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Etwinning project

  1. 1. Etwinning project Let’s Discover our Scientists
  2. 2. Partners: Partners: Małgorzata Walkusz, Poland Stamatia Paschaliori,Greece Cristina Anghel, Romania Age of the pupils: 13-16 Used language: English Duration: one school year School type: secondary school
  3. 3. In this project, our students will get acquainted with the most important scientific discoveries and inventions. Each team will introduce the most famous and their favorite  scientists and inventors and what they are famous for and write about scientist of their country. At the end of the project they will create together a quiz connected with the main subject of the project. The quiz can be also used for other students of each school
  4. 4. -Collaborate with partners -Students  have a better understanding of European scientific discoveries throughout history - I mprove their Knowledge about science and scientists - T o reinforce their language skills and to communicate sing foreign language - L earning how to use ICT tools GOALS
  5. 5. Internet Twinspace Power point Blog /Wikispace,, or Moviemaker Microsoft Word office, open office ICT tools:
  6. 6. -Collaborative Project work -Method of hands-on, active learning centred on the investigation -Develops critical thinking and creative skills -Helps students learn to transfer knowledge to new situation -Increases motivation -Develop creativity and problem solving skills Pedagogical basis:
  7. 7. -Student  collate information on wikispace/twinspace -Each student can play a role in the group, depending on learning style   Working methods :
  8. 8. Task description – tools to be used   Stage 1 Introductions, our school, our towns Introduction in the project theme- Virtual tour on invention and discovery
  9. 9.   Stage 2 <ul><li>visit the web sites of museums an </li></ul><ul><li>make a presentation o their </li></ul><ul><li>favourite exhibitions </li></ul><ul><li>-Students can create a bookmarks </li></ul><ul><li>with the using web site. </li></ul><ul><li>-Students write short articles ( a photo and the name of discovery or invention) or add the photos to the image gallery on twinspace, introducing the greatest scientists in Greece, Romania and Poland </li></ul>
  10. 10.   Stage 3 -Students prepare presentations/articles about the achievements of the greatest scientists. 4-5 for each country. -Using Twin space- pupils corner, students can ask each other, question about the story written. -Students introduce the scientific museums in each country( a short leaflet: where, what to see, how much is a ticket)
  11. 11.   Stage 4     - working on the quiz:   -each country prepare a quiz    about the project, and then assemble all  teams final quiz
  12. 12.   Stage 5 Evaluation pupils fill in a questionnaire dealing with   their feelings and experiences about the project