30miao mobile gift card ticketing


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30miao's mobile gift card & coupon service, a closed-loop mobile marketing cross online and mobile for retailers, fast food, spa, travel and other services.

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30miao mobile gift card ticketing

  1. 1. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Mobile Ticketing Service Build Mobile Gift Card & Coupon Easily Q2. 2010
  2. 2. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Consumer Driven Market Internet is not only medias to approach consumers, but also e-commerce channels to deliver service and goods Mobile is always online, real-time, anywhere with “YOU” (consumers)! Consumers driven momentum has new service model available, made retailer service among internet, mobile, and chain store seamlessly.
  3. 3. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Mobile Ticketing: Easy Life 30miao’s mobile ticketing service is the closed loop service model which can make coupon and gift card service between digital and physical stores to meet the integrated service with consumers’ mobile phones. Mobile Coupon: YOU can get coupon anywhere, e.g. online, offline, outdoor… by your phone, Mobile Gift Card: YOU can buy gift card anywhere by your phone, and easily express the gift cards to your family members and friends.
  4. 4. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Marketing Planning Mobile Coupon M-coupon Redemption M-Reward Planning New M-Loyalty VIP Program M-VIP Data Analysis Why Merchants Need M-Ticket
  5. 5. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Entice M-Coupon M-Gift Card Online Marketing Enrich Mobile Coupon POP Video Show Enable Shelf Tag/Reward Planning Cross-Selling Service Gift Card Reward Planning Lead to Sales by Mobile Ticketing Service Extend M-Ticketing Available
  6. 6. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 All-in-One Service (sample) All the tickets (gift card, VIP card, coupon) can been placed over all the internet and mobile, been crossover internet and mobile, lead consumption! Making tipping point from internet to mobile. M-card Mobile Promotion
  7. 7. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 How to Build the M-Ticketing Services 30miao’s system supports marketing data import and export easily, and set up the link with marketing system quickly. 30miao’s system can convert IDs of existing coupon and gift card to 2D barcode, easily track them. Don’t change the existing IT system much more. 30miao’s system has high security control, transaction process in back- end; and CheckBox support independent CA management. 30miao’s system supports all the mobile phones which is MMS available, and 100% smart phones. 30miao’s service can integrate your online and offline marketing together.
  8. 8. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 How to Build the M-Ticketing Services 30miao’s platform support marketing data import and export; and easily connect marketing tool and system.
  9. 9. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 M-Gift Card: MMS Ticket with DRM MMS with 2D barcode, easy-delivery, 100% available, with DRM ( digital right management) keep one ticket for one users MMS Preview when you issue gift card Can’t forward
  10. 10. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 M-Gift Card: Mobile Application Mobile application is easy-download. Standard version for all the JAVA phones Advanced version, supports more than mobile phones which cover S60/S40, Win Mobile, Linux, and others, iPhone and Android available later. Mobile App easily synchronize with all the service. Application: – Home page: events and simple DM; – Membership Card: support multiple membership cards stored in; – Coupon & Ticket: store all the coupons and tickets, the expired will be deleted once synch; – Yellow Page: show the service catalog – Updating: support all the wireless and Wi-Fi
  11. 11. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 M-POS CheckBox: High Security The CheckBox is the device which can scan and check mobile 2D barcode based ID of tickets, vouchers (coupons), gift cards, micro-payment and other application for travel service, retailers, other consumer markets. management function, such as scanning, checking, data transferring, reporting and others. Independent Working. High Security (Linux OS, CA available... Features: • Scan Window • 3.5” Screen • Key Board (data Input) • Simple Printer • Always Online: WIFI, wireless (e.g. GPRS), and other brand bands. • Several USB interfaces and other communication
  12. 12. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 One Platform Generates Several App. Mobile Gift Card Mobile Loyalty Program Mobile Coupon
  13. 13. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 … … …… … Sales Driven Coupon Gift Card Customer Mgmt Gift Card & Reward card … Monitoring Reporting Value Driven Services Consumer Database Digital Media placement Mobile Phone Coupon & Ticket Mobile Phone Reward Card Monitoring Reporting 30MIAO Full Chain Service Analysis Position Budget Target Database marketing Consumer Life Style
  14. 14. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 From the Fresh to the Loyalty Take the first experience 1.Interactive with Media Get the first time 2. Use Mobile Coupon or Ticket 3. Become Member, 78%,,,,got involve In the interactive 32.7%,,,,download mobile Coupon or use mobile ticket 21%, become the member after The event Every event can Entice Consumers to Become your member
  15. 15. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Service & Retailer It has me to enjoy life
  16. 16. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 The Benefits Consumers: – Bring and manage coupon, reward card and gift card on mobile phone; – Make them visible & interactive; – Link to more YOUR services online; – Get preferred messages just-in-time; – Share more with your friends; – Green! Merchants: – Bring more convenient to consumers; – Enhance consumer’s loyalty with mobile and internet; – Increase revenue, Improve sales; – Low cost and risk in operation without more investment; – Real time tracking your business operation; – Make end2end marketing and service;
  17. 17. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 30MIAO: About 30MIAO, commit to the mobile ticketing services for the consumer market. The team has rich experience in online and mobile marketing, expertise in multinational corporate management : Foresight and solid performance in mobile and internet services; Successful experiences in online and mobile marketing for top brands, such as Nokia’s WidSets and others; and niche mobile solution services, such as China PingAn and others; More than 25 years experiences in enterprise management solution, such as ERP, CRM, SCM (VMI-HUB), successful delivery in multinational enterprises. Rich consumer insight in consumer market, such as retailers, fast food, travel industry, and others;
  18. 18. Version 2.4c © 30miao Inc. 2009~2010 Thank You! Stan Chu Twitter: stanchu linkedin.com/in/stanchu