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  • Blended learning presentation

    1. 1. Blended Learning:The First Steps
    2. 2. To build a community of independent learners through thinking, creating, and collaborating for the future.
    3. 3. The CatalystExperience 1. A rigorous and in-depth PBL approach integrated into a standards-based curriculum 2. Integration of technology into global understanding 3. An inquiry-based, multi-age, connected-community 4. Standards-based seminars and projects
    4. 4. The CatalystExperience 5.Blended math instruction through individualized on-line math and guided small groups supported by a Catalyst Teacher 6. Opportunities to select non-core courses including world language, band and choir in the RMS setting. 7. Art, tech ed. and physical education through infusion of instruction in the charter school setting.
    5. 5. The Catalyst Experience 8. Campus located within Ripon Middle School with opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities  9. Student “voice and choice” in projects and community 10. Technology driven differentiated instruction 11. Transition from externally directed to self- directed inquiry and decision making
    6. 6. Central ThemesGlobal STEM:  (Science,Citizenship: Technology, Engineering, and• Prepares students to Mathematics)collaborate andcommunicate globally • Prepares students to think critically,•Digital citizenship solve problems, and make decisions• Prepares students touse technology • Prepares studentseffectively and to think usingproductively creativity and innovation
    7. 7. Typical ScheduleTimes 6th 7th 8th 1st Reading Band/Choir/Project WL/Reading 2nd Advisory/Seminar Advisory/Seminar Advisory/Seminar 3rd Band/Choir/Seminar Math Band/Choir/Project 4th Math Reading Math 5 th Project Project Project 6th Project/Specials Project/Specials Project/Specials 7th Project/Specials Project/Specials Project/Specials
    8. 8. Technology EducationSpecials Electives 1.Intro to Lego Robotics 2.Buildem, Bustem: Building the Indestructible Bridge Art 1. Ceramics-Creating with Clay 2. Cartooning, Manga, and Anime-Learn to draw different types of cartoonsz Choir 1.Caught in the Act: Improv PE 1.Recreational Sports/In Line Skating 2.Exercising your mind and body. Cup stacking and work out equipment. 3.Geocaching and snowshoeing/cross
    9. 9.
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    13. 13.
    14. 14. Google Calendar linked on Blog
    15. 15. Google Forms to Survey Students
    16. 16. Marvelisk Project
    17. 17. 2012 Projects• Technology Bootcamp (Google Apps, Use of devices, netiquette, copyright, Edmodo, Dropbox) 4 days• Definition Me – 8 days (Learning styles, self-assessments)• Digitween (Global citizenship with Flat Classroom Project) Sept. – Jan• Mysteries of Ripon – 7 days (Unravel the mystery of an artifact of Ripon)• Marvelisk – 27 days (History of Obelisk, scale cardboard obelisk, simple machine to lift a cement obelisk)• Icivics – 17 days (Compare U.S. government to another countrys)• Genetics – 10 days (How genetics are passed down)• Movement – 15 days (How do you apply Newton’s Laws to a wheel-less vehicle and a pasta car)• 8th graders are presently working on independent projects
    18. 18. Flipped Lesson Flipped Lessonare Not are: Just videos  A means to INCREASE An online class interaction and Replacing teachers with personalized contact time between students videos and teachers Students working  An environment where without structure students Students working alone take responsibility for their own learning 
    19. 19. Benefits of Flipped/Blended Learning A class where content is permanently archived  for review or remediation. (Wiki) A class where all students are engaged and take ownership for thier learning..
    20. 20. Applications of Flipped1. Video introduces a problem or a challenge2. Video introduces homework3. Video models strategies4. Students teach 0r demonstrate understanding with video
    21. 21. The Beginnings1. Started with the end in mind2. Kept it simple3. Used other available resources for videos
    22. 22. To Introduce
    23. 23. To Model a Strategy
    24. 24. To Model a Reading Strategy
    25. 25. PC/MAC Jing: Screencast-o-Matic: Screenr:•Educreations:•Explain Everything
    26. 26. Screencast Storage
    27. 27. Learning Management SystemsWikispaces Edmodo
    28. 28. Webquests
    29. 29. •Catalyst Charter Middle School (•Resources for Flipped Lessons (•Catalyst Charter Middle School Blog ( Wisneski – wisneskis@ripon.k12.wi.usTim Scottberg – scottbergt@ripon.k12.wi.usKristin Burgert – burgertk@ripon,k12,