14 = Research – Primary and secoindary sources of information, reflection, action and exhibition journal 9.02 – 10.02 = getting their exhibits ready
  • You couldn’t see from this video but action plays a signoificant role in the exhibition. The priomary idea is for groups to develop ways that they can make some real, sustainable change in regards to their issue.
  • In the videos, you saw the stduents going through the exhibition process. This is basically what the unit will look like. Action week is when we want all the students to take some sort of organised Action.
  • Flexible schedules – changing especially when we get close. Math lessons will continue fairly normally. Students often need a break from the g-go-go of the exhibition and also, sometimes we don’t always have a chance to get all the learning we need through the general exhibition process for math. Students will also still attend Chinese lessons regulalrly. What they do win Chinese will be strongly linked to the exhibition and you will see their work in various forms on the night of the exhibition. The Chinese team are using the same central idea and lines of inquiry as us. PE lessons will also continue. The Arts will play a big role as tsudents will get a choice on how they are going to express themeselves through arets fopr their exhibition. They will choose from Visual art, music, dance or drama and for a period of time we will collapse the timetable soi that students can focus on those elements as well.

Bradbury parents presentation Bradbury parents presentation Presentation Transcript

  • PYP Exhibition 2011-2012 Kris Stanhope Year 6 Leader
    • Students are required to engage in a collaborative, trasndisiplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.
    • The students will be grouped according to an issue for which they expressed interest.
    • They will carry out an inquiry into this real-life issue and develop an action they can take.
    • They will celebrate their learning by presenting their entire process during Exhibition Week.
    • As an authorized PYP school, we agree to the principles and practices of the programme. The exhibition is one of those.
    • To celebrate the transition from primary to high school
    • To engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
    • To demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning
    • To apply their learning from six years in the PYP program
    • To take action as a result of their learning
    • To share their learning process with their families and the wider community
    • This year’s topics are all based around the
    • Sharing the Planet theme, using this central idea:
    • Actions and decisions have consequences that affect the world.
    • Students will inquire into:
      • Issues that exist locally and globally.
      • Sustainable ways to make a difference
      • Student Choice (impact of their issue)
    • Students will explore the various kinds of action
    • Students will explore possible actions that can be taken
    • The action should be something they can accomplish on their own, and should be meaningful to themselves and the community.
    • They will carry out the action during ACTION WEEK
    • Week 1-2 – Introduction to the exhibition and the Issues. This will run alongside our current unit.
    • Weeks 3-5 – Planning, research, contact and interview primary sources, plan action, answer questions.
    • Week 6 – Action Week
    • Week 7-8 – Pulling it all together
    • Week 9 – Exhibition Week
    • Teachers and Teacher Managers
    • Mentors and Specialists
    • Flexible Schedules
      • Math
      • Chinese
      • PE
      • The Arts
    • The Exhibition Book
    • Action
    • Be a cheerleader for your child! The Exhibition can be stressful, especially when we are down to the wire.
    • Support your child
        • Possible local trips
        • Research
    • Support us
        • Subject expert
        • Contact with individuals or groups
    • Parent assessment on the night.
  • @Y6exhibition Bradbury School Exhibition 2012 Bradbury Exhibition Wiki
  • BOOK THE DATE NOW Thursday 17 th May (6.00-8.00pm)