Using Crossmedia Experience in mCommerce


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In this case study we'll show how we dealed with the challenges of creating iPhone & Android apps for price comparison service and managed to connect different types of media through mobile app.

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Using Crossmedia Experience in mCommerce

  1. 1. Developed in StanfyCase StudyUsing CrossmediaExperience inmCommerce
  2. 2. What Is of the biggest ecommerce databases in Ukrainewith 3MM shopping offers for clients from all over the country.From online catalogue for price comparison it has evolved into a true social networkwhere people actively search, compare, comment, and help each other to choose the bestitems and shops. For many customers online shopping tour starts at here at hotline.uaMonthly audience of reached over 1,2 MM users.
  3. 3. Challenges We Faced…1. To engage customers in direct interaction with the price comparison service directly at point of sales and assist them in finding the best offers.2. To increase amount of services which can be monetized be connecting online, offline and print media.
  4. 4. Our Solution As a result, we created fast, steady and easy to use mobile application for iPhone and Android platforms. Mobile application functioned both online and offline. They could be used anytime in the offline store for price comparison. Mobile apps gave users an opportunity to get crossmedia experience by involving QR-code scanning. In a very short time they became a real hit on the mCommerce market of Ukraine.
  5. 5. Catalogue and SearchWith the help of app for iPhone and Android shoppers can always:• Use shopping catalogue divided by categories and subcategories to find• Easily search an item in the catalogue
  6. 6. Geolocation and Click-to-CallFound the item you like? In the mobile app you can:• Check out price offers from different vendors• Find the closest store with the best price offers• Click-to-call option helps you to buy goods in one click
  7. 7. Crossmedia: Mobile+OfflineWe managed to connect mobile, online, offline and print media by using QR-codescanning in mobile apps. Using their smartphones, users could easily scan aQR-code which would bring them to a relevant screen of the mobile app.QR-codes were used in the print magazine Home PC and other print advertisement.
  8. 8. Crossmedia: Mobile+OnlineQR-codes were also added to each item on the website. Users could scan QR-codes withtheir smartphones and open item profile in mobile app right away. All opened pages arecashed in the History section and can be accessed offline.Using QR-codes helped us to connect different kinds of media with mobile applicationand made items search within the service fast and easy.
  9. 9. Our Results Hotline mobile apps have great future. “Both consumers and Internet shops need 12 000 them. Impulse purchases make up a great part of shopping, and now due to technological progress Internet retails canDownloads in two months get their slice of the pie”– a great achievement forUkrainian market! It must be said that not only mobile users obtained a useful application but Internet shops, Sergey Arabadzhy, our partners, got another General Director of ITC efficient tool to attract Publishing, customers** publisher*Volodymyr Vozniak, Director of Project** * **
  10. 10. Check It Out Yourself!
  11. 11. We create apps that you love! Stanfy Team http://stanfy.comIf you want to create iOS or Android app for your project feel free to contact us at info@stanfy.comStanfy specializes in mobile communications and creates killer mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.Over the past three years more than 60 successful apps were developed by Stanfy for clients from all over the world.