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Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
Ch  16 ethical issue impacting values
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Ch 16 ethical issue impacting values


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  • 1. Ethics in the Life Sciences Chapter 16 Ethical Issues Impacting the Professional Nurses Values 1
  • 2. Learning Objectives • Discuss laws protecting conscientious objection • Analyze cases that include claims of conscientious objection • Identify the requirements of whistleblowing • Differentiate between illegal and unethical practice • Discuss resources and strategies needed and/or available before and after making a whistle blowing decision 2
  • 3. Professional Nurse Issue Conscientious Objection • Can occur with a variety of issue involving values • Based on an appeal to conscience when a person believes that if a given action where implemented then he or she would experience harm. • Based on one’s personal standards and calls attention to the loss of ones’ integrity and wholeness. • One example of conscientious objection includes the professional nurse participation in pregnancy termination. 3
  • 4. Professional Nurse Issue Conscientious Objection • Conscientious objection comes into play when the nurse refuses to participate in an action based on religious beliefs or the equivalent moral conviction if the nurse is not religious. • Three types of laws exist to protect a person engaging in conscientious objection. • Employment laws- based on professional codes • Religious discrimination laws • Conscience clauses 4
  • 5. Professional Nurse Issue Conscientious Objection • Nurse can remove the need to conscientiously object by • Identify and evaluate his or her own values and morals • Think prospectively about what may threaten these values • Do not refer to conscience when your refusal is based on applying the principle of nonmaleficence to another person. 5
  • 6. Professional Nurse Issue Whistle Blowing • Should only be used when all internal resources have been exhausted and careful consideration has been given to the personal and professional ramifications that will follow a whistle blowing event. • Whistle blowing questions arise when a nurse recognizes a lack of commitment to doing what is right by an individual or group. This may involve doing something illegal, incompetent or unethical. • Only thirteen states have whistleblower protection legislation. 6
  • 7. Professional Nurse Issue Professional Misconduct • Professional misconduct may come in the form of incompetent practice, unethical practice, illegal practice, or impaired practice. • Nurses have a duty to recognize professional misconduct and report it when it occurs. • Most states have clear guidance for reporting and dealing with professional misconduct. • The professional nurse has a duty to protect their patients by reporting professional misconduct. • Nurses should understand their states practice act and their requirements on reporting professional misconduct. 7
  • 8. Summary • Nursing is a demanding profession with a variety of physical and mental stressors. • Nurses have a duty to act on issues that are illegal, immoral or unethical. • Nurses should take actions necessary to protect their patients and the practice environment in which they work. 8