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Presentation on the e-Learning for Educators program at the NH Department of Education. A brief history of the program is followed by an orientation to the online professional development program and the services offered by NH e-Learning for Educators.

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OPEN NH & You 2011

  1. 1. e-Learning for Educators & OPEN NHQuality Online Professional Development in the 21st Century Presented by Stan Freeda NH e-Learning for Educators Project Coordinator Office of Educational Technology New Hampshire Department of Education
  2. 2. Online Resources
  3. 3. - orientation to the project - experience an online course - flexibility discussionAgenda - brainstorming - wrap up
  4. 4. • Introduce yourself by choosing an adjective to modify your name that starts with the same first letter.Icebreaker • For additional fun, try to add your location, position, or another description that rhymes! • Here’s mine! Supportive Stan, the New Hampshire eLearning man. Make sure your name/email on a small sticky note.
  5. 5. orientation to the project experience an online courseAgenda flexibility discussion brainstorming wrap up
  6. 6. e-Learning for Educators New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators offers online professional development courses through our Online Professional Educators Network for NH (OPEN NH). Our 100% online courses allow you to earn 35 contact hours that can be used to renew your current educator credentials. Optional graduate credits are available through Plymouth State University for all our courses. Project began as a 5 year Ready to Teach Grant awarded to Alabama Public Television. Multi-states initiative. Partnership between state education agency and a state public television station.
  7. 7. e-Learning for Educators Ten States participate in the initiative. AL DE KY MD MO MS NC NH PA WV In NH: 158 courses delivered in 5 years 1555 completers / 1682 registered (92.7%)
  8. 8. 1. Delivering Online Professional Development Courses OPEN NH Courses 2. Training Local Educators to Instruct and Develop Online Professional Development CoursesProject Design Facilitator Training Course Developer Training Course 3. Evaluating the Effect of Our Delivery of Online Professional Development Pre and Post Course Surveys 4. Conducting Research on the Effect of High Quality Online Professional Development Separate and isolated research courses Accompanying surveys for students and teachers
  9. 9.  Focuses on content knowledge  Emphasizes active learning  Promotes coherence  Provides a large amount of training sustained over time  Encourages collaboration and collegiality among teachers  Aligns with teacher needs  Helps teachers apply to their practice (use student instructional materials and/or student work)Features  Involves the school administration  Includes mechanisms for assessing effectiveness and making mid course corrections (action research)
  10. 10. Sustained Discussion of Content & Application of Knowledge Content Discussions  Web site explorations • Key course component  Online videos • How content fits into learners’ situation,Course Design  Other multimedia needs, experiences, Multi- and comfort level Discussions over 7 weeks media  Continuous Content Authentic Project participation expected • Relevant  Sustained immersion in • Complete over time Discuss content as course progresses 7 Weeks Project
  11. 11.  Regular OPEN NH Sessions run four times each year. ◦ Fall (October – November) ◦ Winter (February – March) ◦ Spring (April – May)Course Delivery ◦ Summer (July – August)  Districts can order special delivery courses that will run on their time schedule. What do you think about the session schedule and accessibility of OPEN NH ?
  12. 12.  AR The ArtsContent and Pedagogy  BP Best Practices  CE Curriculum Enhancement  LA English Language Arts  HE Health Education  LT Literacy  MA Mathematics  SC Science  SS Social Studies  SE Special Education  TE Teaching Enhancement
  13. 13.  Classroom Teachers  Special Education TeachersCourse Facilitators  Principals  Superintendents  Library Media Specialists  Technology Coordinators  Informal Educators  Department of Education Staff
  14. 14. For your consideration….Putting it online is Easy.Developing Quality is a little more Challenging.
  15. 15. orientation to the project experience an online courseAgenda flexibility discussion brainstorming wrap up
  16. 16.  Go to  Scroll to the Header.Course Experience  Look under .  Enter .  The course is set up using our course framework.  The content of the course highlights of our course model. Visit the website and explore the course if you have the opportunity.
  17. 17. 1. Orienting Yourself to an Online Course 2. The Discussion-Based Model for Online LearningCourse Experience 3. Discovering Online Content Resources 4. Discussing Content with Your Classmates 5. Working on Authentic Projects 6. Using Feedback to Enhance Learning 7. Using Self Reflection to Enhance Learning Visit the website and explore the course if you have the opportunity.
  18. 18. Questions?while you wait … Content is Easy.Educationis a little moreChallenging.
  19. 19. orientation to the project experience an online course flexibility discussionAgenda brainstorming wrap up
  20. 20.  Professional development opportunities through OPEN NH courses.  4 sessions each year.  District cohort special request.  Professional development opportunities through OPEN NH teacher enhancement courses. Facilitating an Online Professional Development CourseFlexibility   Developing Effective Courses for Online and Blended Learning  District Deals for cohorts.  OPEN NH Cadre of trained facilitators available.  OPEN NH Cadre of trained developers available
  21. 21.  Courses for educator professional Development.NH e-Learning Program  Courses for teaching enhancement.  Online and Face to Face delivery. ITEM COST PARTICIPANTS Online professional development $130 Individual registration course ($120 early registration) Online professional development $440/district cohort 4 participants course district cohort ($110/cohort participant) 25 participants $2625/district cohort ($105/cohort participant) 7 week Facilitated Online Course $325/ participant Individual registration training in online course $4500/ district cohort Up to 15 participants facilitation. 7 week Facilitated Online course $325/ participant individual training in hybrid and online $4500/ district cohort Up to 15 participant course development and design Face to Face training on variety of $500/ half day (3 hours) Up to 25 participants topics related to virtual learning $800/ full day (6 hours) and virtual learning environments Blended online and onsite training $500 for online space plus Up to 25 participants on variety of topics related to $500 onsite half day training virtual learning and virtual learning environments
  22. 22. NH e-Learning Program  Space to run online courses.  Space for online collaboration or professional learning community. ITEM COST PARTICIPANTS Online Collaboration $30 per participant Unlimited Space Annual Membership Online Course $650 per course Up to 25 participants
  23. 23.  Collaboration spaces.NH e-Learning Program  Facilitated or non-facilitated content modules.  Facilitated courses or non-facilitated tutorials and courses. ITEM COST PARTICIPANTS Online Collaboration Space $300 / space N/A Adapt existing training material $2000 N/A or content into an Open NH 7 week online PD course format. Adapt existing training material $5000 for up to 7 units N/A or content into a generic online $300 for each additional course format to be exported. unit Non-facilitated Modules $300 for first N/A $200 each subsequent Non-facilitated Tutorials $500 for first N/A $300 each subsequent
  24. 24.  Data evaluation and collection, summary and enhanced reporting.NH e-Learning Program  Additional online services as needed. ITEM COST PARTICIPANTS Evaluation – Data collection and $2500 Evaluation – Data brief summary reporting collection and brief summary reporting Evaluation – Data collection and TBA; priced per project Evaluation – Data extensive reporting collection and extensive reporting Additional online services TBA; priced per project Based on project.
  25. 25. For your consideration….Doing things online is Easy.Meaningful activity is a little moreChallenging.
  26. 26. orientation to the project experience an online course flexibility discussionAgenda brainstorming wrap up
  27. 27. Brainstorm / Discussion  Ground Rules of the Game: ◦ Everybody has at least 1 general comment. ◦ Everybody responds to at least 2 other comments.  Here is the framework for the Discussion: ◦ Based on what you know about the OPEN NH, our course design and delivery model, and quality learning, in what ways can e- Learning for Educators help you, your school, and district provide a coherent and effective professional development program? Support your answers with at least one fact or idea from the presentation.  Note! No one is taking score!
  28. 28. For your consideration….Asking Questions iseasy.Thoughtfuldiscussion is a littlemore Challenging.
  29. 29. orientation to the project experience an online course flexibility discussionAgenda brainstorming wrap up
  30. 30.  NH Educators Online |  Online Learning in NH | Learning  OPEN NH website |  OPEN NH course site |  OPEN NH You Tube Channel |  OPEN NH eLearning Blog |  MSSLE Conference wiki |  Video on 10 State e-Learning for Educators Project
  31. 31. e-Learning Testimonial e-Learning is mighty cool courses!
  32. 32. Contact Information For more information Stan Freeda Educational Technology and Online Learning Office of Educational Technology NH Department of Education 603.271.5132