The convergence of search and social


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Search engine optimization and social media marketing converge for one holistic digital strategy that will work for your brand.

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The convergence of search and social

  1. 1. The Convergence of Search and Social STANDING DOG INTERACTIVE Mike Wylie – CEO - @MikeWylie Christopher Miller – VP, Client Services - @TophMiller2
  2. 2. About Standing Dog History  Founded in 2005  Based in Dallas, TX  Office in Houston, TX  Over 50 employees strong Recognition/Clients  Three consecutive Inc. 5000 appearances  Clients include Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Omni Hotels and Resorts, CafePress, Allie Beth Allman, Greystar Real Estate Management, Knox Dallas, Medical & Surgical Center of Irving
  3. 3. Digital Strategy A digital strategy is a plan to accomplish and execute an organization's vision, initiatives, goals and opportunities with the benefit of digital tools, technology and marketing.
  4. 4. A Digital Strategy should be a living document.
  5. 5. The marriage of search and social is causing a major strategic shift.
  6. 6. Search Engine Optimization + Social Media Optimization SEO SMO
  7. 7. Soon, more of your customers will be performing searches on a mobile device rather than a desktop.
  8. 8. What’s on the Agenda? ► History of Search & Social ► Google Changes the Game ► What Does it Mean? ► Local and Personal Search ► Google Authorship ► Facebook and Bing ► Content ► Social Signals ► Key Takeaways
  9. 9. Search In The Beginning
  10. 10. Social Media
  11. 11. …But Microsoft / Bing Share Will Grow Google Remains on Top 66.70% 17.40% 11.90% 2.70% 1.30% Google Microsoft Yahoo! Ask Network AOL, Inc
  12. 12. Google Changes Everything The Panda Update  Devalues Low Quality Websites  Increases Visibility for Websites with:  Quality Content  Strong Design  User Trust  Stickiness  Speed
  13. 13. Google Changes Everything The Penguin Update  Devalues Websites with Spammy Links  Penalizes Websites with Keyword-Stuffed Links  Penalizes Websites that Pay for Links  Defined How Advertorials and Press Releases Should be Done
  14. 14. Local and Personalized Search-Google Search Results are Personalized and Geared Toward the User • Search Engines Are Now Gearing Results Toward the User • The More Personalized the Results, the More Likely the Click • Google+ • Google+ Authorship • Google+ Business • Google+ Local • Obtain Local Citations • Consistent NAP Data • Claim Directory Listings
  15. 15. Local and Personalized Search-Google Google+ Google+ Authorship Google+ Business Google+ Local Obtain Local Citations Consistent NAP Data Claim Directory Listings
  16. 16. Google+ isn’t just a social network. It is a way to validate and understand relationships and establish identity on the Web across all Google products. Google Authorship Allows Authors to Personalize Content Ties All Content to Google Authorship Profile Image and Name Next to Search Results, which Increases Click-Through Rate
  17. 17. Local and Personalized Search - Bing Bing Results Tied into Facebook Four Paid-Search Results Dominate the Search Real Estate Bing Local Takes Up Second Most Real Estate Only Two Traditional Organic Listings Above the Fold
  18. 18. Local and Personalized Search - Bing See What Friends Have “Liked” Directly in Your Search Results Allows Direct Posting to Facebook from Search Results Below the Fold Includes: “From Social Networks” with Twitter Integration from Local Authors and Relevant Twitter Accounts
  19. 19. • Takes Personalized Results to the Next Level • Search Results Based on Friends’ Activities and “Likes” • Not Intended to Be a Series of Links Off of the Website Facebook Graph Search Takes Personalized Results to the Next Level Search Results Based on Friends’ Activities and “Likes” Not Intended to Be a Series of Links Off of the Website
  20. 20. What Does It Mean?  Content is Still King  Search Engines Feed on Fresh Content  Quality Content is Shareable Content  Our Client Used 2013 to Create Content and Increased Pageviews 92%, Time on Site Increased 28% and Bounce Rate Decreased 18%
  21. 21. Content Promotion  The Facebook Power Editor  The Most Powerful Way to Target Your Audience  Get Extremely Precise Targeting to Users Who Actually Match Up with Your Business Needs  Custom Audiences Allow Businesses to Upload Their Customer Database and Create Look-Alike Audiences to Target  Promote Fresh Content to Bring Qualified Visitors to Your Post
  22. 22. Using Social Signals
  23. 23. Using Social Signals  By Integrating Quality Website Content and Social Media, Our Client Has:  Increased Social Referral Visits by 120%  Social Now Accounts for 5% of Total Traffic (1% in 2012)  Social Referrals are Now Routinely in the Conversion Funnel  Gained Thousands of Links from Pinterest, Shares on Facebook and Retweets on Twitter  Quickly Turned Attention to Google +1s as Platform Evolves
  24. 24. It Twerked – Mentions and Citations The More Mentions a Website gets the More Worthy It Is Consider What Twerking on MTV Could Do for Your Brand ► Top of Google’s Hot Searches ► Added 100,000 Instagram Followers ► Added 50,000 Facebook Followers ► 300,000 Twitter Mentions/Minute ► (2nd Most All time After the 2012 Election at 327,452 per minute) ► Coincidentally, Miley Cyrus’ 2nd Single Dropped the Next Day
  25. 25. Key Takeaways  Evaluate Who is Linking to You and Who You are Linking to From Your Website  Only the Good Inbound Links Survive  Nofollow Links from Your Website  Build Local Reviews and Citations  Use Google +, Bing Local, Yelp, Local Directories  Make Sure Your Website has a Consistent Company Name, Local Phone Number and Local Address  Get to know your Customers  Build Relationships on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. and Drive Users Back to Your Website  Begin Developing and Sharing Your Content  Publish Quality Content that Connects to Your Audience  Most Importantly, Develop a Holistic Digital Strategy
  26. 26. Thank You! Questions? Christopher Miller P: 214.696.9600 x143 E: